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Season 7

10 Apr. 1992
Tatewaki Kuno, Substitute Principal
Kuno has been appointed acting principal while the real principal is out on a trip. He forms the Furinkan Enforcers and begins to take over the school. Akane and Ranma form a plan to go up against Kuno...
17 Apr. 1992
Ranma's Greatest Challenge!
A sacred object, which is also an invitation to the "Secret Demon Festival," is delivered to Happosai. The goal is to protect the object from the enemy until sunrise. When Ranma hears about this true battle that stakes one's future, he enthusiastically decides to compete...
24 Apr. 1992
Nihao! Jusenkyo Guide
The Jusenkyo Guide appears in Japan. He claims that the backyard pond at the Tendo House is connected to the Nan'niichuan. The news exites Ranma, Ryoga, and Mousse, who await their fate at the front of the pond!
1 May 1992
Pick-a-Peck o' Happosai
At the Furinkan High School Bazaar, Kasumi purchases the "Sorcerer's Cards of Evil" from Kuno. Happosai is cursed by the cards, which causes him to turn into six demons and run amok around town!
8 May 1992
From the Depth of Despair, Part 1
Ranma is called out for another fight by Ryoga, who has a new technique, the Lion's-Roar Blast, and Ranma is completely defeated. It is said that the more miserable the user, the more powerful the technique becomes. Ranma decides to master the technique...
15 May 1992
From the Depth of Despair, Part 2
Ranma challenges Ryoga with a new technique that matches his own personality, the Impervious Lion. However, Ryoga's perfected Lion's-Roar Blast is even more powerful than anyone could have imagined! Will Ranma be able to win?!
22 May 1992
Shampoo's Cursed Kiss
Shampoo has vanished! The Phantom Cat put a curse on her and imprisoned her in his cat temple. The only way to lift the curse is for Ranma to give Shampoo a kiss...
29 May 1992
Run Away with Me, Ranma
Every night, Ranma has a dream about dating a man in the scenery of the Taisho era. Then, a boy appears in front of Ranma and asks him to go on a date with his grandfather!
5 Jun. 1992
Let's Go to the Mushroom Temple
The Tendo House members are poisoned by a mushroom hot pot and collapse. Ranma and Akane, who were not poisoned, leave to get the antidote. However, the two have eaten poisonous mushrooms known as "Love Mushrooms"!
12 Jun. 1992
The Cradle from Hell
Ranma and Genma, father and son, have a huge fight which starts over something small. Genma decides to sever the ties of parent and child and have a final showdown. What is Genma's new technique, created to defeat Ranma: "The Cradle from Hell"?!
19 Jun. 1992
Madame St. Paul's Cry for Help
Madam St. Paul pays a visit to the Tendo House to deliver the news about Picolet's recent strange behaviors. Ranma and Akane investigate the Chardin mansion to figure out what's behind Picolet's sudden change. The mansion is full of eerie aura. ..
26 Jun. 1992
Meet You in the Milky Way
Akane meets a young girl named Princess Ori. She says she has come to Earth to find her fiancé, Kengyu, who is actually challenging all the dojos in town. Ranma is defeated by Kengyu's special technique, the Kengyu Shooting Star Kick!
3 Jul. 1992
Wretched Rice Cakes of Love
Akane makes homemade sakura-mochi. She was told that if her true love eats them, the mark of sakura petals will appear on their face. Akane tries to give them to Ranma, but Ryoga eats them by mistake! And the sakura mark appears on his face!
10 Jul. 1992
The Horrible Happo-Mold Burst!
After days of rain, Happosai's Happo Fire Burst grows damp and is defeated by Ranma. Happosai is very angered by this, so he uses that dampness to create a terrifying new technique!
17 Jul. 1992
The Kuno Sibling Scandal!
Kuno and Kodachi have a big fight, and many embarrassing photos of Ranma begin to be scattered all around. Then Ranma gets mixed up in their sibling rivalry...
24 Jan. 1992
Battle for the Golden Tea Set!
A warning letter arrives that threatens to steal the "Teapot of the Ages" which is handed down from generation to generation within Daimonji School is targeted. Who is the masked girl who appears before Ranma and Akane when they are hired to protect the teapot?
31 Jul. 1992
Gosunkugi's Summer Affair!
Kogane the ghost shows up at the Tendo House for the first time in a long while. Gosunkugi, who loves curses, doesn't know she is a ghost and falls in love. Gosunkugi struggles as he is unable to give up his feelings for Akane...
7 Aug. 1992
Bring It In! Love as a Cheerleader, Part 1
Ranma and Mariko Konjo, master of Martial Arts Cheerleading, decide to have a cheering battle. But in order to win, Ranma must love Kuno and cheer him on!
14 Aug. 1992
Bring It On! Love as a Cheerleader, Part 2
The day to battle Mariko has arrived. A mysterious swordsman appears before Ranma, who just can't cheer from the heart for Kuno. Ranma starts the cheer for the swordsman, saying "I love you!" Just who is this swordsman?
21 Aug. 1992
Battle for Miss Beachside
Nabiki organizes the "Miss Beachside Contest." Shampoo, Ukyo, Kodachi, Akane, Tsubasa Kurenai, and even Ranma participate! Just who will be the champion?!
28 Aug. 1992
The Musical Instruments of Destruction
Kuno gets his hands on a Kuno family heirloom, a musical weapon which holds incredible destructive power: the Hyper Drum and now does whatever he wants. But then, the Princal appears holding the other musical weapon: the Hyper Lute!
4 Sep. 1992
A Ninja's Dog Is Black and White
Ryoga meets a dog during one of his journies which is actually a Ninja Dog that can use Ninjutsu! The dog takes a letter than Ryoga had hidden in his bag, and takes it to Akane. It turns out the letter is a love letter!
11 Sep. 1992
The Tendo Dragon Legend
As a typhoon approaches, the Frog Hermit sneaks into Tendo House and is taken aback by a rare fish which Ranma found on the street. Dr. Tofu looks up the fish in an old book and finds out that it's actually a dragon...
18 Sep. 1992
Boy Meets Mom, Part 1
The Tendo house receives a letter from Ranma's mother which says she is coming. Upon knowing this, Genma tries to run away. While the Tendo family wonders about Genma's strange behavior, a beautiful woman in a kimono appears at the Tendo house!
25 Sep. 1992
Boy Meets Mom, Part 2: Someday, Somehow...
In order to keep his cursed body a secret from his mom, Ranma cannot reveal his name. When Akane sees Ranma's mom, Nodoka, go home sad and alone, she forms a plan to make the two meet...

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