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Season 5

22 Sep. 1992
Lee Harvey Oswald - October 5, 1957 - November 22, 1963: Part 1
Sam's leap takes a dramatic turn when he begins leaping randomly throughout the life of Lee Harvey Oswald, accused assassin of President John F. Kennedy. Matters are complicated further when Sam's mind becomes tangled with Oswald's.
22 Sep. 1992
Lee Harvey Oswald - October 5, 1957 - November 22, 1963: Part 2
As the date for Dallas draws nearer, Oswald's personality is getting harder to control. Al is finding it harder to connect with Sam. Is Sam supposed to save the President, or unearth the conspiracy?
29 Sep. 1992
Leaping of the Shrew - September 27, 1956
Sam is a Greek sailor lost at sea with a bratty debutante 'Brooke Shields', who was on what was supposed to be a honeymoon cruise.
6 Oct. 1992
Nowhere to Run - August 10, 1968
As a double amputee Vietnam veteran, Sam must prevent the suicide of a fellow hospital patient.
20 Oct. 1992
Killin' Time - June 18, 1958
Sam leaps into a hostage situation as a fugitive killer. The real killer breaks out of the Project facility and is on the run in 1999.
27 Oct. 1992
Star Light, Star Bright - May 21, 1966
Sam leaps into a 79-year-old man who claims to have seen UFOs to save him from being committed and his grandson from dying of a drug overdose.
10 Nov. 1992
Deliver Us from Evil - March 19, 1966
Sam discovers another set of leapers who are messing with history.
17 Nov. 1992
Trilogy: Part 1 - August 8, 1955
Sam is a small-town sheriff whose young daughter has a suspicious connection to a mysterious death.
24 Nov. 1992
Trilogy: Part 2 - June 14, 1966
Sam bounds back into the life of Abigail Fuller (Melora Hardin), this time as her fiancé, who must save her when she again is suspected of a killing.
24 Nov. 1992
Trilogy: Part 3 - July 28, 1978
Sam leaps into Abigail Fuller's attorney in a murder trial with personal implications.
15 Dec. 1992
Promised Land - December 22, 1971
Sam finds himself back in his hometown at Christmas time to save the farm of a neighbor.
5 Jan. 1993
A Tale of Two Sweeties - February 25, 1958
Sam must decide between families when he leaps into a salesman with two wives.
12 Jan. 1993
Liberation - October 16, 1968
Leaping into the middle of the woman's liberation movement Sam must prevent the death of a young lady at a sit-in and convince her father to live with a liberated daughter.
19 Jan. 1993
Dr. Ruth - April 25, 1985
Sam leaps into the sex therapist Dr. Ruth Westheimer, plays matchmaker for a couple on the staff of her radio show and helps a woman deal with sexual harassment.
9 Feb. 1993
Blood Moon - March 10, 1975
Sam leaps into an English castle where the occupants practice vampire rituals. He must save the young wife of the castle owner.
23 Feb. 1993
Return of the Evil Leaper - October 8, 1956
Sam leaps into a college fraternity and again meets Alia from the Evil Leaper Project.
23 Feb. 1993
Revenge of the Evil Leaper - September 16, 1987
After saving Alia from the Evil Leaper Project, Sam is trapped with her in a women's prison with the evil observer Zoey in charge as the prison warden.
2 Mar. 1993
Goodbye Norma Jean - April 4, 1960
As the chauffeur of Marilyn Monroe, Sam must save her life and help her to make one final film, The Misfits (1961).
16 Mar. 1993
The Beast Within - November 6, 1972
As a Vietnam veteran, Sam is mistaken for Bigfoot in rural Washington state.
30 Mar. 1993
The Leap Between the States - September 20, 1862
Sam Beckett leaps into his great-grandfather during the Civil War and must not interfere with his great-grandparents meeting nor get captured behind Confederate lines.
20 Apr. 1993
Memphis Melody - July 3, 1954
While impersonating the King, Elvis Presley, Sam must save a Memphis Belle from a bad marriage.
5 May 1993
Mirror Image - August 8, 1953
Sam leaps into a bar with a bartender that's more than he appears. When Sam looks into a mirror, he sees his own reflection. In the future, they realize that Sam has leaped into himself, they search history for Sam. Sam learns more about Quantum Leap, and who's responsible for his leaps. Before he takes his next leap, he realizes he must correct something that could affect his personal history.

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