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TV Producer, Director John H. Ward Dies at 73

TV Producer, Director John H. Ward Dies at 73
John H. Ward, known as a producer and director on series including “Charles in Charge,” died on May 11. He was 73.

He died at Vista Cove Convalescent Hospital in Corona following a long illness.

During his years in the business, Ward served as a producer, director, production manager and post supervisor on television and film projects including “The Go Show,” “Nadia, You Are Here,” “Charles in Charge,” “The New Lassie,” “The Robert Guillaume Show” and “Harry and the Hendersons” television series as well as several award-winning news documentaries.

Ward is credited with developing and refining the widely used innovation of putting film cameras on video camera pedestals, thereby allowing for much faster setups and major cost savings on multicamera series.

Before moving to Los Angeles, the Colorado native did stints as a Broadway stage manager, a unit manager on “Saturday Night Live” and production manager at NBC News London. He also
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5 Questions With … Will Estes of CBS’ “Blue Bloods”

Will Estes emanates such an all-American appeal that he’s been getting cast as the sweet boy next door since he was a kid. He was Will in The New Lassie and Jj on American Dreams. For the past five seasons he’s been Jamie Reagan, the youngest son in a family of cops on CBS’ Blue Bloods. His character walks a beat, though his dad and grandfather (Tom Selleck and Len Cariou) worked their way through the ranks to the top spot. One older brother was killed on the job, another (Donnie Wahlberg) is a detective, and his sister (Bridget Moynahan) … Continue reading →

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Before They Were Famous: Oscar Nominees' Embarrassing Roles!

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Before sky-rocketing to fame, some of this year's Oscar nominees had very humble beginnings!While Matthew McConaughey has starred in some stinkers ("Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Next Generation" anyone?), this is by far our favorite of his early roles.Back in the day, the actor appeared in a re-enactment on "Unsolved Mysteries" ... and, of course, he was shirtless:Amy Adams played the ditzy, promiscuous pageant contestant Leslie, in the in 1999 film "Drop Dead Gorgeous" ... a film that we actually love. Click the link below to see this red-hot "American Hustle" star in her debut film role: Did you know that before he was a big-time movie star, Leonardo DiCaprio guest-starred as the character Glen in 1980’s TV show, "The New Lassie?" See the "Wolf of Wall Street" in one of his earliest roles at the 2:00 mark: Before becoming an Oscar-nominated actor, Christian Bale played Jim Hawkins in the made-for-tv movie,
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Jennifer Boudinot: Lifetime Movie Review: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love My Double Incest Baby

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Jennifer Boudinot: Lifetime Movie Review: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love My Double Incest Baby
Have you ever thought about picking up a handsome stranger who shows up at your church picnic? No, not a handsome stranger who's visiting his dear aunt who goes to your church, just some dude who is staring you down at the park (in the dead of fall when it is way too cold to be having a picnic).

If you said "yes," you haven't seen Gospel of Deceit, a Lifetime movie from 2006. Within the first 15 minutes of the movie, a successful preacher and his wife have met a leather- and jean-jacketed young man, played softball with him, invited him to dinner, hired him on as their "handyman," and given him the keys to their church so he can sleep in the basement. What could go wrong?

Everything, of course. The preacher's wife, Emily, soon finds herself having dreams about the sexy stranger (not surprising, because she goes to bed wearing a silk nightie,
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Without ‘Mad Men’ and the NFL What Will We Do on Sundays?

Without ‘Mad Men’ and the NFL What Will We Do on Sundays?
AMC Jon Hamm as Don Draper in “Mad Men.”

So, if things continue on this path, it’s safe to say there definitely might not be an NFL season this coming fall. And, if the glum news from AMC is correct, we won’t have a new run of “Mad Men” until 2012.

Which, to millions of Americans, stinks quite royally. No NFL Sundays? No “Mad Men” Sundays? What about all that suddenly spare time?

Not to worry. Here’s a
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Fresh Faces of the New TV Season

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Fresh Faces of the New TV Season
From "Lone Star's" James Wolk to "Raising Hope's" Lucas Neff to "Hawaii Five-0's" Grace Park, here's some of the fresh, new talent of the 2010 fall TV season! Now you'll know where you know them from!

For a complete calendar of all the fall TV shows, click here!

TV's Fresh Faces of 2010James Wolk

Show: Fox's "Lone Star" How we know him: Wolk's past acting experience includes a few small TV parts, so "Lone Star" marks his breakthrough role.
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