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5 Mar. 1991
Episode #2.12
On a faraway planet, a son asks his father about the place they call Vegas. Meanwhile, a support group helps men tyrannized by their bladders while Dave provides proof that Jesus was a bad carpenter. Sketches include: Cops: Bubble Bath, How I Sleep, Old Friends, Standing, Vegas, Carpenter, Cops: Daughter, and Encounter
12 Mar. 1991
Episode #2.13
In this Kids in the Hall episode you'll learn that the Queen doesn't know her ABC's anymore, red haired girls are evil, and Beethoven's Fifth Symphony was inspired by Beethoven's Fifth Orgasm, it's a fact. Sketches include: Fact #2, That's America, Prisoner's Jam, Fact #3, Cuttin' It Close 1, Secret of Broadway, Cuttin' It Close 2, Hustlers: Richard Nixon, Mispronouncer, Fact #3A, and Dead Fish
19 Mar. 1991
Episode #2.14
From Buddy's correspondence with the Queen to the announcement of the Touch Paul Bellini contest winner and Mr. Heavyfoot, aka M. Piedlourde. Sketches include: Report, Gandar 1, M. Piedlourde Court un Marathon, Jazz Music, Gandar 2, Touch Bellini #1, The Affair, M. Piedlourde Essait l'Auto, and Queen to Queen
26 Mar. 1991
Episode #2.15
Mr. Heavyfoot kicks a ball too far and a mean doctor likes to tell people they have cancer, but he's losing his touch. Meanwhile, Melanie has her date over in her parent's bedroom. Sketches include: M. Piedlourde Donne Un Coup De Pied Au Ballon, Scott's Not Gay, First Time, Bad News, Poo Guy, M. Piedlourde A Une Rendez-Vous, Victim, Night of the Cow, and M. Piedlourde Sur La Lune
2 Apr. 1991
Episode #2.16
From the Anti-Communist folk singer, Leslie de Gaulle Trio to the Cincinnati Kid, who's come looking for earch for the Toronto Kid, the bizarre characters and situations featured in this episode are sure to leave you laughing. Sketches: One of these Five Men, Cincinnati Kid, Career Ending 2, 30 Second Stories: Joe, No Words, 30 Second Stories: Dump, Career Ending 1, The Trip, and Wild Weekend
9 Apr. 1991
Episode #2.17
Check out this group of sketches featuring a song in which someone gets $1000 and someone gets punched, and the Head Crusher, who finally faces down his nemesis. Sketches include: Thousand Dollars, Cops: Towing; Decorator 1, Headcrusher: Rival, Shortest, Bellini Finale, Cops: Graveyard, Governor, Ham of Truth, and Decorator 2
16 Apr. 1991
Episode #2.18
Businessmen discuss a disturbing piece of mail, Melanie falls in love with an impatient man in line, and Cabbage Head talks about his religious conversion on a talk show. Sketches include: Clandestine Meeting 1, The Letter, Plungers, Clandestine Meeting 2, Fact: Aliens Are Super Intelligent, Mr. Pin, Liza's Party, and Clandestine Meeting 3
30 Apr. 1991
Episode #2.19
A man in a record store thinks about getting a Doors album and the secretaries are all exhausted because the office switched to decaf. Sketches include: The Cure, Secretaries: Logey, 30 Second Stories: Tess, Directions, Excellent Guy: Big Brother, 30 Second Stories: Office Party, Taxpayer, 30 Second Stories: Fries, and Into the Doors
7 May 1991
Episode #2.20
Check out the story of the tube top of justice as well as the boss who looks for someone to blame for the bad weather. Sketches include: Lively Party, Butcher Shop, Cops: Sexism, Who's to Blame, Cops: Clouds, Having Tea, Faux Pas, Cops: Partners, Messages, Tube Top Justice, and Hazy Movie
Episode #3.1
The feathers go flying when the Chicken Lady spots Rooster Boy, while Cabbie has his own set of road rules. And some cops have more important things to discuss than a dead body. Sketches include: Plane, Body Conscious, Cabbie - Bigot, Chicken Lady Show, Cabbies - Pris, Cops - Abuse, Small C, The Pen, Cops - Movie , and Touch Me There
Episode #3.2
From a man who dresses his best to get the paper, to a sleepwalking boy who steals his dad's money, as well as a restaurant that has a "relationship section", this episode is sure to leave you laughing. Sketches include: Clothes Make The Man, Can't Sleep 2, Tiggy, I Can Live With That, Excellent TV, Can't Sleep 3, and Girl Drink Drunk
Episode #3.3
A construction worker firmly denies that he was asleep on the job and Bruce discovers that he is only seventeen inches tall. Sketches include: Asleep on the Job, Measure, Nervous Break(fast) Down, Raise 1, Gimmel 100, Raise 2, and Tammy
Episode #3.4
A magical flying pig is explained to a man who has never heard of him, the Best Actor award at the Oscars results in a three-way tie, and an axe murderer politely asks an old lady if he can borrow her axe. Also, it's the nineties, men wear earrings. Sketches include: Golf, Earring, Flying Pig 1, Queen's Address, Flying Pig 2, Academy Awards, Cops Flying Pig, Chop Chop, and Flying Pig 3
Episode #3.5
Check out this group of hilarious sketches that feature an open letter addressed to the guy who stole his bike wheel as well as pen letter addressed to the people who stood by and watched. Sketches include: Presentation, Tanya's Goodbye, Open Letter 1, Tucker, Open Letter 2, Until Proven Guilty, and Underage
Episode #3.6
In this Kids in the Hall episode, the Cops have a long night at the crime scene, Scott tries to blame the clown for spraying his boss with seltzer water, and a drag queen with a gun starts a revolution. Sketches include: Cops - Night 1, Accents, Original Bat, Bingo, Drag Revolution, Cops Night 2, Teamwork, and Cops - Night 3
Episode #3.7
Sir Simone has a date in the Pit of Ultimate Darkness, Bruce meets a man who could be his identical twin, and a guy mocks people in a waiting room. Meanwhile, Danny Husk reads the paper to discover that he has been kidnapped. Sketches include: Mom or Dad, Evol, Same as Bruce, Mocking, Sacking All Admirals, Waiting Room, and Kidnapped
Episode #3.8
From a sketch where Einstein is mocked to a sketch about three men who take pride in their huge guts, this Kids in the Hall episode is sure to leave you laughing. Sketches include: Genius, Gut, Wedding Virgin, Terrier, Wedding Toast, Freedom of Speech, Wedding Objection, and Excellent Patio

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