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Just Say Brilliant
rosaliez17 June 2001
This is a gem, an underrated classic.The wardrobe looked like it was designed by Betsey Johnson on a binge; yes, Julie was kooky. And that was all played to the hilt. But that's what made the show work, because instead of fluff and nonsense you got satire and commentary with no apologies. This show was not afraid to be politically incorrect before it was even fashionable. Popular videos were interspersed with Julie's unbiased opinions, often putting her employer MTV at odds with the outraged artists. After a Sheena Easton video, Julie suggested that maybe we should all sleep with Prince so he could write hit songs for us as well. Other favorite targets were "Whine-y" Houston and Tawny Kataen (in her role as wife-at-the-time of David Coverdale). The running joke was her delusion of Jon Bon Jovi as her fiancee. I would love to see a version of this series for a new generation. Can you imagine how she would skewer the Boy Bands and artists such as Britney Spears, etc.? Shows like "Ally McBeal" seem contrived as they strain to be offbeat, quirky and smart. This show just is.
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This show was great!
jsfotografix2 May 2003
To many it was just ridiculous, but to me it's classic. I love the humor that Julie Brown throws into all of her work, but I especially loved Just Say Julie. I religiously watched it when it aired. My favorite was the dating episode, "Just say 'No' to wienny roasts" and "I think we know what their secret code really means". And we can't forget Madonna's love child with a dolphin on the 'Cherish' video. Honestly, I need to know if anyone out there have any copies of this show. It was my extreme favorite, and it would do me some good to have some funny t.v. shows. If you have anything and you want to help a girl out, please tell me. Thanks a lot.
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Love West Coast Julie Brown!
Syl14 May 2009
I wished that they would put these episodes on DVD so we can watch it over and over again. When MTV first introduced West Coast Julie BRown, she was a red-head and still remember was a video jockey before she got her own weekly show. This show featured videos and a silly plot. Despite all the silliness, the show was funny and slapstick humor died recently. I remember one episode where she had on the devil when he wanted to collect her soul. When he told her of the other celebrities who sold their souls to the devil, it was just funny. She had on her mom, I believe her true mother, as well as several regulars. MTV that I remember is long gone. The funny thing about MTV then was the two Julie Browns. I liked the other one but she was as opposite as this Julie Brown. She was New Yorker, urbane, hip, spoke with a British accent and hosted Club MTV where people danced to music. Ah, the days of MTV where the M stood for Music is long gone.
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