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Episode List


Season 31

31 Aug. 2020
Aflevering 6256
Nina bluffs that she can cook. Bing picks up a woman. Amir can only hope that Amelie survives. Valentine is desperate to find out what happened. Is there blood on his hands.
1 Sep. 2020
Aflevering 6257
Merel gives Demi a radical makeover. Nina ruins the food, but hides from Zane that there is more to it. JoJo tries to get Ilyas out of her mind. Does Ludo give in to Richard's blackmail.
2 Sep. 2020
Aflevering 6258
Merel helps Demi gain the confidence to handle the bullies. Julian thinks his youngest daughter is growing up too quickly. JoJo gets caught up in a clumsy lie. Bing and Nina are growing closer together.
7 Sep. 2020
Aflevering 6260
Julian has to disappoint Merel, but Henk comes up with the solution. Shanti experiences what it is like to have a child. Linda is helped creatively by Janine. Ludo discovers that Valentine is working against him.
8 Sep. 2020
Aflevering 6261
Ludo stuns Janine with his radical action. Valentine tries to save herself. Amir stands up for his new roommate. Anton has a disgruntled patient. Linda wants time for herself, but is constantly interrupted.
9 Sep. 2020
Aflevering 6262
Demi is constantly bullied and blames Merel for this. JoJo is shocked when Ilyas comes by while she doesn't look. Ludo leaves Valentine to his own devices. Valentine wants to get revenge on Ludo.
10 Sep. 2020
Aflevering 6263
Tiffy has a challenge for Henk, who is not afraid of it. Julian and Saskia are helpless when Demi's bullies go one step further. Nina and Bing try to get out of a joint trip. Valentine puts Lydia under pressure.
14 Sep. 2020
Aflevering 6264
Valentine puts his master plan into effect. Linda has to help a patient herself. Henk falls through the basket. Julian and Saskia feel helpless because Demi doesn't say what's wrong. Can Merel now continue to lie to her parents?
15 Sep. 2020
Aflevering 6265
JoJo becomes insecure when Ilyas doesn't want to sleep with her. Amir's patient wants more from him. The discomfort between Nina and Bing during the holidays turns into something beautiful.
17 Sep. 2020
Aflevering 6267
Jojo and Ilyas thoroughly enjoy each other. Shanti fears she will not be a good mother. Demi's lies don't solve her problem. Henk pretends to Tiffy that he lives a healthy life.
21 Sep. 2020
Aflevering 6268
Ludo enlists Richard's help to track down Valentijn. Linda is shocked when Anton is called a bad doctor. Ilyas gets a shot out of the thousands, but what does this mean for his relationship with Jojo?
22 Sep. 2020
Aflevering 6269
Janine sees Ludo lose control and arranges for reinforcement. Nina doesn't like seeing Bing date. Bing challenges her. Jojo is looking forward to meeting Ilyas' brother, but why doesn't Ilyas want her to meet him?
23 Sep. 2020
Aflevering 6270
Nina and Bing lie to Nola. Julian arranges a self-defense class for Demi. Tiffy discovers that Henk is lying to her. Janine is tense when Ludo goes after Valentijn. Ludo tries to stop Valentijn, with catastrophic consequences.
24 Sep. 2020
Aflevering 6271
Everyone is shocked by what happened. Nina officially wants LaNina back from her father. Tiffy struggles to combine motherhood and her studies. Henk challenges Laura and she cannot resist accepting it.
28 Sep. 2020
Aflevering 6272
Nina takes her fear out on Zane. Bing can only think about Nina. Anton refuses to assume the worst. Jojo holds up despite Ilyas' planned departure. Demi creates a fake profile: what is she up to?
29 Sep. 2020
Aflevering 6273
Janine is pressured by Richard. Nina and Bing have a difficult conversation with their children. Anton is annoyed by the demanding patient Judith. Ilyas comes up with an unexpected solution to Jojo's separation anxiety.
30 Sep. 2020
Aflevering 6274
Linda, much to Anton's annoyance, approaches Judith. Julian inadvertently makes Demi's situation worse. Jojo is getting more and more enthusiastic about Australia, while Ilyas is starting to have doubts.
1 Oct. 2020
Aflevering 6275
Laura gets upset when she receives a call from someone she hasn't spoken to in a long time. Linda tries to urge Laura to be there for Janine. Janine sees her life flash by.
5 Oct. 2020
Aflevering 6276
Henk calls in Steef to correct his mistake. Tiffy makes every effort to hand in her thesis on time. Saskia feels lied to and takes control. Daan does not dare to inform Nina about bad news.
6 Oct. 2020
Aflevering 6277
Laura and Henk bicker during exercise. Tiffy is afraid to share her good news with Lucas. Lucas realizes what Ludo means to him. Janine stands up to Richard and gets help from Bing. Can Nina forgive Zane?
7 Oct. 2020
Aflevering 6278
Ilyas and Jojo try to keep their distance from each other, but that only adds to the desire. Nina struggles with her feelings for Bing. Linda supports Judith, but is Judith honest with her?
12 Oct. 2020
Aflevering 6280
Demi lies to her date about her age. Julian is sent away by Saskia because she wants to surprise him. Nina faints and has herself examined. Is it stress or is there a physical cause?
13 Oct. 2020
Aflevering 6281
Shanti takes care of Nina when she is shocked. Bing reluctantly has to work with Daan to help Rik. When Amir comes home with injuries, Amelie is shocked to her. Janine feels helpless and therefore does not realize that Amelie has a double agenda.
14 Oct. 2020
Aflevering 6282
Demi goes out of her way for her date, and not without result. Ilyas starts to question his big plans and is surprised by an important visit that confuses him even more. Nina doesn't know what to do with Bing's announcement. Janine gains hope from a false action from Richard.
19 Oct. 2020
Aflevering 6284
Nina is startled when Bing talks past his mouth and she doesn't like that. Bing questions the love between Nina and Zane. Judith has a housing shortage and hopes to go to Linda, but that turns out to be a bit more complicated. Amelie feels guilty, while Janine launches a major campaign.
20 Oct. 2020
Aflevering 6285
Rik surprises Shanti with a spectacular marriage proposal, without expecting it in advance. Ilyas pretends to his father as if Jojo is a stranger. Henk puts Laura in danger and that frightens them. The tensions between Nina, Bing and Daan erupt, how does this end?
21 Oct. 2020
Aflevering 6286
The whole of Meerdijk is in shock because of what happened during the marriage proposal. Daan tries to save what can be saved, but that turns out to be quite difficult. Richard tries to buy through Leon l'Absence. Janine blackmails Amelie to get rid of Richard.
22 Oct. 2020
Aflevering 6287
Jojo needs Ilyas in this difficult time. Daan has to deal with a very big loss. Judith falls through the basket. Janine, together with Amelie, puts her master plan into effect.
26 Oct. 2020
Aflevering 6288
Daan gets over his own pain and comforts Nola. In doing so, he receives support from an unexpected source. Jojo does not dare to share her grief with Ilyas and this creates an uncomfortable situation. Demi is shocked when Marwan finds out how young she is, but whether it is ready now.
28 Oct. 2020
Aflevering 6290
Laura thinks she doesn't need anyone, but is disappointed. Amelie cannot help but explain to Amir how it works. Judith plays high game. Janine is pressured by Richard to deliver the painting earlier.
29 Oct. 2020
Aflevering 6291
Laura allows Henk's help. Merel and Steef suspect that Henk is trying to seduce Laura. Will Amelie manage to finish the painting on time and carry out her plan?
2 Nov. 2020
Aflevering 6292
Steef and Merel try to pair Laura and Henk. Daan feels like a loser and reacts to his environment. Unfortunately, that creates extra friction. Rik and Shanti get into a fight about Billy. Does Richard see that he is being faked or is he not aware?
3 Nov. 2020
Aflevering 6293
Henk's date with Laura gets very uncomfortable. Bing tries hard to stay positive, but that turns out to be quite difficult. Amir thinks that Judith should leave the Bouwhuis home. Saskia hopes she can live up to Shanti's expectations. Daan causes even more misery.
4 Nov. 2020
Aflevering 6294
Daan justifies his behavior, but Tiffy gets through it. Amir feels the need to help refugees and wants to get started as soon as possible. Judith tries to get a white foot at Anton. Richard's behavior costs him dear.
5 Nov. 2020
Aflevering 6295
There is a big surprise in front of Jojo's door, what will it be. Nina, Bing and the kids grapple with Bing's situation, but his friends cheer him up with a playful action. Nina alone comes up with a shocking proposal.
9 Nov. 2020
Aflevering 6296
Shanti searches for the perfect wedding dress and gets help. Ilyas tries to get his father to change his mind, but it doesn't seem to work at first. Nina encounters Janine's misunderstanding and doesn't know what to do for a while. Richard realizes that Janine has outsmarted him. Janine plays with her life and is reckless.
10 Nov. 2020
Aflevering 6297
Judith gets caught up in her own lies and has no way out. Julian feels limited by Saskia when she doesn't allow him to ride a motorcycle. Is this putting their relationship at risk? Janine plays the game very hard to help Nina. Richard takes over Lucas. There seems to be more to it, but what is he up to?
11 Nov. 2020
Aflevering 6298
Demi faces online bullying and is completely upset. Saskia wants to be the perfect master of ceremonies, but Shanti sets high standards. Daan doesn't feel like going to Rik's bachelor party. Ilyas desperately tries to prevent Jojo from speaking to his father.
12 Nov. 2020
Aflevering 6299
Rik is disappointed when Daan does not want to be his witness. Judith throws Anton's money to organize a dinner. JoJo doesn't understand it anymore: how serious are Ilyas' plans.
16 Nov. 2020
Aflevering 6300
Daan makes an attempt at seduction. Judith tries to emotionally manipulate Anton and Linda. Saskia looks for inspiration for Shanti's bachelor party and receives unexpected help. Henk is determined to win Laura's heart.
17 Nov. 2020
Aflevering 6301
Janine and Nina have to tell Nola that Ludo is not coming back. Daan can't believe he's being rejected. Richard flirts with Lucas, but he doesn't realize that at all and is also not waiting for it.
18 Nov. 2020
Aflevering 6302
The Sanders family organizes a farewell service for Ludo. Demi has to deal with increasingly serious bullying, which seems to get more and more intense. The love between Jojo and Ilyas is rampant. Billy takes over the direction of Shanti and Rik's wedding and that seems to have positive consequences.
19 Nov. 2020
Aflevering 6303
Demi finally dares to be honest with her parents. The havoc in the supermarket causes distrust between Julian and Ilyas. Judith finds a flaw in Linda and Anton's relationship.
23 Nov. 2020
Aflevering 6304
Billy organizes Shanti's bachelor party in his own way and not everyone is happy about that. Richard's name is being dragged through the mud, making him unhappy. Laura makes a couple attempt. Anton and Linda get into an argument over Judith. Julian, Ilyas and Marwan stand up for Demi.
24 Nov. 2020
Aflevering 6305
The Sanders family finally says goodbye to Ludo and try to end this turbulent period. JoJo finds it exciting to sing at the memorial service. Judith impresses Linda with her beautiful words. Richard can't get enough of Billy, but also the other way around.
25 Nov. 2020
Aflevering 6306
Demi does not dare to report the bullies, she is afraid of the consequences. Rik is disappointed when Shanti wants to sleep separately until the wedding. Linda is shocked when Anton is on a dating site and is not sure how to respond to it.