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Season 8

5 Mar. 1996
Where the Heart Is
Henry and Sonia's partnership expands on many levels.
12 Mar. 1996
Computer problems abound. Meanwhile Henry's bothered by any interference in his relationship with Sonia.
19 Mar. 1996
A Man of Action
Maureen's offer to aid a late friend's daughter is met with resistance.
2 Apr. 1996
Brain Storm
The new receptionist behaves strangely.
16 Apr. 1996
New Confusions
Henry is plagued with distressing thoughts.
7 May 1996
In Sickness and in Health
Henry's ex-wife has cancer. And a new doctor with an emotional attachment joins the practice.
14 May 1996
Fire and Water
An old neighbor causes problems for Henry.
28 May 1996
Two of her best friends are splitting up, and Maureen is caught in the middle.
11 Jun. 1996
A Stiff Upper Lip
Henry's old army buddy is suspected of murder.
18 Jun. 1996
Sleeping Beauty
A pregnant, brain-dead woman sparks a controversy at the hospital.
25 Jun. 1996
Not Breathing, Choking
Vesna's attraction to a photographer causes tension.
3 Sep. 1996
Go Directly to Jail
Vesna must adjust to living with roommates.
1 Oct. 1996
I Kiss Your Dirty Shoe
Vesna starts dating her ex's roommate.
5 Nov. 1996
Show and Tell
When a man is shot dead in Laura's home, her career is put on the line.
12 Nov. 1996
Apron Strings
Yasmin's credibility is questioned when a patient becomes delusional.
19 Nov. 1996
A car accident tears a mother and father apart.
26 Nov. 1996
Shoot the Messenger
Henry is sued for taking sides against the hospital. Maureen is conflicted.
30 Dec. 1996
Ghosts in the Machine
The lawsuit causes tension at the office with doctors taking sides.
10 Dec. 1996
This Terrible Business
A psychiatric patient is booked into a hotel when their ward closes.

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