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Season 3

20 Sep. 1990
The Royal Mystery
It's princess and the pauper, when Sister Stephanie changes places with visiting royalty.
27 Sep. 1990
The Medical Mystery
While Father Dowling is in the hospital for a minor surgery, he becomes convinced that the person in the next bed has been murdered. While investigating, he uncovers a much bigger secret.
4 Oct. 1990
The Devil & the Deep Blue Sea Mystery
Sister Steve's brother is a target by a man who wants him to do something illegal. Her brother is run over by 2 men to teach him a lesson.
18 Oct. 1990
The Showgirl Mystery
Sister Steve's friend, is stood up at the alter when her fiancé dies on their wedding day. It is only then that she begins to discover who her fiancé really was. Meanwhile Father Phil has hit on the perfect fundraiser.
25 Oct. 1990
The Movie Mystery
Hollywood is shooting a new TV show at the church, in which a priest and nun solve crimes.
1 Nov. 1990
The Undercover Nun Mystery
A nun is murdered when Sister Stephanie returns to her mothers house in celebration of the convents Silver Jubilee. Could it be something to do with the nun she saw carrying a gun?
8 Nov. 1990
The Murder Weekend Mystery
Father Dowling is invited to a murder mystery weekend at the home of a famous mystery writer. Father Dowling's skills are put to the test, when their host is murdered.
15 Nov. 1990
The Reasonable Doubt Mystery
Father Dowling is serving as a juror, but has serious doubts about the testimony of a witness.
29 Nov. 1990
The Vanishing Victim Mystery
Father Dowling befriends a woman on a flight home to Chicago. After a mix up with their luggage, he visits the old family mansion she's staying at but is told she's unwell. He smells a rat and is sure she's being kept in the house against her will. Sister Steve goes in undercover as a maid to investigate.
13 Dec. 1990
The Christmas Mystery
After leaving her son with Father Dowling and Sister Stephanie at St. Michael's Parish, a woman is shot and wounded badly. The trail leads Father Dowling and police to a department store on Christmas Eve. Will it lead to a Christmas miracle?
3 Jan. 1991
The Fugitive Priest Mystery
Father Dowling's brother Blaine is back in town and once again causing him havoc. Frank is framed for a bank robbery that happened at the exact same moment that Blaine was being arrested for overdue parking tickets, giving him a perfect alibi. Frank's only hope to clear his name is to pretend to be Blaine to infiltrate his brothers associates and prove that Blaine was the mastermind behind the robbery.
10 Jan. 1991
The Substitute Sister Mystery
When warring exterminators fight for franchise rights, Frank and Steve are caught in the middle. Confusion ensues when they discover a phony nun, a dangerous hit man, and a gangster who will stop at nothing to save his daughter's life.
17 Jan. 1991
The Missing Witness Mystery
When a witness who can clear a young man of murder goes missing, Sister Steve goes undercover as a working girl to find her. But is the young man as innocent as he makes out? Father Dowling is not so sure.
31 Jan. 1991
The Prodigal Son Mystery
Father Dowling has received the shock of his life. A young man has shown up at St. Michael's Parish claiming to be his son. Before Frank can get to know his son, he vanishes, then is charged with murder. Can Father Dowling save his son from the murder charge?
7 Feb. 1991
The Moving Target Mystery
When a hitman hired to kill Frank realises he is a Catholic priest, his Catholic faith won't allow him to go through with it, and he warns Frank that someone will takeover the hit and carry it out. Father Dowling must figure out why someone would want him dead and who is behind it.
14 Feb. 1991
The Priest Killer Mystery
When a man on a rooftop shoots at Frank, almost killing him, Sister Steve goes undercover as a Taxi driver to catch the man who is targeting priests.
21 Feb. 1991
The Mummy's Curse Mystery
When Father Dowling and Sister Steve discover an ancient Egyptian curse while visiting a Pharaoh's burial chamber at the Chicago museum they attempt to uncover the mystery surrounding the statue given to Frank from the murdered man. Father Prestwick also visits the tomb with almost deadly consequences!
7 Mar. 1991
The Monkey Business Mystery
When a chimp Sister Steve has known and loved since childhood is accused of murdering a zoo keeper, she steals him from the zoo to prevent his execution. Sister Steve and Father Dowling then go about finding the real killer and clearing the chimps name.
28 Mar. 1991
The Hardboiled Mystery
A mystery writer, who is writing a new novel starring Frank and Steve as characters, dies before completing the book. It is up to Frank and Steve to investigate his murder, thus writing the last chapter.
4 Apr. 1991
The Malibu Mystery
When a runaway teenager takes a walk on the wild side of L.A.'s night life, it is up to Father Dowling to intervene and stop impending danger.
25 Apr. 1991
The Consulting Detective Mystery
A man is murdered in his house as he is hiding a paper in a candlestick holder.
24 Jan. 1991
The Joyful Noise Mystery
Father Dowling helps a friend's grandson when the young man is accused of murder.

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