Family Matters (TV Series 1989–1998) Poster


Jo Marie Payton: Harriette Winslow



  • Carl : Hi, honey.

    Harriette : Hi sweetie. How was your day?

    Carl : Rough. I just spend two hours talking a guy off a ledge, then found out he was a window washer.

  • Harriette : Better add zucchini to that shopping list.

    Judy Winslow : [writing]  Z-U-K

    Harriette : Nope.

    Judy Winslow : Z-O-O-K

    Harriette : Uh uh.

    Judy Winslow : Let's get corn instead.

  • Harriette : [sobbing]  Clint is driving off and Meryl will never see him again! Isn't that sad?

    Carl : I'll tell you what's sad Harriette, I've watched two full hours of the "Bridges Of Madison County" and Clint didn't blow up one bridge!

  • Harriette : Judy, finish your Brussels sprouts.

    Judy Winslow : Brussels sprouts make me wanna puke.

    Harriette : At my table, you eat them. Now, what you do on your own time is your business.

  • Steve Urkel : Ready, my sweet? Our limo awaits.

    Harriette : You rented a limo?

    Steve Urkel : No, well, actually it's my Uncle Ernie's hearse. He's gonna drive us tonight. We only have to make one quick delivery.

  • Carl : There is a guy on our couch who says I remember him, but I don't remember him.

    Harriette : Well, tell him you don't remember him.

    Carl : I can't tell him I don't remember him! Because, I already told him I do remember him. So, if I tell him I don't remember him, I'll look like a jerk and I still won't remember him.

    Harriette : Well, if he remembers you, he's used to you looking like a jerk.

  • Eddie : Did Halle Berry return my phone call?

    Harriette : Something on this planet!

  • Eddie : I just did the laundry and I'm on my way out to wash the car and cut the grass.

    Carl : Who are you and what have you done with our son?

    Harriette : Who cares? Let's keep this one!

  • Laura : I was thinking about taking a home economics class so I can learn how to cook

    Harriette : What for? I can teach you how to cook.

    Laura : That's okay mom.

    Harriette : Look why not?

    Laura : Remember when you tried to teach me how to sew? You made me so nervous that I had to go to the hospital to get the thimble taken off.

    Harriette : I guess it wouldn't hurt to take a home economics class.

  • Eddie : I guess this means you're gonna ground us, huh?

    Harriette : Into dust!

  • Harriette : Laura! This oven is on 550.

    Laura : Ma, the package said to cook it at 275 for 20 minutes. So, I figured if I doubled the temperature, I could cook it in half the time.

    Steve Urkel : [cracks up]  Oh, that's rich! That's one for the books! Oh! How could a girl so smart do something so... so... So long!

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