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Father Figure

Everyone is on edge after a deranged man harasses his sister and her coworkers. A driver plays innocent during a traffic stop, but his passengers call his bluff. A man with a checkered past vows to do better by his ...

Season 26

14 Sep. 2013
Fight and Flight
A suspect flees when police are called to the scene of a fight, a meth user refuses to cooperate with authorities and a grumpy husband gets arrested for possession of pot after his wife knocks over his Harley motorcycle.
21 Sep. 2013
Who Let the Dogs Out?
An armed trespasser uses a young dog as a shield. A woman under the influence goes on a rampage, tearing into homes and people. A cat lady calls the cops when her neighbors get nosy.
28 Sep. 2013
Dead Man Flushing
Officers attempt to make sense of a store transaction turned wrestling match. An intoxicated woman calls the cops when her boyfriend tries to flush her dead husband's ashes. A shirtless man with a nasty attitude defies officers.
5 Oct. 2013
Pistol Packin' Familys
A bicyclist tries to escape a patrol car; an ugly divorce fuels a gun-toting showdown featuring muscle cars; and an angry dog plays a part in a domestic dispute.
12 Oct. 2013
Grown Men Gone Wild
An irate Wal-Mart shopper won't listen and goes home with the taser special; an incoherent ex-Marine struggles to explain why he decked a man; a routine traffic stop yields a truckload of Pit Bulls and an undressing maniac.
Oct. 2013
Kill 'Em With Kindness
A belligerent, gun-toting man doesn't take too well to some harsh parental criticism.A bike rider tries to outpace a policeman then pretends to be someone else.Officers try to coax a rattled hit-and-run driver into coming clean.
Oct. 2013
The Fighting Kind
An officer wrestles a squirrely meth user who thinks he's the Incredible Hulk. Cops catch a drug-carrying sprinter when he runs out of gas. A belligerent suspect doesn't take kindly to having his socks removed.
Nov. 2013
Cell Phone Secrets
A high-speed chase ends when the suspect plays chicken with a concrete pole. An emotional man just wants the cops to give him a little kiss. A melee breaks out when a woman seizes her beau's cell phone.
Nov. 2013
Guns, Hash, and Fire Hydrants
A chase becomes a flash flood when a fleeing driver runs into a fire hydrant. A domestic violence suspect claims his girlfriend is a habitual 911 caller. Officers recover a cornucopia of contraband from a gun-toting couple.
Nov. 2013
Get Off My Roof
The K-9 unit responds when a gunman takes to the rooftops. A drug exchange goes awry when the dealer tries to ditch his stash. A pickup-driving drunk tries to play it off when he smashes his neighbor's parked car.
Nov. 2013
This Man Stabbed Me
A car thief leads police on a high speed chase until officers pit his vehicle to end the pursuit. Cops cool off a baby and search for the man who left him in a car.
Dec. 2013
Blood and Scars, Bro!
A suspect races through the neighborhood after his scooter can't outrun police. Cops discover a drugged, incoherent wild man lying in the bushes. Officers try to make peace between neighbors with pit bull problems.
Dec. 2013
My Jewelry's Fragile
A cyclist gets booked for trying to flee when officers pull him over. Two brothers struggle to explain why they took off when they saw the cops. A man takes a swing at his sister because she refuses to mow the lawn.
Dec. 2013
Fast Food Escape
When officers approach, a suspect flees into a fast food restaurant. A driver takes his granny's wheels for a dangerous spin with cops in pursuit. A pair of young lovebirds get caught with some mysterious white powder.
Jan. 2014
Late Night Snacks
A fleeing vehicle goes for a spin when officers execute a perfect PIT maneuver. Cops try to flush out a suspect who barricades himself inside a donut shop. Officers hit the meth mother lode when they stop a truck in a downpour.
Jan. 2014
We Run the Show
A stealthy robbery suspect leads officers on a chase through backyards. After dropping a bag of meth, a man swears he's only seen the drug on TV. A doped-up domestic violence suspect tries to claim self-defense.
Feb. 2014
Doggie Paddle
The boat unit contends with an unruly suspect & his unpredictable dogs. Two burglary suspects claim car trouble when found at the scene of the crime. A repentant meth addict is caught by officers on the brink of his relapse.
Feb. 2014
Wrong Place, Wrong Time
A man flees from officers when they roll up on a notorious dealer hotspot. Cops surprise a jaywalker when they find suspicious items in his "borrowed" jacket. A woman takes the heat for her beau when meth is found in their car.
Feb. 2014
You Didn't Get Very Far
A husky cyclist takes a spill when he tries to flee. Officers chase a suspect in a stolen car who says he was just fixing it for a friend. A man's denials of drug use lose credibility when cops find a meth pipe in his vehicle.
Feb. 2014
Not My Text Messages
A routine traffic stop turns drug bust when cops turn up sizeable evidence. A suspicious man in a parked car can't explain his incriminating texts. Two frequent flyers give officers a hard time in a well-known drug area.
Mar. 2014
Hands Off the Junk
A passenger bails from a fleeing stolen vehicle but claims he was only getting a ride, an undercover officer pulls a sting on a prostitute, an anxious lady is busted for weed after calling the police on her quarrelsome husband.
Mar. 2014
Dealt a Bad Hand
Multiple suspects spill out in a scramble when their vehicle flips over in a pursuit. A man complains a stranger tried to lasso him with a metal necklace. A driver has trouble staying in his lane after a bad night of poker.

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