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Season 4

1 Oct. 1991
The Kick-Off and the Kiss-Off
As happy as Hayden is to be on the cover of Sports Illustrated, Luther is worried about the magazine's curse.
8 Oct. 1991
Since My Beaver Left Me
Kelly seeks consolation from Christine over her divorce, much to Hayden's chagrin.
29 Oct. 1991
A Real Guy's Guy
Hayden struggles to deal with the fact that one of his players is gay.
5 Nov. 1991
Any Place I Hang Myself Is Home
Hayden and Christine go home shopping, however Coach buys a house without telling Christine.
12 Nov. 1991
Requiem for a Groundskeeper
Hayden is named to carry out the last will of a beloved Minnesota State groundskeeper, but he soon discovers that a huge surprise awaits him.
19 Nov. 1991
I Think I Can't, I Think I Can't
Luther incurs Hayden's wrath when he switches their travel plans from plane to train.
26 Nov. 1991
I Hate Barbara
Hayden gets kicked out for driving a wedge between Christine and her friend, who he loathes.
3 Dec. 1991
Running for the office of "High Loon", Howard arranges for Coach Fox to speak at his lodge in order to impress fellow lodge mates, but Hayden is chosen to become High Loon instead of Howard.
10 Dec. 1991
The Pineapple Bowl: Part 1
After winning the last game of the season, Hayden's Screaming Eagles are invited to play in the Pineapple Bowl where Hayden discovers he'll have to coach against his former mentor.
17 Dec. 1991
The Pineapple Bowl: Part 2
Hayden's quarterback gets hurt at a luau just before the Pineapple Bowl.
7 Jan. 1992
Rizzendough Revisited
Hoping to finagle a major donation to the football program, Hayden plots to bond with Mrs. Rizzendough by assisting in a senior exercise program.
14 Jan. 1992
Return of the Marriage Killer
Hayden's ex-wife, Beth, brings her new fiancé by to meet Hayden and Christine; however, a few off-record comments from Hayden leaves Beth's new beau doubting his upcoming nuptials.
4 Feb. 1992
War of the Dopes
Hayden advises Dauber to stop living with the players and become more of an adult, now that he's an assistant coach. But when Dauber moves into Luther's building, an overheard remark during a housewarming party starts a feud between them.
11 Feb. 1992
The Woodchuck, the Beaver and the Fox: A Menage a Trois
Kelly visits Stuart's grandfather on his 90th birthday, but is stunned when Stuart shows up unexpectedly with his new girlfriend.
18 Feb. 1992
No Good Deed Goes Unpunished
Hayden and Christine are excited to have dinner with a billionaire who hopes to buy her station, but they are shocked by how he ridicules his younger girlfriend, so they attempt to persuade her to stand up for herself and confront him.
25 Feb. 1992
Last of the Red-Hot Luthers
Luther's birthday present to Mrs. Thorkelson leads to a private celebration, which leaves Luther feeling regretful of his deeds.
17 Mar. 1992
The Old Fish and the Shoes
When Hayden casually decides to sell boxes of old belongings in a garage sale, Christine accidentally sells a prized pair of cleats that belonged to the great Johnny Unitas. Meanwhile, Luther is determined to catch a legendary fish.
28 Apr. 1992
Kelly dates a foreign correspondent twice her age, much to Hayden's disapproval. Also, Luther is worried that people are becoming too big.
5 May 1992
If That's Opportunity, Don't Answer
Christine has an audition in New York to be a regional co-anchor of a national news program, but the unexpected result could have quite an effect on her relationship with Hayden.
12 May 1992
Frequent Flyers, Crossed Wires
Hayden is horrified to discover that his awards banquet in Minnesota and Christine's premiere party in New York are scheduled for the same night.
19 May 1992
Can We Go Home Now?
After six weeks of weekend visits and ever-shorter phone calls, Hayden and Christine struggle over their long-distance relationship. Meanwhile, Luther and Dauber decide to surprise Hayden by pouring him a new cement floor.

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