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28 Feb. 1989
Kelly and the Professor
Football coach Hayden Fox is having trouble dealing with the fact that his daughter Kelly is dating a professor.
1 Mar. 1989
Kelly decides to attend Minnesota State. Hayden tries to adjust having her around full-time.
8 Mar. 1989
Kelly, Meet Christine
Hayden tries to acknowledge his relationship with Christine just as she becomes friends with Kelly.
15 Mar. 1989
I'm in Love with a Boy Named Stuart
Hayden disapproves of Kelly dating a mime while he puts off hiring a mascot for the Screaming Eagles.
22 Mar. 1989
The Loss Weekend
After another lost game, Christine is worried that the weekend with Coach is ruined, again.
5 Apr. 1989
Gambling for Meat
Luth has predicted the right score of the humiliating loss which leads to his suspension.
12 Apr. 1989
19 Candles
Kelly's boyfriend shows up to her 19th birthday celebration.
19 Apr. 1989
Parents' Weekend
It's Parents' Weekend and Christine feels an urge to meet Hayden's ex-wife.
26 Apr. 1989
I'm Sorry I Told You My Wife Was Dead
Hayden lies to a widow about his ex-wife being dead just so she can fund the new athletic center.
3 May 1989
Define Romance
When Hayden turns down Christine's invitation to the opera, she asks another guy, then asks Hayden to define their relationship.
17 May 1989
Whose Team Is It, Anyway?
Hayden may be forced to bench a star player for skipping practice just as he needs a victory in the last game to achieve a winning season.
31 May 1989
Hoot, Hoot Hike
Kelly's dance teacher takes a shine to Hayden.
7 Jun. 1989
Dauber's Blow-Out
Dauber hosts a large college party and, despite Hayden promising to take Luther fishing that night, he is roped into chaperoning the bash instead.

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