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Season 9

28 Sep. 1996
Sleepless in Orlando
Hayden and Christine struggle to keep Tim asleep and Hayden's team begins to suffer the consequences.
5 Oct. 1996
Just Short of the Goal
Hayden is recruited to write an autobiography but refuses when he learns the book is meant to portray him as a loser.
12 Oct. 1996
Last Tango in Orlando
Doris recruits a soccer player, whom everyone is excited about except Luther, for the Breakers.
19 Oct. 1996
Isn't It Romantic?
Hayden tries to get Christine out of the house by taking her out to dinner but she gets very worried about her baby back at the house.
26 Oct. 1996
We Can Never Die
Hayden and Christine choose a guardian couple for Timothy, but they soon fear they made the wrong choice.
26 Oct. 1996
Dauber gets a new girlfriend and is worried coach doesn't like her which raises conflict because he doesn't think for himself.
11 Dec. 1996
In the Money
Howard plans a half-time wedding during the Breakers and Niners game, for Luther and Doris.
18 Dec. 1996
You Win Some, You Lose Some
Hayden doesn't want to go to the playoffs because he wants to spend his Christmas with his family.
20 Dec. 1996
Wings Over Buffalo
The team gets a suspicious case of food poisoning after downing 40 buckets of Buffalo chicken wings.
8 Jan. 1997
Somewhere Out There
Dauber believes he has been contacted by aliens and considers leaving the Breakers, Orlando and Earth.
22 Jan. 1997
A Boy and His Doll
The Burleighs buy Tim a Barbie doll and Hayden seems surprisingly okay with Tim having a Barbie.
5 Feb. 1997
The Body Gardener
Hayden repeatedly goes out of way to help his ex handicapped gardener Kenny Montague.
12 Feb. 1997
To Ski or Not to Ski
Doris takes Hayden and the others to a ski resort for Valentine's Day weekend she's planning on buying. Hayden helps Christine over her fear of skiing and Dauber runs into a familiar face, his ex Judy.
19 Feb. 1997
It's a Swamp Thing
Hayden, Luther, and Dauber take Howard on a fishing trip unlike any they've been on before in the Everglades.
26 Feb. 1997
Viva Las Ratings
While in Vegas, Luther is on the hunt for Elvis memorabilia while Dauber wants to buy a painting for his father and asks Luther to hold onto his money.
12 Mar. 1997
A Fox by Any Other Name
Hayden recounts the struggles of naming his most recent child.
26 Mar. 1997
The Stench of Death
Luther begins to see a private psychic who predicts a strange death which he believes is connected to a player Hayden is trying to recruit.
2 Apr. 1997
Baby Coaches
Hayden takes Tim to a play around and is annoyed by an arrogant mother who believes her baby is maturing at a faster rate than Tim. Hayden then becomes obsessed with training Tim to grow up quicker.
16 Apr. 1997
Luther is given the job of general manager for the Breakers only to find he misses the coaching life.
23 Apr. 1997
The Neighbor Hood
Christine signs for a package to hold on to for their neighbors who are receiving special attention from the secret service.
7 May 1997
Leaving Orlando: Part 1
Doris offers Hayden a generous contract to stay in Orlando, but Hayden wants to hold off for more offers so takes Christine and Tim back to Minnesota for privacy.
14 May 1997
Leaving Orlando: Part 2
The gang visits Minnesota and are all flooded with fond memories.
14 May 1997
Leaving Orlando: Part 3
Back in Minnesota, Hayden comes to realize where he's happiest and with whom he wants to be.

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