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Season 32

19 Aug. 2017
Episode #32.1
Dylan, David, Alicia and Louise visit a refugee camp to aid efforts, but their experience leaves a lasting impression. Connie learns that Grace and Sam have returned to the USA.
26 Aug. 2017
Episode #32.2
Dylan makes a dangerous move as the state of the refugee camp overwhelms him. Jez is targeted in a racist attack.
2 Sep. 2017
Episode #32.3
Ethan's attempt to put the past behind him does not go to plan. Iain meets Lily's family. Dylan's attempts to do the right thing land him in danger.
16 Sep. 2017
Episode #32.4
Dylan's plans to reunite Sanosi with his uncle go wrong. Alicia begins driving lessons with Elle, but the lesson is far from successful.
23 Sep. 2017
Episode #32.5
Sam Nicholls returns to Holby under a different guise. Elle questions her happiness as a single mother.
30 Sep. 2017
Episode #32.6
Connie turns her attention to Ethan and his consultancy exam as her fears for her own health grow. Elle meets a potential love interest.
7 Oct. 2017
Episode #32.7
Connie struggles to accept the results of her scans. Dylan is forced to bring Sanosi into the ED. Louise makes a realisation.
14 Oct. 2017
Episode #32.8
Connie's denial over her health does more damage. Ethan is put in a difficult situation. Alicia takes her driving test.
21 Oct. 2017
Episode #32.9
Dylan's secret begins to unravel in front of his colleagues. Lily grows jealous of Iain and Sam's friendship.
28 Oct. 2017
Episode #32.10
Dylan reaches breaking point. David takes action. Louise enforces her decision.
4 Nov. 2017
Episode #32.11
Lily must choose between her career and her happiness. Rashid Masum joins the team. Iain is injured at the scene of a car crash.
11 Nov. 2017
Episode #32.12
Ethan's guilt overrides his reality. Connie makes a bold mover over her treatment. Robyn plans a christening for Charlotte.
18 Nov. 2017
Episode #32.13
Robyn is horrified by her discovery in the staff room. Dylan is left with a lot of explaining to do.
25 Nov. 2017
Episode #32.14
Connie begins chemotherapy. Ethan is rejected when he tries to help a friend. Glen gets a job as the hospital porter.
2 Dec. 2017
Episode #32.15
Connie's illness noticeably affects her work. Max is given hope when he befriends new barista Polly. Ethan takes his consultancy exams.
9 Dec. 2017
Episode #32.16
Jacob's world is thrown by a discovery. Rash queries his capabilities as a doctor. Blake causes trouble for Elle.
23 Dec. 2017
Episode #32.17
Connie's helpful attitude towards a patient comes at a cost. Charlie is greeted by an old friend.
6 Jan. 2018
Episode #32.18
Connie takes matters into her own hands as time runs out. Ethan is placed in a dilemma. Dylan struggles to keep the ED flowing.
13 Jan. 2018
Episode #32.19
Max is thrilled by a face from the past. An acid attack outside the ED horrifies staff. Jacob bonds with Blake when he is admitted to the hospital with an injury.
20 Jan. 2018
Episode #32.20
Blake's actions have severe consequences when he arrives at the ED after a night out. Ethan goes for his interview. Dylan's drinking problems relapse.
27 Jan. 2018
Episode #32.21
Dylan's alcoholism spirals out of control. Connie befriends a cancer patient. Ethan is placed in charge of the ED.
3 Feb. 2018
Episode #32.22
Alicia turns to blogging to expose the weaknesses of the ED. Patients are forced to wait in ambulances. New F1 doctor Bea Kinsella gets a rude awakening.
10 Feb. 2018
Episode #32.23
Blake's trial arrives. Elle is anxious as she awaits the verdict. Bea learns Rash's secret. Iain works on an instinct.
17 Feb. 2018
Episode #32.24
Alicia continues to blog anonymously about the state of the ED. Ethan receives a backlash for his alternative solution to try and calm the ED down. Gemma begins work as a porter.
24 Feb. 2018
Episode #32.25
Ethan's attempts to satisfy the hospital administrators cause him to make a severely unpopular move. Glen hopes to secure his future with Robyn.
3 Mar. 2018
Episode #32.26
Dylan faces his demons whilst treating an alcoholic. Rash is the victim of a prank by the ancillary staff when he wrongly accuses Gemma of stealing. Ethan grows suspicious of Bea, who is keen to prove her worth to him.
10 Mar. 2018
Episode #32.27
Ethan thinks he knows who the anonymous blogger is. Rash confronts his fears of treating the patients admitted to Resus.
17 Mar. 2018
Episode #32.28
Rash's new-found confidence puts him and Gem in danger. Charlie makes Ethan realise he cannot blame all the staff for Alicia's mistake. Bea must fight for her place on the trauma course.
24 Mar. 2018
Episode #32.29
Tragedy strikes for Robyn and Glen on their wedding day. Jacob endeavours to spend more time being a father to Blake.
31 Mar. 2018
Episode #32.30
Glen makes a heart-breaking decision after Robyn learns his tumour is back. Bea shadows Dylan, fearful his alcoholism is affecting his work performance.
7 Apr. 2018
Episode #32.31
Ethan receives a distressing surprise from pregnant patient Leigh-Anne. Charlie delights in becoming the clinical nurse manager again. Sam tries to get through to Dylan but has little success.
14 Apr. 2018
Episode #32.32
Bea's error sends her on a downward spiral. Ethan tells Leigh-Anne he treated Scott before he died.
28 Apr. 2018
Episode #32.33
Bea arrives at the ED as a patient, leaving her colleagues worried about her. Robyn returns to work following Glen's death. Ethan resigns from his clinical lead duties.
5 May 2018
Episode #32.34
Connie returns as clinical lead, with a big plan for the hospital. Ethan comes to the aid of a severely distressed Leigh-Anne. Alicia holds a party at her new flat.
19 May 2018
Episode #32.35
Sam and Iain face an impossible decision as they stand neck deep in water with their patient. Bea's secrets are uncovered after she returns to Holby.
26 May 2018
Episode #32.36
Connie learns a shocking truth about her friend Maggie. Bea struggles to find her confidence again on her first shift. Ethan and Alicia reconcile.

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