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Season 33

11 Aug. 2018
Episode #33.1
Iain's lack of attention towards a suicidal patient results in a serious disaster, endangering many lives.
18 Aug. 2018
Episode #33.2
Iain makes a shocking confession to Jan. The whole department struggle to come to terms with recent events. Ciara comes crashing back into Dylan's life.
25 Aug. 2018
Episode #33.3
Alicia returns to work earlier than planned. Dylan is tasked with clearing out Sam's locker. Eddie is brought to the stand to make his plea.
1 Sep. 2018
Episode #33.4
Iain and Dylan brawl on the day of Sam's funeral. Jacob and Blake remember Sam. Alicia treats a young patient with unexplained bruising.
15 Sep. 2018
Episode #33.5
Dylan panics when Ciara goes missing. Iain encounters a homeless Base. Ethan helps Alicia move on from her ordeal.
22 Sep. 2018
Episode #33.6
Dylan is dealt another blow by Ciara. Iain secures Base a place in Rehab. Blake searches for his grandmother.
29 Sep. 2018
Episode #33.7
Ruby and Iain face a shift from hell together. Duffy hides a diagnosis from Charlie, and confides in a old flame instead.
6 Oct. 2018
Episode #33.8
Jacob must face up to the past when his schizophrenic mother arrives at the hospital. Gem's jealousy gets the better of her. Iain struggles to control his emotions.
13 Oct. 2018
Episode #33.9
Dylan has gone missing, so David calls for back-up in his quest to find him. Rash reels from his split with Gem.
20 Oct. 2018
Episode #33.10
Dylan faces Ciara once again when she takes a turn for the worse. Louise's leadership style frustrates the nurses. An inspection team arrives at the ED.
27 Oct. 2018
Episode #33.11
Iain's mental health takes a sharp turn. Duffy is traumatised by her actions. Ethan and Alicia plot to reunite Rash and Gem.
3 Nov. 2018
Episode #33.12
Louise takes her chances on a slack nurse. Charlie remains suspicious of Duffy. Iain seeks help over his mental health.
17 Nov. 2018
Episode #33.13
Dylan and Ciara prepare to make their great escape. Duffy panics when Charlie answers her phone. Student nurse Marty is eager to please on his first shift.
24 Nov. 2018
Episode #33.14
Dylan aids the injured as Ciara becomes desperate to make her getaway. Jade takes things too far as she and Marty fight for a patient they both fancy.
1 Dec. 2018
Episode #33.15
Iain seeks comfort in Ruby after a difficult day. Duffy makes a shocking self-diagnosis after being admitted to the ED. Dylan pushes David away.
8 Dec. 2018
Episode #33.16
Charlie makes a shocking discovery. Alicia learns to trust her instincts. Marty tries to arrange a date with Joshua.
22 Dec. 2018
Episode #33.17
Dylan volunteers to work over the Christmas period. Noel is delighted to have hit his fundraising target.
5 Jan. 2019
Episode #33.18
Iain pushes Base away after being beaten up. Duffy asks Charlie to keep their break-up between them. Marty chooses his career over Jade.
12 Jan. 2019
Episode #33.19
Alicia learns the values of her own opinions. Duffy gets herself checked by a doctor. Marty and Jade spat over living arrangements.
19 Jan. 2019
Episode #33.20
Alicia makes a big career move. Marty's lies catch up with him. Elle hands the clinical lead status back to a returning Connie.
26 Jan. 2019
Episode #33.21
Iain finds himself in a quandary. Ruby and Gem search for a new place to live. Louise goes out of her way to help her patient.
2 Feb. 2019
Episode #33.22
Iain faces the consequences of his actions. Jan learns the truth about her son. Louise vows to stand up for her nurses when Jade is bitten by a patient.
9 Feb. 2019
Episode #33.23
Louise employs body cameras in a bid to protect the nurses. Connie isolates herself from the team. Gem helps Rash decide whether he wants to specialise in paediatrics or cardiology.
16 Feb. 2019
Episode #33.24
Louise fights for her nurses, and then hands in her resignation. Iain reaches out to a face from his past. A terrified Connie is unable to remember who assaulted her.
23 Feb. 2019
Episode #33.25
Iain contemplates concluding his life after believing he has taught Ruby all she needs to know. Dylan is inspired by maggots. Marty plays counsellor.
2 Mar. 2019
Episode #33.26
Ruby makes a horrifying discovery. A cyber attack rocks Holby, affecting everyone. Connie clashes with Jac.
9 Mar. 2019
Episode #33.27
Gem must come to terms with the truth about Iain. A guilty Ruby goes out of her way for a patient.
23 Mar. 2019
Episode #33.28
New Registar Archie Hudson has a baptism by fire in Holby ED... while Duffy finally lets Charlie in on her secret
30 Mar. 2019
Episode #33.29
Locum registrar Will makes quite the impression in the ED. Charlie pushes his nurses to the limit to hide Duffy's secret
6 Apr. 2019
Episode #33.30
Charlie snaps under the pressure of keeping Duffy's secret, Rash chooses Gem over traveling the world.
13 Apr. 2019
Episode #33.31
Connie comes face to face with her attacker in the ED. Duffy finally comes clean about her dementia diagnosis.
20 Apr. 2019
Episode #33.32
With Gem's help, Rash makes the choice to follow his dream of traveling. Will risks Connie's wrath to help a patient.
27 Apr. 2019
Episode #33.33
Iain faces a challenging day working in the emergency control centre.
4 May 2019
Episode #33.34
Iain goes above and beyond on his first day back as a paramedic. Charlie steps on Duffy's toes trying to defend her right to work. Connie offers Will another interview.
11 May 2019
Episode #33.35
Will faces the biggest medical dilemma of his career when Toby returns to the ED.
25 May 2019
Episode #33.36
Elle leaves Holby ED with her head held high. Ruby puts her foot down with Dani. Jacob makes a shocking discovery involving his mum.
1 Jun. 2019
Episode #33.37
The Holby ED is shaken up by the arrival of a brash new troubleshoooter , Ciaran. Jacob decides to fight to protect his mum. Iain steps up to support Jan.
8 Jun. 2019
Episode #33.38
An attempted mugging and motorcycle accident bring a number of casualties to the hospital, forcing Ruby to admit what's been going on with Dani and causing Jade to connect with a deaf patient.
22 Jun. 2019
Episode #33.40
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