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Relaxing to watch on a Sunday afternoon
james-neuling3 January 2004
If you are looking for one of those films that will fill-in a couple of hours on a Sunday afternoon, then this is it. The plot is pretty thin, but there are some well known faces that carry off the roles well, and will even give you a few laughs.

Most of the time watching the film, you spend thinking "was life really like that in the 80's - I thought we were so cool".

Anyhow, the plot centres around a time machine and a couple of office workers trying to use it to get rid of their boss (by making sure he was never born).
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so much fun
bard-318 January 2002
This film is very, very funny. It's one of a very small number of films I've seen more than twice. I'love it. It begins in the future in a german patent office. An inventor has developed a machine that makes it possible to travel through the time. Frank and Xaver (employees at the office) want to use this possibility to avoid the siring of there bad boss what has happened on the canarian islands in summer 1988 to get rid of him. They use the time machine and due to some circumstances Michael Winslow happens to join them on their trip. They find the lady they assume to be the mother of their boss quickly and follow her. She's of course one of the most beautiful women and everybody wants to have her what makes it nearly impossible for our friends to find out who might be the one to "make" her boss. They undergo many adventures to finally change the future..... They take care for the wrong woman. Michael Winslow meets the future Mother while separated from the others and does not get to be in the right place when their time on the canarians is over. He'll be the father of there bad (and now colored and as funny as his (well known) father) boss.
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Unnecessary sequel
Warning: Spoilers
"Zärtliche Chaoten II" is a German 90-minute movie from almost 30 years ago and this one came out only a year after the first film. No more sequels should follow and that was a good thing I guess. It is somewhat known that Thomas Gottschalk is not the greatest actor, but compared to his writing his acting is very tolerable. This is just not an interesting story and the jokes are not particularly funny either for the most part. Apart from Gottschalk, Helmut Fischer and Michael Winslow ("Police Academy") also returned for this second movie. Cameos include a couple familiar faces such as David Hasselhoff and Jochen Busse. The female lead is played by Deborah Shelton from "Dallas" this time. So, there is once again a romance plot in here too, just like in basically all other Thomas Gottschalk films from the 1980s, regardless of Mike Krüger being on board or not (like in this one here). The one crucial difference compared to the original film is probably that Gottschalk is the guy who gets the girl this time and in the first film, all 3 got her basically. So it becomes obvious who the star is in here. Unfortunately, not even Gottschalk's charisma and recognition value can save his bad script here. This one is even weaker than the already disappointing first film and probably should never have been made. Thumbs down.
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