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Horribly Fun!
Matt7 July 2007
Warning: Spoilers
So basically the story is as follows. The military (for some reason) is developing a toxin that revives the dead, and while it's being transported, it is stolen by some terrorists. The terrorists are all gunned down, but one escapes with the toxin, unfortunately he ends up cutting himself on the vile somehow and becomes infected. He then flees and finds refuge in a crappy motel. There, he kills and spreads the disease to a poor maid (Ill explain her death a little later). The terrorists corpse is then cremated which in turn, spreads the virus throughout the land. OK, well...lets start with some of the things that stood out to me.

1.That god damn smoke. What is with this, in every scene there seems to be endless amounts of smoke being pumped out everywhere.

2.Karate soldiers. When these soldiers are battling off hordes of undead corpses and they don't have fire power on them, they resort to their mastered ninja skills. Look out for an assortment of karate chops, kicks, and throws.

3.Mirror Death. What...the...hell. The terrorist who turns into a zombie kills a poor maid by yes, smearing the maids face into a mirror, causing massive hemorrhaging and ultimately killing her.

4.The special effects. The gore overall is pretty good, tons of blood and guts and visceral feasting. After being bitten, you don't immediately turn into a zombie, the bite turns into some disgusting looking mutated fungus that pulsates and oozes blood and green gunk. But...at the very start, when the terrorists are fleeing and the military is shooting at them, there are no effects once so ever. The helicopter shoots a couple of guys and when they get shot, they jump up into the air and fall down. No entry wound, no blood, just a guy going "Argh!" jumping up and falling down.

5.The zombies. There are so many things to mention about the zombies. Theirs zombie people, zombie birds, even zombie fish (their must've been zombie fish because a zombie pushes a girl out of a window and she falls into this lake, one of the soldiers dives in to save her, and when he pulls her up, her legs have been eaten and she's instantly a zombie), most of the zombies don't just mindlessly roam, most of them are hiding, yes hiding. They wait till you walk past then jump out from behind a bush or from behind a wall. Speaking of jumping, there are at least 10 zombies that literally fall from the top of the screen then start attacking. Inside or outside, they just fall and attack. There's even one zombie thats on the top of some 20 foot poll that jumps down, and I have no clue how he could of got up there. You've got your typical stumbling, moaning zombies, and you've got your acrobatic, brawling zombies, that not only want to tear you apart limb by limb, but want to beat you up before. I can recall the part on the bridge where one zombie gives a soldier a dirty haymaker then proceeds to put him in a headlock. My favourite was the deranged zombie at the gas station wielding a machete. He was vicious, jumping all over, smashing into tons of stuff, he really looked like he wanted to hunt that chick down and tear her apart.

6.The theme music. There seems to only be one song that plays whenever something is happening. I liked the theme music, but after every time a zombie attacks or every time a soldier starts running, it gets kinda of annoying.

7.Flying zombie head. That was ridiculous. They were looking around in the hotel and found a refrigerator. They opened it up and a zombie head flew out and chomped on the guys neck. The guy fell and the zombie head flew into the air and then flew down to the guys neck again.You have to see it to know how unnecessary it was.

8. The guys in the white jumpsuits. These guys were badass. All they did was gun everybody down. Zombies, survivors, they didn't care, they were on orders to shoot everyone, and thats what they did. Hell, they even killed one of he main characters.

9. The hilarious dialogue. Oh man. It's spread throughout the entire movie, but pay attention closely when the scientist guy is telling the general guy that they are going to try to find an antidote. That guys acting is priceless.

Overall, it was a ridiculously bad, good time. It's a fast paced movie so it doesn't get boring, and its loaded with tons of things that make it so...unique.


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My Favourite Zombie film this side of Pittsburgh
DocEmmettBrown30 December 2004
Off the blocks let me just say that I am a huge zombie fan so I don't make statements like the above lightly. Secondly let me say that this is an Italian zombie film and Fulci only directed 15 minutes of it before handing over to Bruno (Rats, Night Of Terror) Mattei. This is no Dawn of the Dead folks.

That said this is easily one of the most entertaining zombie films I have ever seen.

The script is wonderfully horrible. Just check out the two scientists trying to find an antidote ("Let's try putting these two molecules together").

The zombies come in all varieties. From moaning shufflers, to machete wielding maniacs, to birds!

The gore is plentiful. Legs are bitten off, arms amputated, stomachs burst open.

The pace is fast, flying from one zombie attack to the next.

Then there's the head in the fridge. Oh the head in the fridge! One of the greatest moments in horror since Ash got his hand possessed in Evil Dead 2.

You should know already whether you're the sort of person who's going to like this sort of film. Get some mates and some beer and you'll be in for a fun night.

Did I mention the head in the fridge?!?!?
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Call me crazy but I liked it better than ZOMBI 2!
epeteet19 April 2007
Although it's not as creepy as it's cult classic predecessor (ZOMBI 2) I actually like this one better. This is because of it's faster pace, better settings, and cool 80's soundtrack. It's loaded with action and has sweet gore effects by Lucio Fulci. The zombies don't quite look as nasty as in ZOMBI 2 but they still look good. It was made pretty well but it definitely has it's share of cheesiness; for instance some zombies move really slow while others are as quick as ninjas. some are braindead while others say funny lines, but who expects consistency when it comes to Italian horror? There's even a flying zombie head! How rad is that? Definitely a must see for gorehounds and zombie fans. it'd probably satisfy most fans of action movies as well. Also check out Zombi 4.
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An entertaining Italian Zombie flick
Zombi 3 has an interesting history in it's making. Firstly, it is a sequel to Fulci's hit Zombi 2, with Zombi 2 itself being of course a marketing ploy to trick people into thinking it was a sequel to George A. Romero's Dawn of the Dead aka Zombi. Confusing enough? Basically, none of the films have anything to do with one another, but who cares when they make money. I guess Fulci himself starting to not care about the production about half way through Zombi 3 when he decided to walk out. Bruno Mattei was brought on board to help pad the film with additional scenes to lengthen the running time.

Zombi 3's plot is your typical zombie fare. Scientists develop a serum on an island in the Philippines, terrorists steal it unleashing a plague, and zombie run amok. The scientists want to create an antidote, while the military is set on mowing down everyone without prejudice. There are also brief inserts of a Radio DJ preaching about how we treat the planet.

Overall, I actually liked this film. I heard horrible things, but I find the goofy dialogue quite enjoyable. The film seems to be an attempt at raising awareness about pollution, corrupted military, Man playing God, etc. I get the feeling this was at one point a serious film, but it veered off in a weird direction, presumably when Mattei came on board.

Besides ripping off other zombie flicks, this was very reminiscent of Romero's The Crazies. You hear the Radio DJ breaking the good news with, "When you see the men in white suits & gas masks, Run to them for Help." This is of course played to the images of the men in white gunning down zombies. Later, they straight up steal a scene from Crazies in which one of the regular, uncontaminated people is killed by mistake.

The gore factor is pretty good in this one with zombie hordes around every corner. How is it cool? Let me count the ways…1. Zombie Birth 2. Flying Zombie Head 3. Zombie Birds. 4. Zombie with no legs swimming in a pool. My favorite zombie was the machete-wielding maniac at the gas station. He was bad ass and nearly tore down the entire building trying to kill a girl.

Favorite Quote – When a sergeant insists on cremating a zombie, the scientists asks, "Don't you think that once the ash is in the air, it will fall to the ground, and contaminate everything?" To which the Sargeant boldly replies, "Now you're talking science fiction." He also continues to mention the "Science Fiction" told by the scientists even at the end when everyone dies.

Extras: Gallery, Trailers, and Interviews, most notably the one with Mattei where he insists he directed 40% of the scenes, yet cannot recall which ones or any other significant details.

Bottom Line: A must see for zombie and Fulci fans.

Rating: 7/10

Molly Celaschi www.HorrorYearbook.com MySpace.com/HorrorYearbook
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Zombie trash with a serious identity crisis.
alexebbasi18 April 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I've now seen this film twice, and I must say I enjoyed it both times. It's fast paced and fun, but ultimately daft. Having said that it deserves to be trashed because of screwing up what could have been a good follow up to the seminal original. It is clear for those who have seen the awful 'Zombie Creeping Flesh' that the films massive shortcomings can be owed to Bruno Mattei, and that the little that is commendable about it can be owed to Fulci. This is not idle Fulci sycophancy, the directors styles are starkly contrasted throughout, and you can tell who directed what, particularly in Mattei's case.

The film is centered around the outbreak of a virus (oddly referred to as 'top secret' by a scientist, it's secrecy apparently being more noteworthy than its potentially apocalyptic effect on mankind) somewhere in south east Asia. The virus causes zombie like behaviour in those affected, and the virus quickly spreads across a seemingly arbitrary area of land. Our protagonists unwittingly wander into the danger zone, and have to fight for their lives against hordes of infected Asians.

The film seems to be stuck half way between being a zombie gore flick, and an out and out action adventure, and this confusion is captured most clearly by the zombies themselves. They do not appear to have a set of characteristics common to all. Some are of the regular soulless shuffling variety, so well rendered in the original, and probably Fulci's creation here. The other main group consist of those who in being infected with the virus lost all sense of themselves, but incurred a savage aggression and a desire to earn a black belt in ninjitsu: Indecisively leaping around unsure of whether to continue honing their upper roundhouse technique or engage with their brethren in what looks like a mass tickle fest on their hapless victims. Martial arts skills aren't their only talents either, they are well versed in guerilla tactics, hiding on rafters and under bales of hay, and sometimes inexplicably falling from nowhere but the heavens themselves. This is all definitely the work of Mattei.

There is a third, more chatty, variety of zombie. This type apparently retain a sense of irony as well 'I'm really thirsty...FOR YOUR BLOOD'. The ridiculous twist at the end in which the DJ turns zombie but continues to preach ad libbed gibberish about the fate of mankind, only serves to enhance the WTF factor and obliterate any hope of a serious resolution.

Then there's the infamous zombie head which slowly propels itself through the air, a jokerish skeletal grin wrought across its face, as if to say 'yeah we know how bad this looks'.

The characters are all utterly one dimensional as you would expect. But its the pseudo comical dialogue and dubbing that really prevents us from taking their plight seriously. Having said that the first soldier to die does put up an impressively valiant display against an unstoppable zombie menace. Indeed this is the first and perhaps only time we hit real zombie agro, and one of the only effective scenes in the film.

The guy who played the chief scientist has heart, but no talent, utilising pauses in his lines entirely at random, so he ends up sounding like a confused asthmatic. The scientists' on screen attempts at finding an antidote are totally unconvincing 'now lets put these two molecules together!'

There are a few moments that stick out as genuinely effective however. In an early scene a female protagonist explores an abandoned garage. Upon entering a room we are confronted with a hazy view of a shifting figure in the corner and a squirming mass on the floor, all shot in an atmospheric diffused light. The silence is interrupted by the appearance of a speedy machete wielding zombie who trashes everything in his wake in his alarming desperation to have her. His sheer aggressiveness is one of the few moments of real horror in the film. The before and after theme conveyed through the hotel that plays host to the happenings of the earliest stage of the outbreak, and later as a refuge to our protagonists is imbued with an thick humid ambiance. There is a scene in which one of the soldiers cautiously approaches a boarded up room that clearly houses hordes of the undead, and this is quite tense. Things become more dramatic when they board themselves in the hotel unknowing to what lurks upstairs. But this is sloppily handled and not nearly as effective as it could have been.

All in all I would say this film may just about deserve to be called a royal screw up of a potentially effective tropical zombie fest, rather than simply a through and through bad film. If nothing else it has plenty of the unintentional laughs that I've come to expect from just about anything Italian and gory from the eighties.
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Disappointing Sequel To A Gore Classic
I am an avid fan of Lucio Fulci, and yet I must say that "Zombi 3" (aka. "Zombie Flesh Eaters 2") of 1988, which he made with two other directors, Bruno Mattei and Claudi Fragasso, was quite a disappointment. Especially compared to its great predecessor, Fulci's very own Gore classic "Zombi 2" (aka. "Zombie Felsh Eaters"/"Zombie") of 1979, this is vastly disappointing. Sure, the low rating of 4.5 already suggests that it's not a good film, but, these low ratings usually come from people who are not into Italian Zombie flicks, and as enthusiastic fan of Italian Horror films and low-budget Exploitation cinema, I love many films that have only been rewarded with much lower ratings. Also, many of my fellow Italian Horror buffs seem to think of this film as underrated, which I sadly cannot agree with. Not that the film was a complete disaster. It has some redeeming qualities, above all Fulci's nauseating gore effects, that are always a pleasure to watch for an Italian Horror/Gore buff. The basic idea behind the film is also not bad (allthough far from original) and I liked the ruthless portrayal of the military. Sadly, that's about it. While the great predecessor "Zombi 2" was extremely gory, but beyond that also genuinely creepy, this is not creepy or scary for a minute, and the nauseating and often grotesque gore is the only true reason to watch "Zombi 3". The film is sometimes fun to watch, but only for the gore, and as an unintentional comedy. I guess that it was mainly the gore that came from Fulci, and the disappointing rest that came from Mattei and Fragasso, the first of which was involved in a bunch of nasty cult-flicks (such as D'Amato's "Porno Holocaust"), and the second of which is responsible for one of the worst movies ever made, the god-awful "Troll 2". Overall, this is definitely watchable for the gore, but, out of all Fulci films I've seen so far, this is definitely the worst, and I've seen the majority of this great filmmaker's repertoire. I am a Fulci fan, and I always will be, but this sure isn't his magic moment. It may be fun for the gore, but I recommend to watch any other Fulci film before this!
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Cheesy and Trash but Also Funny Zombie Movie
Claudio Carvalho7 March 2009
When a group of men rob a chemical virus from a facility, they are chased and killed. One of them escapes with the container but the glass with the virus breaks and he is infected. The military force finds his body and cremates his corpse unleashing the virus airborne. The locals are infected becoming killer zombies.

"Zombi 3" is a cheesy and trash but also funny zombie movie. The story and the screenplay are lame, the acting is histrionic, but the gross special effect is gruesome, gore and hilarious. The zombies are a complete mess, with some of them moving very slow and others very fast, but I believe that fans like me of the cult Lucio Fulci will find exactly what we expect. My vote is six.

Title (Brazil): Not Available
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underrated film
david clifford17 December 2001
Yeah sure it's cheesy, it's not Zombie, but it's not that bad either. It has Beatrice Ring which is a huge bonus, and it's entertaining. I had the good fortune to meet Fulci later in his career and he remained philosophical about the experience, as he was never completely satisfied with it. It is well worth a search out, especially for genre and Fulci fans. It is a film that is far too often dismissed out of hand.
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Half assed film with no heart and soul. Pointless
spacemonkey_fg14 October 2005
Title: Zombie 3 (1988)

Directors: Mostly Lucio Fulci, but also Claudio Fragasso and Bruno Mattei

Cast: Ottaviano DellAcqua, Massimo Vani, Beatrice Ring, Deran Serafin


To review this flick and get some good background of it, I gotta start by the beginning. And the beginning of this is really George Romeros Dawn of the Dead. When Dawn came out in 79, Lucio Fulci decided to make an indirect sequel to it and call it Zombie 2. That film is the one we know as plain ole Zombie. You know the one in which the zombie fights with the shark! OK so, after that flick (named Zombie 2 in Italy) came out and made a huge chunk of cash, the Italians decided, heck. Lets make some more zombie flicks! These things are raking in the dough! So Zombie 3 was born. Confused yet? The story on this one is really just a rehash of stories we've seen in a lot of American zombie flicks that we have seen before this one, the best comparison that comes to mind is Return of the Living Dead. Lets see...there's the government making experiments with a certain toxic gas that will turn people into zombies. Canister gets released into the general population and shebang! We get loads of zombies yearning for human flesh. A bunch of people start running away from the zombies and end up in an old abandoned hotel. They gotta fight the zombies to survive.

There was a lot of trouble during the filming of this movie. First and foremost, Lucio Fulci the beloved godfather of gore from Italy was sick. So he couldn't really finish this film the way that he wanted to. The film was then handed down to two lesser directors Bruno Mattei (Hell of the Living Dead) and Claudio Fragasso (Zombie 4). They did their best to spice up a film that was already not so good. You see Fulci himself didn't really have his heart and soul on this flick. He was disenchanted with it. He gave the flick over to the producers and basically said: "Do whatever the hell you want with it!" And god love them, they did.

And that is why ladies and gents we have such a crappy zombie flick with the great Fulci credited as its "director". The main problem in my opinion is that its just such a pointless bore! There's no substance to it whatsoever! After the first few minutes in which some terrorists steal the toxic gas and accidentally release it, the rest of the flick is just a bunch of empty soulless characters with no personality whatsoever running from the zombies. Now in some cases this can prove to be fun, if #1 the zombie make up and zombie action is actually good and fun and #2 there's a lot of gore and guts involved.

Here we get neither! Well there's some inspired moments in there, like for example when some eagles get infected by the gas and they start attacking people. That was cool. There's also a scene involving a flying zombie head (wich by the way defies all logic and explanation) and a scene with zombies coming out of the pool of the abandoned hotel and munching off a poor girls legs. But aside from that...the rest of the flick just falls flat on its ass.

Endless upon endless scenes that don't do jack to move the already non existent plot along. That was my main gripe with this flick. The sets look unfinished and the art direction is practically non-existent. I hate it when everything looks so damn unfinished! I like my b-movies, but this one just really went even below that! Its closer to a z-level flick, if you ask me.

The zombie make up? Pure crap. The zombies are all Asian actors (the movie was filmed in the Philippines) so you get a bunch of Asian looking zombies. But thats not a big problem since they movie was set in the phillipine islands anyway. Its the look of the zombies that really sucks! They all died with the same clothes on for some reason. And what passes for zombie make up here is a bunch of black make up (more like smudges) on their faces. One or two zombies had slightly more complex make up, but it still wasn't good enough to impress. Its just a bunch of goo pointlessly splattered on the actors faces. So not only is this flick slowly paced but the zombies look like crap. These are supposed to be dead folks! Anyhows, for those expecting the usual coolness in a Fulci flick don't come expecting it here cause this is mostly somebody else's flick. And those two involved (Mattei and Fragasso) didn't really put there heart and souls into it. In fact, when you see the extras on the DVD you will see that when Fragasso is asked about his recollections and his feelings on this here flick, he doesn't even take it to seriously. You can tell he is ashamed of it and in many occasions he says they "just had a job to do and they did it". And that my friends, is the last nail on this flick. There's no love, and no heart put into making this film. Therefore you get a half assed, crappy zombie flick.

Only for completest or people who want to have or see every zombie flick ever made. Everybody else, don't even bother! Rating: 1 out of 5
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Utter garabage...
ecto1ajon6 March 2004
I can't even began to write a review on this movie as my i.q. has dropped so sharply after watching it. Everything about it, from the atrocious acting to the recycled theme played throughout spoke of utter garbage. It's a miracle we made it all the way through the movie. Weapons are randomly placed throughout the town such as a crate of machine guns in the basement of a motel or a grenade under a jeep that had the blast radius of an atomic bomb. Don't even get me started on the dialog. It was garbage, garbage, garbage!!! For some reason the characters felt they had to spell out everything for us. Like when their car would break down they would say "Looks like our car broke down. I'm going to go to that abandoned gas station right over there and see if i can find some water" - this brings me to my next point - the director's obsession with water. At least three times the characters would wander off alone in search of water as if it was a miracle cure for the zombie disease. It's killing me to write this so i have to stop now. A warning for all those planning to see this movie: don't. You will walk away a mindless, babbling zombie yourself.
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A 5.0 rating?! You're kidding. This movie is BAD.
MadCow570310 November 2002
Warning: Spoilers
I'm a big fan of horror flicks, and zombie films are a particular favorite of mine. That said, Zombi 3 is one of the absolute worst films I have ever seen. So needless to say I really enjoyed it, it's the best bad movie I've seen in a long while. The story has some similarities with Dan O'Bannon's "Return of the Living Dead", but whereas that film was intentionally funny, this one is the opposite. It has some of the most laughable acting I've ever witnessed, especially from the main scientist character. His scenes with the General were just hysterical. Also, the effects are subpar and in many cases sloppy, and the death scenes are often just downright stupid. This, of course, makes it all the more fun. POSSIBLE SPOILER - The worst is the scene where the guy opens the refrigerator door and sees the severed zombie head, which then opens its eyes and somehow FLIES OUT OF THE FRIDGE (obviously pulled out ineptly with a bit of string), latching onto the guys neck, killing him. Zombie heads have the ability to float in the air now? It defies every law of physics known to man, and it's one of the most absurd things ever filmed. That's just one of many really goofy moments in the idiotic mess. I can't believe it's gotten so high a rating here. If you are a fan of bad movies, do yourself a favor and rent this sucker.
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Better than "Gone With The Wind"
fertilecelluloid29 May 2006
Warning: Spoilers
"Gone With The Wind" is one of the most overrated movies in history. It is a film loved by mothers, grandmothers, and shut-ins who go to the movies once every five years. As a zombie movie, it blows. There isn't a shambling corpse in sight, and it's terribly light in the gore department. "Zombie 3", on the other hand, is big on shambling corpses and quite generous with its blood-spilling -- therefore, it is better than "Gone With the Wind". It is also not overrated. Most reviewers are under no delusions that it is rubbish. It is, however, not boring rubbish. After a terrorist steals a virus, he drops it while being pursued by a helicopter, and the chemicals leak into the ground. The terrorist, who has been exposed to the nasty concoction, hides in a hotel room where he slowly morphs into a flesh-eating zombie. One of his first victim's is a cleaning lady. Once she's bitten, Lucio Fulci's brand of hell breaks loose. As usual for a Fulci flick, the acting is atrocious, the storyline is riddled with plot holes, and the gore is plentiful. Turns out the film was directed by Fulci and Bruno Mattei, so that explains its rather schizophrenic nature. It is badly shot, too, poorly edited, and the sound design is flat. Still, it is saved by its gleeful adherence to the goriest of murders and its impatient pacing. Definitely worth picking up if you're an undead completest. Or don't like "Gone With The Wind", undoubtedly the worst zombie movie of all time.
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sweet lord all mighty
darren_boe29 June 2005
Simply wow… after the first 20 minutes or so I was contemplating gouging my eyes out. I am a huge zombie fan and own everything I can find I am also a huge cheesy/bad movies fan and a serious glutton for movie pain. This however is inexcusable!! What the hell where they thinking not following the first Zombi 2 path of zombies in the main land now and the possibility of something descent? Even Zombi 4 (afterdeath) just gave up and went all out with crap and cheese to make a pseudo comical event out of it. This couldn't make up its mind weather or not to be funny or… lk;jsdfalksdflkjsfdlkjljk;lqib god it hurts I'm angry I just spend 90 minutes watching this trash and it felt like it was 3 hours long. It was like watching some skinny white guy trying to rap about his type-R, sad and confused but more uncomfortable then funny. Just get biozombie and stop trying to hold Fulci up as great, he really isn't that amazing. Happy hunting
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That'll fix ya, you friggin' monsters!
lastliberal11 August 2007
Now, everyone knows you can't fix those monsters. It is no secret that there is a Zombi 4 and 5, so they don't win, after all.

The biggest surprise is that there are zombie birds in this film. I bet you never saw that before! My guess is that the chicken in the film is a zombie, too, and that is how we get to see 4 & 5.

I never saw a zombie head pop out before either. I didn't know a head could operation without a body.

My main complaint with this film however is that nobody takes the time to shower. All those lovely girls and no showers. I want to see zombie attacks in the shower!
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generally awful late-period Fulci
Jonny_Numb21 January 2003
The lack of imagination, enthusiasm, originality (basically any redeeming quality you can name) is all over "Zombi 3," which isn't too surprising, considering the glory days of Italian horror had long since vanished by the time this stinker was released. Guys in radiation suits go around the Philappines killing zombies while scientists engage in heated debate with the military (some hilarious 'acting' here). The film was the shaky joint effort of two directors--Bruno Mattei ("Night of the Zombies") and Lucio Fulci--who've seen better days. Save for some surprisingly well-done zombie makeup, there's not much worth seeing in "Zombi 3."

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As much as I enjoyed this film, it was for all the wrong reasons.
murderravenous12 November 2002
Where do I begin? I wanted to enjoy this movie, and I did. Still, I wanted to be able to enjoy it for being another zombie film that was worth my loot, and it wasnt. This was a different kind of enjoyment. This was unhealthy, a perverse glee that I partook in watching one of the most ridiculous films Id seen yet. And I dont much care for whatever Fulci's excuses were, there was no excuse for this film going how it went. This was a bad film all the way around, yet I still cant give it below a 4 out of ten, which is what I gave it, because well...at least I was able to laugh at this misfit of a movie.

I had to imagine these zombies, that were all over the ceilings of these buildings everywhere...had to imagine that they were either bored as hell so they crawled up on the beems, and perched themselves high on stone erections, or they saw the fleshy living motley band of jerk-offs coming around, so they took it upon themselves to stage numerous aerial ambushes. Hell, what else is there to do when youre dead?

I had to laugh at some zombies performing what looked to be martial arts swings, kicks, and jumps, and some shambling about like traditional meatlovers. I feasted my eyes on a floating head that was never explained. I watched in pure horrific delight as the land they were in, the Phillipenes, was absolutely engulfed in fog, heavy doses of fog, and that the ponds were as they were boiling castle moats. I had to even cringe when I saw that the design for a cure for this plague was sketched on a chalkboard as an octagon with lines stretching from each angle, with "Dead One" written in the middle. I had to ask myself...if the science of curing zombies is that easy, then I wonder if I could come up with a little something to start a zombie outbreak here!

All in all the effects were overboard, the dubbing horrid, Im sure the original acting as poor, the story absurd, the zombies inconsistent, even in a bad way they couldve all been similar, and the women ugly, but I found myself enjoying this thing. It was a fun watch. It turned out to be a very very bad film, and I would not recommend this thing unless one is into bad directorial exploitation films, but still, again I say...it was worth a good laugh. I crave zombie films no matter what, but when this had Fulci's name attached to it, it shouldve been much better. Let me dare say, Zombie Holocaust was better.
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Smoke, Action, Gore and Pyrotechnics
Uriah4319 March 2013
Warning: Spoilers
A scientific research lab has just produced a deadly formula which is stolen by a terrorist group. But before the terrorists can get too far they are all killed except one. He is wounded in the attempt and is accidentally infected. Although he manages to escape to a nearby hotel, he is eventually caught by the army and his body is burned in the mistaken belief that this will kill the virus within him. Unfortunately, the ashes infect a flock of birds who then attack a tour bus carrying seven or eight passengers. Meanwhile three soldiers in a jeep who were following the tour bus manage to evacuate the passengers, but one woman in particular has been bitten and needs medical help. So the soldiers take the passengers to an abandoned hotel and in the meantime an epidemic has begun which causes chaos and destruction all around. Now, although the title of the movie is "Zombie 3" there really isn't a "Zombie 1". Unless of course you consider the first film, "Zombie 2" as "Zombie 1" that is. If that makes sense. But in any case "Zombie 3" isn't really a sequel anyway. Anyway, having clarified that let me add that this is a zombie film that relies heavily on smoke, action, gore and pyrotechnics first and foremost. Likewise, the music complements the action quite well too. However, the acting, character development and script are all secondary and as a result this movie suffers accordingly. So, if you're looking for a good action-packed zombie film then this one might be what you're looking for. Otherwise you'll just have to make allowances.
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Good Zombie Flick
The Creeper1 January 2003
I'll be honest with you...I liked this movie. It's a great zombie flick that is packed with action, original ideas, good acting, but is also packed with bad Zombie effects. Part IV, entitled "After Death" is also good. I would recommend this movie to horror fans everywhere.

10 out of 10

Fans of Horror Movies like this should Check out Puppet Master, Skinned Alive, Slumber Party Massacre, Sleep Away Camp, and other Full Moon Pictures flicks. For other recommendations, check out the other comments I have sent in by clicking on my name above this comment section.
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An Embarrassment
Crap_Connoisseur2 September 2006
Zombi 3 was doomed from the moment Lucio Fulci suffered a stroke during filming and was forced to stand aside as director. Fulci was replaced by Bruno Mattei and Claudio Fragasso, who - while not in the same league as Fulci - certainly know their way around a horror film. Given the circumstances, it's not surprising that the film does not meet Fulci's usual high standards but it is shock that the finished product turned out to be such an awful and embarrassing mess.

Fulci's "Zombi 2" was a brazen attempt to cash in on the Italian success of George A. Romero's "Dawn of The Dead" (released as "Zombi" in Italy). "Zombi 2" exceeded all expectations and became a horror classic in its own right, largely due to Fulci's sublime direction, sense of humour and more-is-more approach to gore. Sadly all of these qualities are sorely missing from Zombi 3. In fact, Zombi 3 has very little going for it at all. There are odd moments of competence and one moment of Fulci brilliance but as a whole, this film is a dog's breakfast. Even the most ardent fan of Italian horror will find this stinker painful to sit through.

It is hard to convey just how bad this movie is. Zombi 3 is abysmal in just about every regard. Perhaps the most grating aspect of the film is its complete and utter disregard for so called "zombie-lore". Fulci took an original approach to zombie behaviour in "Zombi 2" (the underwater zombies being one of the many highlights of that great movie) but still remained within the basic zombie framework. The zombies in this turkey not only run around with great agility, they also talk and remember who they were. These creatures are not the living dead - just living mutants. The misunderstanding of the zombie concept is just one of the script's many flaws. The film's basic premise of a zombie virus being released into the atmosphere is pretty lame but the fact that Zombi 3 requires announcements from an ecologically friendly, zombie DJ to pull the disjointed and confusing storyline together is simply unforgivable. The same could be said for the hilariously inept special effects. The scene in which an actor is attacked by obviously dead, stuffed birds would embarrass Ed Wood, while I hope the person who forgot to apply zombie make-up to the actors' hands and legs is hanging their head in shame somewhere.

Amongst all the incompetence there are a few moments that make the viewing experience bearable. One of them is the zombie in the fridge, which Fulci considered to be one the only respectable scare in the film. Another highlight is the zombie birth scene which was "borrowed" for the recent remake of "Dawn Of The Dead" and the clever twist of having the characters pursued not only by the undead but also by crazed army officials. It must be said that these few bright moments are probably reason enough for horror buffs and zombie aficionados to hunt the film down. Everyone else will be left scratching their heads in wonderment at the epic scale of the Zombi 3's incompetence.
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Like it was directed by Fulci's retarded blind dog...
ResidentHazard27 September 2005
Fulci's name is attached to this, but it seems to have been done at gunpoint. Poor, poor Fulci. Rumors tell that he had to leave halfway through one of his Zombie/Zombi movies and some other jackass had to finish it, and ruined it instead. It must have been this one.

The movie now showcases the zombies as being made by some chemical rather than Voodoo, like the previous film--how's that for continuity? Unfortunately, I don't recall how it spreads everywhere…. Oh yeah, birds get it and then it spreads to people. Well, some idiot steals the chemical from some really unimpressive military base and, pretty soon, zombies are popping up everywhere. The story is pretty incohesive and I never really liked the heroes, which were some pretty generic soldiers and some women they picked up. The acting and dubbing is really badly done, and never once helps the story since it's quickly and easily ignored because of its suckiness. The zombies are now actually running after people to kill them, not at all like the kinds of zombies we've come to know and love from the original Zombie or any of Romero's Dead films. They seem overly fast and at times, almost a little too intelligent to be decaying walking human corpses.

On the upside, the gore effects and zombie make-up is actually pretty decent, but that's about all the redeeming value here. Somehow, the charm of Zombie is not seen, even for a second, anywhere in this movie. For shame.

Acting: 3/10 Violence/Gore: 6/10 Nudity/Sexuality: 1/10 Story: 4/10 Atmosphere: 4/10 Special Effects/Make-up: 8/10 Cheesiness: 7/10 Overall: 2/10 Crappiness: 9/10

Don't buy it, rent it only if you're a hardcore zombie film fan. And you have to be really goddamn hardcore.

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Boring, badly done, not worth watching.
Rooster9930 August 2004
I was hoping for a little more. Zombie Flesh Eater was originally released as Zombie 2, and was supposed to be a sequel to George Romero's excellent Dawn of the Dead. After having seen Dawn, I rented Zombie Flesh Eaters, and it wasn't bad, but it wasn't much of a sequel either. This one was released in Italy as Zombie 3, but in North America as Zombie Flesh Eaters 2. Confusing, eh? It was supposed to be the second sequel to Dawn of the Dead. Hoping once again for a much better movie, I rented it shortly after renting the first sequel. This movie stunk. It was terrible. None of the zombie laws as established by George Romero were used, despite the fact that it was supposed to be a sequel. Sometimes the zombies are slow as molasses, but at other times they are jumping out of the roof and ninja-kicking the living. You don't have to shoot them in the head, a few shots to the corpse (hee hee) seems to do the trick.... at least sometimes. Then there is a zombie head in a refrigerator that manages to propel itself out and bite someone?????

This movie made no sense. I know it was a zombie movie to begin with, and a sequel at that, but at least try to make it in line with the original! The effects were also dismal. It was very obvious that some of the fight scenes were with actors wearing bad masks. Sometimes they didn't even bother to cover their hands and legs, just slapped a little makeup on their faces.

All in all, very disappointing. I won't bother with Zombie Flesh Eaters 3 (Zombie 4) which was right beside this one at the video store. That is 2 disappointing sequels too many, I can only imagine how bad that one must be.....

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Worst Film Ever!
If you don't believe that this piece of garbage is the worst film ever, then you should have your head examined. The acting is horrendous, the special effects could have been done better by a young Rick Baker and the location (the philipines) is very boring. There is nothing at all to watch in this film, I like zombie films just like the other guy but this is boring. The fight scenes between the zombies and the humans drags on, if you can imagine some scrawny little philipino wearing rubber slime on his face, that is the zombie. Predictable ending, everything is bad. Grade: F
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zombie 3: the suffering
McQualude15 October 2002
The suffering of all zombie fans who have been duped into spending their money on this cheesebag film. It is awful.

What do you get when you take a marginal script, tear out pages randomly, give it to a director who doesn't want it and so quits halfway through, give it to another director who happens to be the original author and ask him to fix it, take 3 different stories and two sets of casts and throw all this into the blender.... you get Zombie 3! Slap Fulci's name on this garbage and you're guaranteed an international zombie blockbuster.

The beginning of the film is fun in a Mystery Science Theater way. The actors and actresses do inexplicably stupid things to put themselves into harm's way. It is a miracle that any of them lived long enough to be become zombies. How often do you pull off the road, run into a condemned building and yell "Is anybody here? I just want drink of water." or park your car in the middle of the road on a curve so you can move some dead birds off the road?

It goes downhill from there... During the second act, we witness a man pull his girl friend from a pond while she is being eaten by God knows what and then jump into the water himself moments later to escape zombies on the bank. (The zombie fish must have been full because they leave him unscathed). The end of the film isn't worth commenting on.

The pacing is slow, the story is incoherent, the acting is bad, the direction is nonexistant. The only positive that I could find was a few Fulci moments with backlit zombies emerging from the fog, that was a little spooky. If you must see every zombie movie or are a die hard Fulci fan go see it. Wait, I take that back, if you're a die hard Fulci fan... don't see it.
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A terrible film that fails on all accounts *SPOILERS*
Daedo11 July 2002
Warning: Spoilers
I hired out Zombie Flesh Eaters 2 expecting a decent film much like it's predecessor. After all, any film with zombies attacking sharks must be at least somewhat entertaining. Unfortunately this film makes so many mistakes in 'Basic Film-making 101' it makes you wonder what the director was thinking.

Firstly, the plot of the film is virtually nonexistent. Some unidentified terrorist/thief steals a case containing vials of some unidentified toxin which turns people into zombies. Of course, he gets the toxin all over his hand and so the atrocities begin. Vast expanses of land in South East Asia are cordoned off to stop the toxin spreading. (As a couple of sidenotes, the toxin can go airborne so stopping people from entering an area is completely useless. Also, this movie was set in a remote part of Asia, and yet almost everyone in the film speaks perfect English, and is of caucasian decent. Marvellous!) The zombie man is killed and his body burned, which only further spreads the toxin into the air and *GASP* into a flight of birds. These birds then attack a stereotypical group of teens on holiday and some Army soldiers on a break save the day. For a full 90 minutes, we contend with one cliched situation after another of these people slowly being killed off until only two escape, in a scene directly stolen from Romero's movies.

As mentioned earlier, the characters are stereotyped and are so underdeveloped we don't even know half of their names. Which makes it all to predictable to know who will die next. The amount of inconsistincies which occur with the zombies are incredible. Some people turn into zombies instantaneously whilst others have hours of looking ill before attacking their friends 'unexpectedly'.

Some zombies can talk, whilst most can't. That's right, we get zombies speaking perfect English while attacking people, which seems to have been unsuccessfully ripped from Return of The Living Dead. Other zombies are armed with machetes or know hand to hand combat. Instead of the now established lumbering mindless drones we are accustomed to, we get fight scenes which wouldn't look out of place in Xena or Hercules and they simply detract from the whole movie even more. The zombies also seem to be very fit, bewing able to leap from roofs of buildings onto victims backs and run, yes RUN!, after people. They even have strategy, like hiding under piles of hay and straw to attack people or pushing them into a pool filled with pirahnas (I assume it was pirahnas as the watter bubbled when this person fell in and they emerged legless. Then again when a male character jumped in the water 2 minutes later, he was perfectly safe from killer fish) Every convention established about zombies by Romero's movies and the original Zombie Flesh Eaters are broken in favour of trying to make an action/horror movie.

The effects of this movie are some of the cheapest ever seen for the time. This was the late eighties, when prosethic props were in their prime and looking at their best. In this film however, the effects look even cheaper than in the first movie, with the extent of the 'zombiefied' people as slightly blue skin that looks flaky. In what was supposed to be a truly terrifying scene, we find a pregnant mother in the hospital about to give birth before a hand bursts out her stomach and rips off a victim's face. It was more laughable than anything else. As was the infamous 'Dismembered head in the fridge' scene, which actually made me and my friends spurt forth beer from our mouths as we saw it. Which was surprising because we weren't drinking at the time.

I could go on forever about everything that made this film so wrong (why was there only around 20 extras for the whole film, and why do they make it so obvious that they are the same people by dressing them in the EXACT same way/look?) or (how could the guy at the end escape from the 7 zombies packed over his body trying to munch at his flesh?) and (why the hell do we get close combat scenes with the hero's faces only inches away from that of the zombie, but their airborne toxin does not contaminate the hero, but a poor porter at the start gets zombiefied by merely being in the same LARGE room as a zombie.) But I digress.

Even a fan of this genre would do well to avoid this travesty, as even if you set your expectations low, this will still come WAAAAY lower. Fulci did well to get away from this film in the early going, and so should you. Unless you want to see a hysterically terrible film to laugh at with your mates, avoid at all all costs
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