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  • Albert Einstein is the son of a Tasmanian apple farmer, who discovers the secret of splitting the beer atom to put the bubbles back into beer. When Albert travels to Sydney to patent his invention he meets beautiful French scientist Marie Curie, as well as several unscrupulous types who try to take advantage of the naive genius and his invention.



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  • Yahoo Serious plays the lead role as Albert Einstein, a Tasmanian youth growing up on his parent's apple farm where he spends most of his time listening to music and thinking about the universe. When young Albert falls out of an apple tree and lands on a plank, causing a box of apples to fall on his head, he comes up with his first scientific theory: every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

    His father (Peewee Wilson) decides show him how to brew beer but, through all his successes, he can't seem to give his beer a proper head full of bubbles. In an attempt to please his father, and further his scientific prowess with his newly discovered formula, E=mc2, Albert succeeds in putting bubbles into beer, with catastrophic consequences. Doing so required the splitting of a beer atom and it causes the entire beer shack to explode. However, Albert's father proclaims him a genius and sends him off to mainland Australia to patent his idea as his mother (Su Cruickshank) bids him a tearful farewell.

    After weeks of travel, Albert catches a train bound for Sydney where he meets pompous Preston Preston (John Howard), head of the patent office, and Marie Curie (Odile Le Clezio), a Nobel Prize winning student of physics from France. Though Preston is less than impressed with Albert's rustic appearance, Marie is tickled pink by his theories on the universe. Once in Sydney, Albert proceeds to the patent office where he is quickly dismissed for not having a proper invention to patent. Albert decides to find a place to stay while he works on his theories and finds haven in a run down hotel, which turns out to be a brothel. There, he comes up with the theory of rock n roll and fashions his own electrical violin, explaining his idea scientifically. He brings it to the patent office as a genuine invention but is dismissed yet again.

    He meets up with Marie at the University of Sydney and talks more about his theories, getting kicked out of her class in the process for showing his formula. They spend more and more time together, discussing the theory of relativity while Albert comes up with new inventions. Marie implores Preston to give Albert a job at the patent office which Albert soon finds confusing while Preston confesses his love for Maria, along with his overall disdain for Einstein. Maria is less than impressed. Preston then finds Alberts formula for splitting atoms and decides to take it for himself and places Albert in a mental institution for mad scientists to keep him out of the way. He appears to fit in, discussing his theories with the other inmates despite receiving harsh treatment from the staff.

    After discovering what Preston intends to do with the formula (create the largest beer keg - essentially an atom bomb - in the world), Marie rushes to the institution to find Albert, disguised as his father. She finds him in the mens showers and, after a tender moment, tells Albert about Prestons plot. Dejected at first, Albert hatches an idea for escape using his theory of electrical rock n roll. He builds a new electrical guitar and hooks it up to the institutions main lines, shorting out all the circuits and opening all the doors. He escapes with the other inmates after avoiding a masculine nurse (Russell Cheek) and saving a pie full of kittens from a mad cook (Roger Ward).

    Then he crashes the Science Academy Awards where Preston has displayed his beer keg hanging from a hot air balloon. Albert manages to save everyone from certain doom using his electrical guitar to suck out all the energy within the bomb - a feat that would kill any normal man, but Albert is far from normal. He reunites with Marie and is congratulated by none other than Charles Darwin (Basil Clarke) himself. The government approaches Albert and asks him for the formula for splitting the atom, which Albert agrees to hand over. Marie questions his decision but Albert innocently states, If you cant trust the governments of the world, who can you trust? Albert takes Marie home with him to Tasmania where he sings and plays his guitar to swooning fans.

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