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Not great, but interesting & Scary
damonfoster18 February 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Grim, bleak sometimes sleazy horror movie from HK. This script is interesting and the music is eerie. There's a slow pace and the emphasis is more on mood and strange Chinese cultures than special effects or action. So I was bored more than once. GHOST NURSING didn't particularly impress me, but die-hard horror fans might like it, so I can recommend it to them. If there's a cleaner print, and preferably a dubbed one, I would like this creepy tale more.

The story is about this innocent girl called Jackie, who committed atrocities in a previous life, and so her current life is full of tragedy (payback!). She consults a wizard to cure her. The cure involves a petrified fetus from long ago, and by taking care of it (via daily rituals) for about a year I guess, the problems in her life will end. Then one day, some nosy friends uncover this little 'guardian devil' and tamper with it. One of the friends is killed by this evil statue, and the other (Norman Chu) gets possessed by it. Norman Chu kills Jackie's friend and turns on Jackie herself. So she requests the assistance of that same wizard. There's some sort of magical chase in a forest, but then the wizard subdues the zombie guy, and like many older Chinese flicks, there's an abrupt ending.
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