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Chicago Sun-Times
One of those entertainments where you laugh a lot along the way, and then you end up on the edge of your seat at the end.
USA Today
Though Weaver is by all accounts (mine included) in the real-life “none-nicer'” class, I've always suspected she might be great as a shrew. She is. [21 Dec 1988, Life, p.1D]
Intoxicating. [19 Dec 1988, p.78]
Los Angeles Times
Working Girl is the sparkling success that it is because of the sheer irresistibility of Melanie Griffith. [21 Dec 1988, Calendar, p.6-1]
Chicago Tribune
Griffith gives the fullest performance of her career; Weaver, the most likable, even though she's the villain of the piece. Michael Nichols directs his best film in years. [23 Dec 1988, Friday, p.A]
This is not a laugh-out-loud film, though there is a lighthearted tone that runs consistently throughout, Griffith's innocent, breathy voice being a major factor.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
The laughs in Working Girl are the laughs of near-recognition - just good enough to make us wish they were much better.
A subplot involving Griffith and first boyfriend Alec Baldwin becomes the-subplot-that-wouldn't-go-bust, and comic scenes sometimes go bankrupt because they just hold their stock too long. Light entertainment like this should zip along like those financial quote boards.
Chicago Reader
Griffith's talent, energy, and sexiness give it some drive and punch.
The New Yorker
Nichols must have a cummerbund around his head: the directing is constricted – there's no visual inventiveness or spontaneity. And in his hands the script has no conviction. [9 Jan 1989]

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