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Sex & Nudity

  • An ugly female toon becomes instantly smitten with the main character. She then races towards him, puckering her lips repeatedly as she prepares to give him a big kiss (She misses). Later she catches him and succeeds in giving him a very wet kiss, which sends him flying down the street from the recoil.
  • In the opening cartoon Somthin's Cookin a meat cleaver hits the wall in between Roger's legs, making him gulp.
  • Suggested MPAA rating: PG for thematic material, including some violent and scary images, suggestive content and mild language.
  • Jessica Rabbit is a sexy female caricature with exaggerated proportions. As such, she is the cause for many sight gags.
  • Jessica's performance at the Ink and Paint Club is titillating and seductive, though not lewd.
  • Eddie looks in on Jessica and a human man in her dressing room. We hear bits of their conversation and it is implied that they are having sex. It is comically revealed later what really occurred.
  • Baby Herman walks in between a woman's legs looking upward as he does.
  • Eddie ogles a woman's curvy figure from a distance.
  • Baby Herman spanks his curvy human female companion on the rear. He later says to Eddie that he is frustrated at having "a fifty-year-old lust and a three-year-old dinky."
  • Eddie pushes Roger down into his trench coat making it appear as though he has a huge erection. Dolores then asks "Do you have a rabbit in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?".
  • A gag involves Roger's misunderstanding of the words "prostate" and "probate".
  • In a scene in Eddie's office, Jessica seductively paces back and forth. Her ample breasts are pushed against Eddie's chest for comic effect as she says "I'd do anything for my husband, Mr. Valiant. Anything." In the same scene, Jessica tells Eddie think about her offer, before blowing a physical toon kiss, which flys over and lands sharply on his cheek.
  • Later in the same scene, Eddie pulls up his pants and the back of his head hits Jessica's bosom which bounce in reaction for comic effect.
  • Eddie pulls his girlfriend beneath a bar by grabbing at the bodice of her dress.
  • A weasel eagerly reaches down Jessica's cleavage and his hand is clamped by a bear trap. Eddie turns to her and says, "Nice booby trap."
  • A gag involves a weasel being kicked between the legs after asking what "rhymes with walls".

Violence & Gore

  • Jessica slaps Eddie across the face in one scene.
  • Many scenes of mild, wacky, slapstick cartoon action violence.
  • A significant plot element involves Eddie's brother having been killed by a toon. It is only described and not seen.
  • We see the chalk outline of Marvin Acme's body. A heavy safe is seen as having crashed into the head of the outline. Acme's covered body is later seen being taken away on a gurney.
  • The weasels brandish real guns. They also carry weapons that mirror their distinct personalities: "Psycho" wears a strait jacket and wields a straight razor; "Greasy" wields a dagger; "Stupid" wields a bat with a nail through it.
  • An innocent, cute toon shoe is killed by being slowly lowered into dip and his pain is made very apparent.


  • 7 hells,2 damns,1 ass,1 bastard,1 bitch and 1 made up profane word.
  • The brand of the oven in the Maroon Cartoon is Hotternell, a pun on 'Hotter than Hell".
  • The toon gorilla bouncer at the Ink and Paint Club calls Eddie a "wise ass" in response to Eddie complimenting him on his 'monkey suit'.
  • Eddie says "son of a bitch".
  • A weasel tells Eddie to "cut the bull-schtick" and Eddie shoves a bar of soap in his mouth as a result.
  • Baby Herman says "what the hell..." and "damn" . He also refers to his penis as a "dinky".
  • Benny the Cab says "what the hell..." and uses mild epithets as part of his gruff 'cabbie' personality.
  • Dolores tells Eddie that literally she had to "shake the weasels". The phrase apparently has other connotations.
  • The head weasel is named "Smart Ass", though his name is never spoken and is only seen in the credits.
  • A zoot-suit wearing weasel with a Mexican accent is named Greasy, a name having racial overtones as Mexican-Americans were disparagingly referred to as "greasers" during the period that the movie is set in. His name is never spoken and is only seen in the credits.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Eddie is an alcoholic and goes to a bar on several occasions where his girlfriend is a bartender. His heavy drinking throughout the film is contrasted by his decision not to drink before entering Toontown and he shoots his bourbon bottle (label clearly visible) with a Toon gun.
  • There are many scenes with Eddie taking swigs of alcohol. His gun holster holds a bourbon bottle.
  • A vintage neon Budweiser sign is visible in many shots in the bar.
  • A man is seen passed out at the bar.
  • Eddie is seen passed out at his desk with a bottle in his hand.
  • A gag, not unlike the Bugs Bunny "pronoun trouble" gag, involves whether or not Roger wants a drink.
  • Roger partakes of alcohol in two separate scenes, both with the same consequence. He loses control of himself as his head forms a steam whistle and he emits a high pitch that breaks all glass nearby.
  • Baby Herman is often seen smoking a real cigar. In one scene, he throws a tantrum when he loses it.
  • Children offer the main character cigarettes.
  • One of the weasels named Wheezy has multiple cigarettes in his mouth at a time and is always surrounded by smoke. His hat also has multiple cigarette boxes in its brim.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The hyper-violent, frantically paced "Maroon Cartoon" at the very beginning of the film can be disturbing to some as child endangerment is at the root of many gags. Roger is electrocuted, set on fire, and pinned to the wall with knives to name a few situations in the cartoon.The violence in the cartoon is a send-up of violent cartoon gags such as those seen in Warner Bros and "Tom and Jerry" cartoons.
  • In a very disturbing scene, Judge Doom demonstrates what the "dip" does to toons by sticking a cute squeaking living toon shoe in it. That the shoe is executed only for demonstration purposes, and not for any crime is part of the unsettling nature of the scene. The dip kills toons and we see the shoe react in horror and hear its squeals of pain as it is lowered into a vat of dip. Once the shoe is dead, Judge Doom removes his gloved hand that held the red shoe from the vat of dip. The shoe's red paint drips off Doom's glove somewhat resembling blood. Eddie - who is not very fond of toons - and a Police Lieutenant are shown to be disturbed by this act.
  • Some of the humor in the movie is misogynist in tone and can be disturbing to sensitive viewers. Baby Herman walks in between a woman's legs looking upward as he does. Baby Herman later tells his human companion "What do you know, you dumb broad? You got the I.Q. of a rattle." Valiant later shoves Baby Herman's carriage and it crashes into her. Men leer at Jessica. Cleavage gags are also prominent in the film as previously noted.
  • The high-energy Toontown sequence can be disturbing.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • Jessica smothers Roger with numerous kisses after Eddie defeats Doom

Violence & Gore

  • The Aftermath of Judge Doom's death, though fake looking, is still rather gruesome.
  • A man in live action is shown being choked by having his necktie drawn into a Moviola. He is then shot twice in the back.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Judge Doom's "toon form" and his fight with Eddie are known to be one of the creepiest scenes from family movies. They might scare younger and more sensible viewers.

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