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Los Angeles Times
Unlike pornography, it takes place in a recognizably real world. It is a much better film than "9 1/2 Weeks," which King wrote and produced. [2 May 1988, p.5]
The story is such a compilation of cliches that I hesitate to describe it, for fear of being taken for a satirist.
A decent example of that strange new genre that has arisen to serve the home rental audience-a soft-core porn film directed primarily toward women. [29 Apr 1988, p.L]
Sex sequences are disappointingly non-specific: blurred nipples and vaguely flickering tongues, set to That Disco Beat and invariably followed by post-coital blubbing.
Thematically, this has a lot to do with the sexiness of class difference and the hypocrisy of marriage and double standards, although, as often happens in porn, the “dream sequences” by the end make it hard to know what's actually happening in terms of plot. But customers looking for photogenic flesh and passion, with a passing plug for safe sex thrown in, won't have much cause for complaint.
All pout and pose, with no spine to speak of; a beast with no back.
A breast-and-buttock show for the soft-porn set...What these repellent people have in common are their great chests and abundant hair. ''You excite me so much I can't help myself,'' says Perry. ''This has never happened to me before,'' says April.
Washington Post
Two Moon Junction is a soft-porn boudoir thriller with the look of a perfume ad and a spaghetti-strap-thin wisp of a plot...As in the antiseptic "9 1/2 Weeks," there's smut, but no sweat. You get the feeling King would make love wearing not only his socks but a pair of surgical gloves.
Two Moon Junction is a bad hick version of Last Tango in Paris down to the poor imitative scoring by Jonathan Elias. Sexual obsession might be the aim, but the result is anything but hot.
When it comes right down to it, TWO MOON JUNCTION could be far, far worse than it is; but given the built-in limitations of this type of film, it can't be any better.

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