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Pretty much faultless - 5.9? How come?
alan99718 February 2012
I don't do IMDb reviews. I drop by all the time, and when I've just sen a movie, I often drop by with my prediction...and though I say so myself, I've got pretty good over the years. I guess 6.3, it's a 6.5; I guess 7.2, it's a 7.0.

Just watched Twins for the first time in 20 years and came in with my prediction of 8.1 and what the...? 5.9? You have got to be kidding! Of its genre, Twins is damn near perfect. Great idea, brilliantly executed. An excellent script, with great one-liners and terrific plot twists along the way. And above all, one of the best buddy-twosomes outside of 48 Hours. How this ended up under 6 just defeats me.

I was so amazed - and indignant - that I ended up doing my first IMDb review in years, in the hopes it might ease the score just a bit closer to where it deserves to be - which is 8, minimum. If you don't enjoy Twins, check for a pulse.
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One of Arnie's better comedies.
DavidSim24018327 June 2004
Warning: Spoilers
The idea of Arnold Schwarzenegger being in a comedy sounds like a recipe for disaster. But his stiff delivery actually works in his favour for this film, and he makes a great double-act with Danny DeVito.

Arnie plays Julius Benedict, and is the result of a top secret government experiment to create the world's most physically and mentally enhanced human being. Six men who were model citizens, like athletes and scientists were chosen to contribute a sample of genetic material. Mary-Ann Benedict was chosen to carry the baby. But instead of giving birth to one baby, she had twins.

Julius was taken to a tropical island in the South Pacific where he was educated and cared for. By the time he was 35, he can speak up to twelve languages, holds degrees in biology, chemistry and physics, and is an expert in the martial arts. When he is told he has a twin brother, Vincent, he decides to leave the seclusion of the island to find him.

Vincent (Danny DeVito) had a completely different upbringing than Julius. He was taken to an orphanage in Los Angeles, where he eventually ran away. By the time he was 35, he is up to his eyes in debt, loan sharks are after him, and he is now in jail.

When they finally meet, they are both shocked that they look nothing alike, and are almost completely different in every way. Julius is very naive, and has a big heart. Vincent is a selfish hustler, who has as much taste for women as he does for money. Despite their differences, they try to track down their mother, and learn more about each other in the process.

Arnie and DeVito have a terrific chemistry, and director Ivan Reitman made the wise choice of putting the two of them together. Its clear in their scenes together that they enjoyed working with each other. Scenes such as Julius saving Vince from a loan shark, and Vince teaching Julius how to dance are definite highlights.

Reitman adds more into the film with a subplot about a stolen engine Vince wants to sell. Honestly this doesn't contribute anything to the film, and the most interesting things are Julius and Vince's exploits.

Arnie manages to be convincingly awkward as he deals with the outside world for the first time. DeVito is perfectly cast too, and he shows what a great actor he is by being dramatic as well as sarcastic. Interestingly, when Reitman paired them up again in Junior, the magic wasn't the same.

Although not on the same level with Reitman's Ghostbusters or Evolution, Twins is very entertaining, and is carried almost single-handed by Arnie and DeVito.
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Schwarzenegger and De Vito (both!) steal the show in "Twins".
brian james20 March 2002
Arnold "is back" as "Julius"; the result of a secret genetic experiment to help create a better human being. He has lived a sheltered life on a distant tropical island and has no real practical experience with real life issues; especially with dangerous situations involving criminal activity. He has matured into a kind of naive innocent not unlike anyone you may have found in the proverbial "Garden of Eden". His desire to trace his roots leads him to the big city where he soon discovers he has a "twin" brother named "Vincent" (expertly played by Danny De Vito). Vincent was raised in an orphanage and subsequently has led a life of crime; he seems to favor car theft as his main source of income. These two soon meet and the antics from then on are nothing but hilarious. Arnold attaches himself to Danny like a puppy dog and is very determined to help and protect him. Together, they seek their birth mother as well as get into all sorts of amusing and sometimes potentially dangerous situations. But don't worry fans; with Ah-nold around what could possibly go wrong? Just remember to add this VERY funny movie to your collection of comedies on DVD and remember to pay (or avoid altogether) those parking tickets! Or get a bicycle! Or a scooter! Just don't forget the pop corn!
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Above average fish out of water/odd couple type comedy
blw3710 April 2003
This is a quietly amusing film which I enjoyed more than I expected.

While Schwarzenegger is the "star" of the movie, this is really de Vito's film. He dominates every scene he is in, and maintains a manic character who actually shows some change as the film progresses without losing the basic energy of his persona.

While the plot is a little tenuous at times and there are only one or two real belly laughs I enjoyed the film, even on the small screen. Worth watching, but probably not worth buying.
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A fantastic film that you can watch over and over
Thomasco6 January 2007
"Twins" is a cinematic treat with a universal, classic, and timeless appeal. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito are at their best here. In fact, all parties concerned pull together for a harmonious production that is very entertaining and holds up to repeated viewings. Among the supporting cast you will see some familiar faces, including the legendary Nehemiah Persoff, in a very relaxed role.

This fun film has a great story, lots of plot mechanisms to keep you interested, a wonderful mix of characters, a good soundtrack, plenty of laughs, and even some very touching moments. I guarantee it will put a smile on your face and put you in a good mood.
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A fun little and big comedy!
Smells_Like_Cheese17 October 2006
Now, I was only 3 when this movie was released, so obviously I couldn't see it in the theater, it never really got brought up in my house, I don't even know anyone who has seen this movie. But I watched I love the 80's one time and they brought up this movie and it looked pretty funny. It had some really nice comedic moments with both Arnold and Danny, they were both so naturally funny and clicked so well together, you'd almost believe they were related, they were so in sync.

It's about Arnold and Danny being separated at birth, it was meant for only Arnold to be born and just turn into the perfect human being, he pretty much is, he's kind, sensitive, funny, and disciplined. But there was a side effect and all the badness was born into Danny, Arnold learns he has a brother and flies to New York to see him. Arnold is more obvious as the one who wants a family while Danny is just trying to get his way out of debt with the Mafia.

Twins is a fun little comedy that I think anyone could enjoy. Although, it's not my favorite comedy with either Danny or Arnold, they still had so much fun that you couldn't resist this film. Especially how Arnold sings "That good ol' rock -n- roll", just hilarious!

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Schwarzenegger and DeVito twins? Stranger things have happened.
Op_Prime18 April 2000
Twins is a hilarious film and one of DeVito and Schwarzenegger's best films of all. Schwarzenegger is the kind of actor that can act in serious movies and funny movies. He certainly proves he can do that in this movie. And DeVito is just perfect for his role. From start to finish, Twins is a hilarious movie that makes your sides ache with laughter.
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The fantastic partnership makes this movie what it is
Stampsfightclub4 September 2006
The plot of this film speaks for itself. The idea is simply terrific and works extremely well. A smart handsome athletic man is the twin of a short dumb criminal, comedy conventions all over and will guarantee to leave you chuckle all the way through.

The story is very simplistic and easy to understand. As well as being categorised in the comedy genre there are many emotional ideologies contained within the hit film. There are many family issues raised by the characters and love is a central theme in this relaxed plot.

The whole film is about the brothers and how they get along. De Vito plays the sluggish criminal Vincent who finds it difficult to accept his brother and Arnie plays the very enthusiastic brother Julius who is always willing to do everything he can. Having two different types of characters allows the tension and excitement of the film to boil up and engages the audience into watching the humour but also the emotional ideas contained. It is very heart warming and will bring a smile to your face as some actions are completely ridiculous in a humorous sense but the ending is also very special for many people. There are many 'brother' conventions. De Vito is willing to help his brother into the world and teach him the things he knows as is Arnie.

Through the use of this partnership the plot is very consistently funny with more speaking humour than physical but some dancing scenes involving the pair towards the end are very humorously memorable.

The idea of juxtaposing two completely figures in Schwarzenegger and De Vito was sheer movie genius. It conveys great humour throughout and through this bizarre partnership audiences will be able to appreciate the comical ideologies put forth but the director of 'Kindergarten Cop' and 'Junior'.

De Vito completely outshines the terminator who we all know can't act but some of his scenes with Kelly Preston are very funny.

Though the partnership was great it was a shame De Vito and Schwarzenegger got together again for 'Junior' which was terribly unfunny and predictable throughout and this 1988 hit completely outshines it in every aspect.

The use of each character's personalities makes this film what it is and is therefore a much watch for anyone who enjoys family jokes.

A very relaxed comedy with chuckle-some jokes worth watching for the whole family 8.5/10
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Jolly good fun.
jberlau14 October 1998
Funny film and convincing acting from both De Vito and Schwarzenegger. The story itself seems a bit far-fetched although this is compensated by lots of hilarious moments and situations. The fun comes mainly from De Vito, he's at his best here. And if you don't like Schwarzenegger's action films - try this comedy! You'll sort of like him!
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My Rating: A Pair of Twins.
tfrizzell6 July 2002
Part of a genetic experiment and separated at birth, twins Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito meet at last some 30 years later and hilarious situations follow. A sophomoric idea turns out to work beautifully due to the performances of the film's two leads. Just enough suspense is created as the two look for their long lost mother and DeVito gets into hot water when he steals a car that has some very valuable cargo in the trunk. A nice little entertaining film that serves its purpose well. 4 stars out of 5.
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great turn from action films for Schwarzenegger
hectorpeach11 July 2001
What happens when you put two of the most popular actors with the opposite physical characteristics together in a hilarious Ivan Reitman comedy , the result is "Twins". starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny Devito.

The film is about twins whose birth was involved with a science experiment . They are separated at birth due to a simple lie. But when Julius , the well structured twin is told that he actually has a brother , he leaves his tropical island ,and heads out to find his brother , Vincent. On the other hand ,Vincent , the short and defensless one is exactly opposite of Julius , he is a criminal , and car crook who is now involved with the Klane brothers , the three deadly mobsters. Well , they reunite , and later become good friends . With two beautiful girls and a secret that could get vincent rich , they set out to find their birth mother.

Also a great supporting cast with Kelly Preston and Chloe Webb as the girl twins who fall in love with Vincent and Julius and inbarge on their trip to find their mother. And Maury Chaykin , Tom McCleister , and Davin Efron as the deadly Klane brothers , besides Arnold and Danny , Maury Chaykin (the chubby Canadian with a familiar face) also gives the audience some amusement.
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Beautiful film
Avoura16 January 2005
Warning: Spoilers
This was a great film. The story is of a man (Julius Benedict, played by Arnold Schwarzenegger) who grows up on a tropical island with a scientist, and knows nothing of modern society. Then one day he finds out he has a twin brother in L.A. He was also told that his mother died giving birth to him and his brother. When he gets to L.A. he finds his brother, who appears to be nothing like him, sort of an opposite person entirely, although they share some things in common. Julius is very pleasant, sensible, intelligent, Vincent, his brother, is a petty car thief and always getting into trouble. Julius goes looking for where their mother lived and finds she is gone. He finds one of his 6 fathers, but not his mother. He is given an address in New Mexico to find a scientist who was at his birth. (Julius was part of a secret govt experiment to produce a superhuman man). He goes with his brother Vincent to find the scientist, who tells them their mother is alive and well and living near Santa Fe. So they go off looking for her, find her but don't realise it, as she thinks they are tricking her. She was lied to as well, being told that her son was dead, and nothing about the twin son who was born 1 minute later.

Add to that some villains chasing the brothers as Vincent is driving a stolen car with a secret jet engine stored in the back, and some comedy along the way, and some magnificent scenery along the way.

I thought the relationship between the two twins was great, very well done, and believable. What they said about being a family was very moving. And at the end it all works out well.

An excellent film about relationships, family, and what is important in life, and about how to do the right thing, when at the end the twins do the right thing and get rewarded.

I recommend this film. If you view it as a violent movie about beating the criminals, it can work on that level, if you view it as a comedy it is quite good too, but as a film about family and relationships is where it really works best, view this with an open heart.
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Awesome Comedy, Arnie And Danny Worked Extremely Well Together!
callanvass20 October 2004
Warning: Spoilers
This is an awesome comedy, Arnie And Danny worked extremely well together!. it's hilarious, and Danny and Arnie have amazing chemistry together!. It's good natured, and i really dug all the characters, they were all extremely likable,however there didn't seem to be one true villain in it, but that's a minor complaint, as the film is very funny, and of course it helps when you have the HOT! Kelly Preston!. It was cool to see Arnie in a comedy and the story was very good!. This is one of my favorite comedies, it's always funny,touching, and always entertaining!, however how did Arnie and Danny bond so quick?, is it because, Arnie helped him out from a beating? i think so. The Direction is great. Ivan Reitman does a great job here, keeping the film fresh and funny, and also keeping the film at a very fast pace!, great job. The Acting is EXCELLENT!. Arnold Schwarzenegger is AMAZING as always, and was extremely hilarious here, he looked like he was having a ball with this role, he also had amazing chemistry with Danny Devito, and Kelly Preston, and extremely likable! (Arnie Rules!), great to see him in a comedy!., he is amazing in anything!. Danny DeVito is GREAT here, he is also extremely hilarious had awesome chemistry with Arnie and Chloe Webb and was extremely likable, great paring!. Kelly Preston is STUNNINGLY GORGEOUS!, and is excellent here ,she did her job extremely well, had amazing chemistry with Arnie and Damn is she sexy!. Chloe Webb, does very well with what she had to do, and had good chemistry with Danny!, i liked her. Bonnie Bartlett, is good, in her scenes. Marshall Bell, is okay here and nothing more. David Caruso is also okay in his scenes. Overall a must see! **** out of 5
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entertaining despite two unconventional leads
Special-K8826 April 2002
Odd, but entertaining comedy finds Scwarzenegger on a tropical island where he's lived and been educated his entire life without interaction from the outside world. He learns that he's the result of a sophisticated experiment and that he and reckless con man DeVito are in fact twin brothers who were separated at birth. They finally meet and are dumbfounded to learn how alike they are, despite their physical dissimilarities and their drastically different upbringing. Initial ingredients of this comedy seem far-fetched and desperately protracted, but the film is enthusiastically performed and laugh-out loud funny, with a good sense of family values. It goes without saying that DeVito and Schwarzenegger are an awkward casting choice, yet they connect and only add to the film's overall enjoyment. ***
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Kelly Preston was beautiful here!
pzivojinovic5 May 2016
Twins is one of those late 80s comedy classics with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny De Vito; directed by Ivan Reitman (Ghostbusters). Ivan Reitman is masterful at bringing humor into this film without it becoming silly; along with providing an edgy under-toe throughout the film. For all those who complain Arnold can't act, they need to watch this film. While I'm not a huge fan of De Vito, he provides a cynical realism to the film along with some of the more humorous moments.

Re-united after several decades of separation, twins Julius (Schwarzenegger) and Vincent (De Vito) Benedict set out to find the woman who was the "mother" in the lab experiment that created them...and unbeknownst to Julius, Vincent wants to deliver a stolen engine to a buyer in engine that a ruthless hit man is looking to get back by any means necessary. While Schwarzenegger and De Vito were pretty funny (above average for Schwarzenegger and classic De Vito), the hit man was my favorite. He was not your stereotypical bad guy at the time and Marshall Bell brought out the "geek" in him. Sadly it's something many media have now tried to create a stereotype of... all attempts have failed.

Overall rating: 8 out of 10.
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One of a kind... Or is that...two?
MovieAddict201626 August 2002
TWINS is a very original comedy, and whoever thought about the SLIGHTEST idea of putting Schwarznegger and DeVito together in a film portraying twins must be nutty! This film is excellent, the acting's great, the script's great, and the chemistry between DeVito and Schwarznegger is worth pointing out. 3.5/5 stars--
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Absolutely gorgeous film
chrnaess25 March 2000
Twins is one of the finest films ever made.

It stars a particulary fine Schwarzenegger in his first comedy outing and he was outstanding in every scene, DeVito shines all the way through and he has many funny lines. Together they had the charisma and talent to make for many memorable and superb scenes, it was all outstanding in this film . An extremely beautiful Kelly Preston also starred and gave extra spice to the film.

The story is cute and charming, the music soundtrack was very good and Georges Delerue and Randy Edelman gives us the best tunes ever made.

As comedies go Twins is my favourite because it combines a perfect cast with a charming story and great music. Great directing job by Ivan Reitman.
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Very underrated fun comedy
rambomoore999919 July 2013
I will make this review short and sweet. I am a fan of Arnold and i have not liked many of his comedies or non-action films, but this one is surprisingly fun. Its not that this was an epic or super quoted comedy film but it is just warm-hearted. The reason why i loved the film is because Arnold's character Julius is just this perfect human being that you love. He is smart, strong, caring, loving, considerate polite amongst other quality traits. It is kinda sad that he gets exposed to the real world and all the scum in it. A good movie about 2 polar opposites who are brothers and come together to form what they had always wanted in life....a family. 9/10 stars.
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Fantastic Comedy! The Best Part Is Jeff Beck!
GrantCAGE23 July 2001
I watch this excellent comedy regularly and it is always enjoyable. Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzeneggar are seperated at birth. DeVito grows up in an orphanage and Schwarzeneggar is raised on a tropical island. The main movie focuses around their ages of 35 when Julius Benedict (Arnie) learns the truth about his birth and goes in search to the USA to track down his twin brother Vincent Benedict (DeVito). There are plenty of gags in this excellent 80s comedy, and also there is adventure too. Anyone notice JEFF BECK as the band's lead guitarist in the club when they're all dancing? HE ROCKED! GREAT MOVIE. VERY ENJOYABLE AND VERY WATCHABLE. 8/10
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Mad science breeds good humor
Mr-Fusion25 February 2019
Here's an oft-mentioned '80s movie that I've only just now gotten around to. And I say that because I feel badly about letting 30 years go by without giving it a shot.

Schwarzenegger and DeVito are great choices for these roles. The movie has a great concept to start with, but they play well opposite each other and add to the film's overall likability. DeVito is a natural for this part, but it's surprising to see that Schwarzenegger's gift for comedy was present so early in his career. Maybe that's why I liked this so much; it rests in capable hands. But there's a warmth to this movie that's inescapable. It's a solid comedy.
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Fun, underrated movie.
curt-simpkins28 December 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Danny and "Ahnold" as Twins? Preposterous premise but in this movie they make it work! This is actually a well made, well acted flick. Is it great? Not quite but it is entertaining and even somewhat moving at times. The supporting cast is very good and also help to make the plot at least somewhat believable (hey, it's a comedy movie, engage your "suspension of disbelief)." Kelly Preston is absolutely gorgeous in this and plays her part very well. There is a post on the "goofs" listing that states: "The deal was for Beetroot to pay $5 million for the engine. At the end of the movie, the twins say the suitcase contained $4 million." This is actually not a goof. Arnold's character never knew the exact contents of the case and when they declare $4 million, Vincent has a sly look on his face and a gleam in his eye meaning that he kept $1 million and only reported $4 million. The audience is expected to pick up on this so therefore this is not a goof.
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Kelly Preston Stands Out
slightlymad2211 July 2016
Continuing my plan to watch every Arnie movie in order, I come to Twins.

Plot In A Paragraph: Julius (Arnie) a physically perfect but innocent man goes in search of his long-lost twin brother Vincent (Danny De Vito) a small-time crook.

Last time I watched this movie, Arnie's love child had just been revealed to the world, and I felt it lost a lot of its charm due to Arnie not being so innocent.

But it's easy to look past now, and again get caught up in the charm of the movie. The movie gets by solely on the charisma of Arnie and Danny De Vito,

Of the supporting cast Kelly Preston stands out, she certainly stood out to me back in the 80's. Back then only Kylie Minogue and Christina Applegate (more specifically Kelly Bundy in Married With Children) were hotter to me. She is ridiculously hot here.

Chloe Webb is OK, so is Bonnie Bartlett, Trey Wilson is poor and thankfully not involved much, Marshall Bell is weak as "You've seen my face" Webster. Arnies old mate Sven-Ole Thorsen again pops up, as does Sly's First Blood costar David Carruso in a small role, and look out for a young Heather Graham as the younger version of the mother.

With the exception of the main stars most of the cast didn't do much of note after this. Even the gorgeous Kelly Preston did not capitalise on this movies success, I'm baffled she wasn't offered better projects than what she followed this with.

One thing that has always bothered me, Julius made Vincent return the money, but to whom? The money came from Beetroot who was killed. And De Vito says "Four million dollars" at the end of the movie, yet earlier the price was $5,000,000 did Vincent lit to jilulius and secretly keep one million.

Highlights for me were the first time they meet in the prison, every time Kelly Preston appeared on screen in her 80's attire, the scene with the mother in the office is surprisingly touching!! Something about De Vito's eyes touches me. And of course Kelly Preston (My GOD is she hot) seducing Arnie.

Arnie finally had a smash hit, that not only ended the year in the Top 10 of the highest grossing movies of the year. It was also his first movie to gross over $100 million at the domestic box office. Twins ranked 5th with a gross of $111 million. Both were a personal best for Arnie.
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Good Simple Fun!
clacura26 October 2015
Kelly Preston was smokin' hot in this movie! The "I could never get this gorgeous female who cannot not be a sex pot" kinda girl. Great casting here. Interesting plot which keeps you wondering, "could this happen?" but more important the sibling genetic similarities. I think this holds to be very true in families, even with the separated by birth dilemma. Arnold is directed well and plays the gentle giant with an intellect well because he is very smart. Note how Arnold never took the brash, arrogant, bad guy character which all muscle guys were typically cast as and stuck in this genre. Even in Terminator or Predator he wasn't that dumb moron big muscle bad guy who is in submission to the rich boss that wears a hair piece. PS--Kelly Preston is smokin' hot!
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