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Hugh O'Brian: Granger


  • Julius Benedict : [arriving at Granger's mansion]  I'm terribly sorry to disturb your party and I realize this might sound strange, but I'm looking for someone who lived here a long time ago.

    [Julius hands him his group photo of his mother, six fathers, Traven, and Werner] 

    Julius Benedict : Mary Anne Benedict. She was my mother.

    Granger : [looks up, surprised]  You're Mary Anne's son?

    Granger Granddaughter : [looking at the photo]  That looks just like you, Grandpa.

    Granger : Why don't you go help your grandma with lunch, honey?

    Granger : ...Dad?

    Julius Benedict : No. Well... yes, I suppose, one of them...

    Granger : [hugs him]  Dad! Dad! One of my fathers!

  • [in Granger's study] 

    Granger : Mary Anne Benedict. Boy, I haven't said that name for over 30 years. Your mother was an amazing woman. Sometimes I wondered what would have happened if I'd married her.

    Julius Benedict : Why didn't you?

    Granger : Well, I asked her to, but she turned me down. Said she was afraid to have any more children. You see, they told her you had died at birth.

    Julius Benedict : Who told her we died?

    Granger : [points to the group photo]  Mitchell Traven, the guy with the clipboard. He supervised the experiment for the government. He still runs the genetics lab at Los Alamos, New Mexico.

    Julius Benedict : I'll have to pay him a visit.

    Granger : Watch out for him. He's kind of a dickhead, if you know what I mean.

    Julius Benedict : "Dickhead"? No, I don't... but I'm learning.

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