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Marshall Bell: Webster



  • Julius Benedict : Wait a minute. You forgot the third rule in a crisis situation.

    Webster : What third rule?

    Vincent Benedict : Third rule?

    Julius Benedict : Yeah, third rule.

    Vincent Benedict : [notices the crane above Webster]  Oooh! The third rule.

    Webster : What's the third rule?

    Julius Benedict , Vincent Benedict : Duck!

    [Vincent hits the crane switch which drops a pile of chains on Webster burying him] 

    Vincent Benedict : Yo! Holy shmoly! Now there's a man with a lot on his mind.

  • Burt Klane : [knocking at the door]  Open up, Vince. Come on, we know you're in there, we just wanna talk to you.

    Bob Klane : [Klane Brothers come bursting in]  Howdy!

    Burt Klane : [to Webster]  Who are you?

    Webster : That's not really important, is it? I was just feeding the cat and then I was gonna leave.

    Burt Klane : [Firmly]  I asked you a question.

    Webster : Well who are you?

    Bob Klane : We're the Klane Brothers. That's Burt, this is Morris, and I'm Bob.

    Webster : Interesting gene pool.

    Burt Klane : Don't cast aspersions of my family.

    Webster : Oh I beg your pardon, but you're looking for Vince Benedict, right?

    Burt Klane : Right.

    Webster : My Vince Benedict?

    [Burt and Morris look at one another] 

    Webster : So what difference does it make who I am?

  • Webster : [On Vince's trail, Webster has come to his house, and finds it empty, save for Julius, the cat]  Well what have we here? What a cute little kitty! So, where's Daddy?

    Webster : [Picking up the cat, he finds the information Vince wrote down in the trash basket. He holds it up to read it]  Well, well, well. Thank you very much...

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