Twins (1988) Poster


Bonnie Bartlett: Old Mary Ann Benedict



  • [Mary Ann enters the twins' office, holding a teddy bear] 

    Mary Ann Benedict : Excuse me? I'm... oh, my God, I don't even know which one is which. I'm sorry, I didn't know. You-you see, I didn't believe your story. I mean, who would believe a crazy story like that? They lied to me all these years. They lied to you, too. You found each other... now you found me.

  • [Traven reads a newspaper story about the twins, then lowers it to see Mary Ann standing there, glaring at him] 

    Mitchell Traven : Mary Ann? What a pleasant surprise...

    [he starts to rise from his couch] 

    Mary Ann Benedict : You stole my family... you *lying son of a bitch*!

    [She yanks him upright by his tie, then decks him with her fist] 

  • [last lines] 

    Mary Ann Benedict : Good. Tickets.

    Linda Mason : Thanks, this is gonna be great.

    Mary Ann Benedict : [as they turn to look at Julius and Vincent]  I just can't get over how alike they are.

    Vincent Benedict : Oh yes, it's a beautiful day.

    [Julius and Vincent yawn in unison, and the camera pans down to show each of them pushing a stroller with twin children in them] 

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