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Sex & Nudity

  • One reference to rape but it is said as a fact rather than crudity.

Violence & Gore

  • A prisoner of war is shown being electrocuted by soviets. Later he is seen hanging by his arms and is executed by gunshot. Both scenes are brief.
  • A prisoner of war is seen being dragged along the ground as he resists his russian captors, and later shown being to led down the hall with a rope held tight around his neck.
  • Although Rambo III was noted by Guinness Book of World Records for being the most violent movie ever in 1990, violence itself isn't graphic or bloody.
  • Most scenes of violence depict combatants/soldiers shooting at each other during battles, firefights and ambushes. Despite a high body count, mostly moderate blood spillage is seen at times, and while nothing is particularly extreme, you do see a few graphic close ups of bodies riddled with gunfire but this isn't the case for every death, just some.
  • In the beginning there's a fight with two men, they beat each other with sticks in a form of sport.
  • A helicopter massacres a village, you see people falling and dying from machine gun fire.
  • Rambo jumps on a machine gun and blows up the helicopter.
  • Numerous people are shot, there are some bloody bullet-wounds.
  • Rambo throws a knife at an enemy soldier's neck. You see it briefly, no blood.
  • Rambo has shrapnel through his body, and cauterizes it. There's a lot of blood in this scene where he pushes the shrapnel out of his body, and sets the wound on fire to stop the bleeding.
  • Rambo fights another man, they strangle and punch each other. Then, Rambo pulls a grenade on the other man's uniform and puts a rope around his neck and drops him into a pit, hanging him. Then the grenade goes off, and the dead man explodes. (no blood)
  • A somewhat intense scene at the end, with tanks and explosives and lots of explosions but there is no blood.


  • 2 uses of "bastard".
  • 1 use of "Fuck"
  • 1 use of "Shit"
  • 1 use of "Son of a Bitch"

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Some drinking.
  • A character smokes a cigarette briefly..

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Two intense but very brief scenes show prisoners of war being electrocuted and then shot by the Russians inside their fort.
  • Rated R for strong violence and brief language
  • There is a scene showing where Rambo (Sylvester Stallone) has been stabbed by sharp stick and tries to get it out by pushing it through the other side of his body, and he then put gunpowder inside the wound and lights himself to stop internal bleeding. Although it may seem like there will be much gore in this scene, there really isn't that much blood shown.
  • Many people are killed.

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