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Give The Devil His Due....
amosduncan_200021 April 2010
I'm somewhat surprised by the bad reviews here; only in that I would GUESS someone who took the time to WATCH "Prime Evil" might well LIKE "Prime Evil." But there you go.

I think the film is somewhat better than that. Findley's film is clearly meant to be absurd and is mostly played for laughs. A good portion, if not all, of the silly humor works. William Beckwith is certainly game as a the head bad guy, and Christine Moore is a winning presence who helps you hang in there to the end.

Therein lies the problem, the film wears out it's welcome by about half an hour, and the comic cops who bring up the rear are more tiresome than amusing. Maybe Findley though She needed a lot of padding between the knockers and stage blood, but the film overplays it's hand.

Again, a lot of this plays like a parody of the devil worshiping cult film that goes way back to "The Black Cat", and if your into this kind of stuff at all you might enjoy "Prime Evil."
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You're not going to believe this, but it's not all bad!
peter-mackie28426 February 2013
Okay yes, it's not good. But if you really give it a fair shot, it had some decent ideas behind it. The motivation for the villains is acceptable, the acting ranges from horrible to surprisingly decent, and the plot isn't half bad believe it or not. I think the disappointing thing about this movie is that it could have been pretty good, not great, but good if in the hands of a capable director.

Is it bad? YES, but it seems to stand out among the other exploitation schlock for some reason (granted it is exploitation schlock). I can't believe I'm writing this, but this movie begs for a remake, in an era where production companies insist on taking good nostalgic horror movies and making them mediocre, they should take a mediocre movie with decent ideas like this and make it, well, good.

If you can find this, check it out, just don't pay to much to see it, and maybe you'll agree with me.
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These Monks Hunger for pure virgin blood!
Coventry18 September 2008
Okay, so we've got Roberta Findlay ("Tenement: Game of Survival", "Snuff") directing a cheesy 80's horror movie revolving on a brotherhood of devilish monks sacrificing young women to Satan himself and drinking their blood in order to remain immortal. How bad could this possibly be? Correction; it's unquestionably going to be extremely bad, but the right question to ask should be: How is this not going to be entertaining? What we have here is pure late-80's trash-gold, with a completely nonsensical and laughably incoherent plot, tacky make-up effects, gratuitous nudity and a whole lot of gibberish about Our Lord Satan! The script of "Prime Evil" is wonderfully incompetent and aimlessly skips from one theme onto the other without any form of continuity. The film opens in the year thirteen-hundred-forty something with a bunch of monks turning to Satanism because they're angry with God for allowing the Black Plague to kill millions of people. This was obviously a brilliant career move because the story suddenly jumps forward in time 600 years and all the monks contained their same age and virility. But the next winter sacrifice is coming up and one of the cult members suggests using his granddaughter because she's still a virgin. Meanwhile, the leader of the cult engaged a convicted killer to randomly kidnap the granddaughter's best friends and then – finally – there's also a sub plot about a devoted nun going undercover in the cult by order of the Catholic Church. This last sub plot is actually the most hilarious, since Sister Angela is hardly ever mentioned anymore after her initiation rites. This is why I personally love 80's horror movies! There are so many ideas yet they all just loosely connect together. There's no atmosphere of suspense whatsoever and even the whole devil-worshiping concept seems redundant. They're just a posse of bloodthirsty priests craving to cut open voluptuous young girls. There's fairly little gore until the climax arrives and that reddish puppet with horns, supposedly representing Lucifer, is just plain pitiable. The acting performances are horrible, but I don't suppose you expected it any other way. Boring, however, it was not.
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better than bad bad b horror
ms_jade_li12 February 2012
"Prime Evil" came in a boxed set of bad "b" movies. The hope was that it would be at minimum watchable. It met those expectations. The plot was complicated enough, and the format was such that it succeeded in building suspense. This is a horror movie without too much horror, and it is presented without any gratuitous violence. I liked the tale told from a feminine perspective. The reality is that, similar to "Rosemary's Baby", it is a tale that could actually be. That perhaps is where the horror creeps in, in retrospect. The cast was decent and had skills beyond that of your typical bad "b" film. Was I glad I watched it? Yes. Would I watch it again? Probably.
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dbborroughs30 August 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Evil monks search New York City in the late 1980's for virgin sacrifices. Muddled movie by Roberta Findlay appears to have been shot about the same time as her film Lurkers since it has many of the same locations and much of the same casts. From the stand point of having some scenes of old New York this is good, but from any other stand point this really isn't worth your time. The problem is that the film's script isn't all that good. Its a stitched together affair with plot points from other films dropped in. The result is a kind of boredom that comes from a film that seems to have been made more for the money then it was for the love or need to make it. More dull then anything else it never generates enough interest to create any real scares because you really don't care. Watchable in a bad movie sort of way, its the sort of thing that is best seen only when going through a multiple film set since its not worth the time or the effort to see a film like this as a stand alone.
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Yes, when the credits started and they flashed a bloody fake looking puppet monster going "rawr" I knew I was in for a bad movie.
Aaron13756 March 2010
I got this movie in a collection of about twelve movies called "Gorehouse Greats". Funny thing is of the ones I have watched in it have been not all that gory. This one is also not all that gory, there is blood and lots of booby shots, but not a whole lot of gore. This one has a sect of devil worshipers living in modern day New York (at least I think it was New York). They perform sacrifices of blood relatives to Satan to stay nice and young, and they get bonus points if they are female and virgins. Meanwhile, a strange handyman is given a list and the next thing you know he is attacking a woman and her lover who is a rather clumsy kick boxer. Dude seems to knock out the handyman until the handyman teleports behind the dude and stabs him dead, then proceeds to kidnap the blond who offered no help during the scuffle. At this point the only thing worth seeing in the movie was the blond's boobs, and that is the theme of the movie. Boobs to see, not much plot to watch. I mean they show a sacrifice of a supposed virgin at the beginning of the film and it is supposedly the one guy's daughter, but she looked old enough to be the guys sister or something. Then a main gal's mother looks like she could be an older sister. Then a gal gets arrested for street walking and is said to be underage, if so being under 30 in New York must be underage. Then there is the boyfriend who raises objections over a certain priest as he kind of gets fresh with the main girl and it is obvious and the girl keeps going "Don't attack him" and stuff, though if I were the boyfriend I would have dumped the gal when she told me why she was hesitant about having sex as she had a bit to much baggage. I know it sounds kind of mean of me, but females dump men for being insecure and more inane reasons than what she had. If this review seems to be skipping around a bit I am just trying to be like the movie. You also have an undercover nun and two cops that looked like they were straight out of that Beastie Boys video Sabotage. So an all around bad effort, but they give you some boobs to look at and great lines like "Don't you wanna get poked?". I am not joking that line is in the film.
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Really bad.
HumanoidOfFlesh20 May 2003
A group of evil monks surface in New York City sacrificing humans left and right to Lord Satan.Fortunately,a brave and determined nun infiltrates the sect in an attempt to stop the immortals' demonic sacrifices."Prime Evil" is truly horrible.The action is very dull and the acting is bad.The gore effects made by Ed French are occasionally pretty effective and gruesome.Still the film is horribly boring,so don't waste your time with this one!
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Strike two!
BA_Harrison21 January 2010
Prime Evil tells of a satanic cult whose members can achieve immortality and invulnerability through the regular sacrifice of blood relatives to a hideous demon (that is about two foot tall and seems to be made of red rubber). Aged acolyte George Parkman (Max Jacobs) intends to prolong his powers for another thirteen years by taking the life of his virginal grand-daughter Alex (Christine Moore), and then wrest control of the cult from sinister leader Thomas Seaton (William Beckwith); but with Alex's boyfriend Bill King (Tim Gail) becoming increasingly suspicious of George, will the old man's wicked plans succeed?

After spending the 70s producing and directing porn, Roberta Findlay had a brief career making horror films, but in my opinion, it wasn't brief enough: a few months ago, I watched her horrendous '87 whorehouse horror Blood Sisters, and last night, against my better judgement, I checked out Prime Evil, and all the evidence so far suggests that the woman should have stayed in the 'bump and grind' business.

Findlay simply doesn't possess the fundamental skill set necessary to make a decent non-porn movie, her usual objective being to capture a juicy extreme close-up rather than to present a coherent story or obtain credible (non-sexual) performances from her actors (not that anyone from her dreadful cast looks capable of such an undertaking). A poorly developed script full of diabolical dialogue and precious little action doesn't help matters, of course, and with Findlay's visuals having that distinct porno quality (an effect helped no end by regular nudity from some suspiciously low-rent bimbos), the result is a nasty looking and amateurish yawn-fest that, although not quite as terrible as Blood Sisters, is still a chore to sit through.

3.5 out of 10, rounded up to 4 for the topless tarts, the rubbish demon and a laughable decapitation.
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God, This Film Was AWFUL!
horror77776 May 2001
The idea of murdering satanic Catholic monks totally turned me on, but what I saw here is just horrible crap! I'm a die hard horror fan, and I go out on a limb to make even the WORST horror films good, but this film was so BAD that I just wanted to kill myself after it was all over! This film is truly horribly boring and poorly acted and pinpoints exactly where low budget horror goes wrong.

*out of****pretty bad low average bore
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A hilariously horrendous late 80's satanic horror schlockfest
Woodyanders22 March 2009
Warning: Spoilers
A nasty sect of evil monks led by the sinister Father Thomas Seaton (dreadfully overplayed with shameless eye-rolling hammy brio by William Beckwith) sacrifice virgins every thirteen years in order to appease Lucifer and remain immortal for perpetuity. The sect plans on carving up sweet, but repressed goody-goody two shoes social worker Alexandra Parkman (the singularly woeful Christine Moore) on the altar. Brave nun Sister Angela (a hopelessly dire performance by Mavis Harris) infiltrates the cult so she can put a stop to these foul heathens once and for all. Misdirected with alarming ineptitude by Roberta Findley (who also did the surprisingly passable cinematography), with a hackneyed script by Ed Kelleher and Hariette Vidal (for example, the devil worshipers are your standard bunch of creepy folks in black hoods and robes chanting wicked incantations), a poky pace, a generic ooga-booga shivery and ominous score by Walter E. Sear, clunky dialogue ("He's not breathing; he wouldn't talk to me. My guess is he's dead"), a few clumsily staged fight scenes, a generous sprinkling of tasty gratuitous female nudity, and a last reel appearance by a laughably hokey rubbery puppet Satan, this admittedly lousy, yet still oddly entertaining tripe certainly possesses the right wrong stuff to rate as an amusingly awful clunker. The lame no-name cast all fail to impress with their uniformly atrocious acting, with top thespic dishonors going to Max Jacobs as Alexandra's scheming, diabolical grandfather George Parkman, the ever-foxy Ruth Collins as reformed junkie Cathy, Tim Gail as Alexandra's stolid assistant college professor fiancé Bill King, George Krause as hulking psycho lackey Ben, Amy Brentano as Alexandra's ditsy gal pal Brett, Jeanne Marie as bitter foul-mouthed teenage hooker Judy, and Gary Warner as drippy Detective Dann Carr. Ed French provides some nifty gore and gnarly make-up f/x. A deliciously cruddy Grade Z hoot.
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surprisingly dull Satanic cult movie
FieCrier28 June 2005
I watched this as one of the movies in Rhino's Horrible Horrors Vol. 1 box set. While it wasn't entirely horrible, it was pretty poor.

It starts off with some narration (which is absent for the rest of the movie), and a scene of a monk turning Satanist in the 1300s or something like that. Then in the present day, the death of a priest who was secretly a Satanist prompts a nun to go undercover to try to infiltrate the Satanists. She isn't given much to do for most of the movie, though.

There's a young woman who had been abused by her father and a group of child pornographers who plans to get married. Apart from the sexual abuse as a child, she's never had sex. Her grandfather is one of the Satanists and plans to use her in a sacrifice. He would like to take over the group.

There's also the Satanist's goon, who goes about like a slasher killing some people, abducting others. The cinematography and editing and so on aren't incompetent, but the acting and story are pretty lifeless. Surprisingly, there's no nudity. There's not a whole lot of blood, but there is some, and towards the end some people rapidly age or melt, I'm not sure.
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Surprisingly Bearable!
callanvass9 March 2005
Warning: Spoilers
This is surprisingly Bearable ,it has a somewhat interesting story, and a cool ending, However, most of the acting is terrible, and i only rooted for 1 character. The Main villain is decent, and was somewhat menacing, however it's a little too cheap at times, and some of the dialog, bored me,however for the most part it was a OKAY watch, with a strong main lead. The Direction is so so, okay for the low budget. Roberta Findlay, does an okay job here, keeping the film interesting throughout, however the camera work is extremely shaky at times,still an okay job. There is a tiny bit of gore. We get 2 bloody stabbings,decapitation and a bloody fall victim. The Acting is terrible for the most part. Christine Moore, is excellent here, and the only good actor/actress in this movie, she is very likable, gorgeous, and gave an excellent performance. William Beckwith,gives an over the top performance here, and was fun to watch, but a good actor he is not. Overall, worth 1 watch i suppose, but don't expect, a good movie by any means ** out of 5(barely)
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Not Good, Not Bad... I Would Watch It Again
gavin694227 October 2010
A coven of devil-worshiping monks living in New York City search for relatives to serve as victims for their sacrificial ceremonies that can help them achieve immortality. Will they finally meet their doom in present-day (1980s) New York City?

Dann Carr (Gary Warner), homicide, is awesome. "He was murdered last night." "Are you sure? I just saw him yesterday." "He's not breathing, he wouldn't talk to me. My guess is he's dead." Beyond that, I guess the film was just alright.

People are bashing it, saying it is horrible and the rating is not very good on this title. Well, I am not going to say it is the best thing since corn dogs, but these people need to see more bad films. I have seen a lot worse than this...

I liked the concept that a blood relation sacrificed would gain you thirteen years without aging, and to keep making sacrifices would keep you going indefinitely. But, I am curious, how close must a "blood relation" be? Once you move to third or fourth cousins, you could find hundreds or thousands of possible victims...
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This is actually NOT such a bad film.
Hey_Sweden13 November 2017
Granted, "Prime Evil" isn't all that great, but it's taken fairly seriously, and played with a minimum of cheesiness. It stars Christine Moore, a beauty who's also not much of an actress, as womens' shelter employee Alexandra Parkman. She's targeted by a devil worshipping cult that have existed for centuries. Her dull boyfriend Bill King (Tim Gail) tries to make her see reason, but she falls under the spell of the cults' leader, Thomas Seaton (William Beckwith). Meanwhile, a young nun named Sister Angela (Mavis Harris) pretends to turn her back on the church in order to infiltrate this cult and attempt to bring them down.

Veteran sexploitation legend Roberta Findlay directed, shot, and edited this minor horror item, which was scripted by Ed Kelleher and Harriette Vidal. It's got enough ingredients to make it decent horror fare: an ominous mood, fine use of locations (in this case, entirely in NYC), okay music (by producer Walter E. Sear), decent gore (by Ed French, who also created an amusing "Satan" for the film), attractive ladies, bare breasts, and the like. The cast is variable, but some actors come off fairly well, such as Max Jacobs as Alexandras' grandfather George, who because of his vows to Satan looks three decades younger than his actual age. Gary Warner is a little too goofy as the NYC detective on the case, but Beckwith is a fun villain; he's both seductive and coldly charismatic.

There is a fair amount of dopey humour (for example, scenes in the gym with Alexandras' friend Brett (Amy Brentano), but it never gets too much in the way of a good time.

At the very least, viewers can entertain themselves ogling such female cast members as Ruth Collins, Jeanne Marie, Roseanna Peterson, and the stunning Ms. Moore.

Six out of 10.
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Prime Awful
Zeegrade30 April 2009
Directed by Roberta Findlay Prime Evil is a straight to VHS abomination that is plagued by such a weak plot and bi-polar performances by the two leads, the walking dead Alexandra (Christine Moore) and the smarmy Thomas Seaton (William Beckwith), that you quickly realize why this was never released in theaters.

In 1349 a group of monks led by Brother Seaton denounce God for bringing the black death on to them and pledge allegiance to Satan. The pact comes with a price as the monks must sacrifice a blood relative every 13 years in order to remain immortal. Flash forward to modern day New England where the monks are alive and well and will apparently accept anyone into the fold including homicidal janitors. George Parkman's 13 year duty has arrived and promises to sacrifice his granddaughter Alexandra who was sold into child pornography by her father when she was six years old. Charming. This particular scenario pleases Father Seaton in such an oh so evil way that he replies, "Remember you get extra points if she's a virgin". I can't see Old Scratch himself devising a bonus point plan for his followers. What do you get with these bonus points? Longer life? More power? A free tank of gas? A side plot is thrown into the first fifteen minutes as a nun Angela volunteers to go undercover in order to expose the evil order. Her initiation consists of smashing ceramics and a change of wardrobe. Voila! Instant satanist! She doesn't factor in the movie again until the end. Alexandra soon becomes smitten with Father Seaton much to the consternation of her boyfriend Bill. When every person Alexandra has ever known mysteriously die her date with the devil arrives. Or at least date with the most evil muppet ever.

William Beckwith's performance as Thomas Seaton must have been the inspiration for Mike Myers's Dr. Evil. Every syllable he utters is dripping with "I'm so eeeeeeeeeevil". His character is more appropriate for an episode of Batman rather than late eighties horror. Christine Moore and her dopey Canadian accent sleepwalks the whole way as the utterly clueless Alexandra. The ending is on par with any junior high level production only with Prime Evil you don't have the benefit of missing algebra class. Rumor has it Satan himself denied any involvement in the movie and blamed it on his brother Beelzebub.
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Who knew satanism was so dull?
cerealmon27 December 2019
Another selection from the Mill Creek 200 drive in cult classics box set.

Well to be honest at the start I was pretty excited. Man gets decapitated, stupid looking devil puppet and nudity right off the bat. But then it just drags. This is by no means a bad movie, it suffers from a fate worse then bad, it is boring and slow.

No much to say about this one typical satanic cult stuff. Devil is good blah blah blah eternal life blah blah blah. We need a virgin to sacrifice you know typical satanic ritual stuff.

Not the worst I have ever seen but not worth seeing again.
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A Muddled Mess Of A Movie
badboyjohn-381895 October 2019
This movie was almost painful to watch at times as it had a script that definitely could have been better written as there was some really cheesy dialogue. There were also some scenes that didn't seem to fit into the tone of the movie and the ending left some questions unanswered but there were some intense scenes. Plus I also wonder what the Catholic church thought of this movie and the acting was another issue as some of it was really bad but overall it was average at best. The cinematography was excellent despite some mistakes mainly in police procedures and equipment also the special effects were not that bad considering when this movie was made.
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Not all that good
daniel-mannouch4 October 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Prime Evil is a slick, well produced, but ultimately barren horror movie that has elements of the slasher movie within it, mostly the prosthetics belonging to one Ed French, but is mostly a tepid devil worship film with terrible pacing and underwhelming drama.

Sexploitation film legend Roberta Findlay has stated numerous times that she is no fan of the horror genre and that indeed shows in Prime Evil. There is too much emphasis here on the film looking respectable and not enough on the film being marketable. Unsurprising from Findlay, the nudity it at least adequate, but the gore is severely lacking. What Ed French does give us, including a severed head, is fantastic, but there is way too little of it.

Characters in Prime Evil seem to be the driving force of the narrative, but none of them really have any dimension to them. They have quirks, there i say even colour, but none of them were interesting enough to justify focusing the entire movie upon them. What should have been the focus really is a more engaging plot instead of the predictable fluff that we have here.

In conclusion, Prime Evil is a meandering late 80's exploitation film that has very little to offer apart from some New York sights and sounds from the time as well, some entertaining, if rationed, gore and nudity. Everything else is just merely stuffy drama that cannot hold anyone's attention for long and that's very surprising, because Roberta Findlay has worked on films that have been very rich in plot. In the pursuit of obtaining legitimacy in her field, she instead alienates everyone around her by punching above her weight and failing to keep up with the times. Now where have I heard that before? Except with Findlay, she did keep up with the times, but that's another video, and hopefully as well, a new re-release.
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Sex, Satanism, and the City
nogodnomasters22 January 2018
Warning: Spoilers
There is a group of Satanist that live in the city. Satan grants them wealth and youth for sacrificing a blood relative, of which there has been a lot of as late and always young attractive women. The film centers around Alexandra Parkman (Christine Moore) who is connected to all the missing people and victims. The dialog is corny and at times amusingly sexual. It is from the 80's and I love their hair style.

Not a great film as the plot lacks complexity.

Sex and nudity (Amy Brentano from "Breeders"; Ruth Collins from "Psychos in Love"; Jeanne Marie of "Young Nurses in Love"; and Miriam Zucker of "Alien Space Avenger")
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Are there two different versions of this movie
RaphaelCollin3 December 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I will sit through anything with demonic rituals, so I sat through this. On checking web reviews, I have become convinced there are two different versions. "CryFi" from Lansingburgh says in his review here on IMDb "surprisingly, there's no nudity." There was also no nudity in the DVD (Rhino) that I saw (there is also very little blood and almost no horror). However, over on cndb, reviewers are talking about how glad they are that there is nudity in the movie and judging the different actresses' "racks". Mr. Skin gives it three stars (!!!) for "great nudity" and lists four actresses as being nude during the flick. Does anyone know what is the situation with this film. It's hard to believe Roberta Findlay would make a movie without nudity, but there was not an inch of skin on the Rhino DVD, though there were scenes where I would have expected skin. Anyone know what's up?
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If you like boobs, this film has 'em! (Not much else, though.)
soulexpress11 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
In present day New York, immortal Catholic monks from the 14th century, led by one Father Seaton, make human sacrifices to Satan (who resembles a side of beef covered in barbecue sauce with a goat skull on top). A determined (if lisping) nun, Sister Angela, infiltrates the sect, hoping to end their murderous reign. She eventually does so by killing Satan. How does our intrepid nun pull off what no one else has ever been able to do? By cutting him with a shard of broken glass. I kind of thought defeating the Prince of Darkness would take a lot more effort, but I guess not. Too bad Father Merrin from "The Exorcist" didn't know about the broken-glass thing; he might not have died.

Other characters include a creepy, sadistic janitor who, um, "recruits" shapely young women into the cult. Then there's Alex, a social worker whose father forced her to do child porn when she was six years old. Also appearing in the film: lots and lots of boobs. If you like boobs, this film has 'em. And I'm not referring to the cast members.

The storyline takes big-time leaps in logic. For example, the cult is responsible for several recent killings and disappearances. Investigating them is one Detective Carr. Near the end of the film, it finally occurs to him that each victim had a connection to Alex. This leads the detective to conclude not that he must now consider Alex a suspect, but rather that because it's Winter Solstice and she's a virgin, a Satanic cult is going to sacrifice her at midnight. It's the right conclusion, but how in the hell did he reach it? Talk about sloppy scriptwriting.

Item: Father Seaton speaks in a flat baritone and rarely changes facial expressions. I can see why the women find him irresistible.

Item: Early in the film, Father Seaton tells a cultist, "Remember, you get extra points if she's a virgin." Never knew Satan had a point system. Maybe it involves a card you get punched when you sacrifice a virgin?

Item: Alex has a fiancé, Bill, who she won't let him make love to her. Understandable as she suffers from PTSD from her child-porn days. However, it never occurs to Alex to seek professional help, nor does it occur to Bill that he might not want to marry a woman who is frightened of the sex act.

Item: When Alex can't contact a client, she calls Detective Carr, who tells her, "We've put out an APB. She is officially missing." I thought police couldn't declare a person "missing" until 72 hours had gone by?

Item: Carr hauls in a young prostitute, who he calls "underage." I didn't realize the age of majority in New York was 35.

Item: Carr's gun looks like something an Old West sheriff might have carried. I know the cultists are centuries old, but should a cop's firearm be?

Item: When Sister Angela defeats Satan, the cultists all die of rapid aging. But not Father Seaton, who escapes the scene, even though two police detectives are upstairs. The film gives no reason for Seaton's lack of aging. I assume it was done for the possibility of a sequel. Again, sloppy scriptwriting.
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The Worst
bensonmum29 August 2005
Warning: Spoilers
  • Over the years, I've seen my fair share of really bad movies. But none can compare with Prime Evil. I bow down before thee oh King of Garbage. It's the worst of the worst. I literally despise this movie with every fiber of my being.

  • The story, although it doesn't really matter, starts with a 13th Century monk who turns to Satanism in exchange for immortality. He slaughters the other monks who refuse to join him. Switch to present day and the monk, now in the persona of Father Seaton (get it, Seaton/Satan - oh how clever), oversees a large cult of followers. Each is also promised immortality in 13 year blocks if they are willing to give Father Seaton a "pure" blood relation for sacrifice to Satan. The 13 year period for one member is coming to an end. He has a "pure" granddaughter that would make an ideal candidate for sacrifice. But the Church and the police are onto the cult's activities. Can they stop Father Seaton before another person dies?

  • Every aspect of this movie is bad. I've racked my brain and I cannot come up with one positive thing to say. The acting is terrible, the story is lame, the muppet Satan is ridiculous, and the whole thing is a complete and utter bore. And none of it is bad in that so bad it's good sort of way. I defy anyone to find a scrap of entertainment in Prime Evil.
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Spend Xmas with Roberta
udar5526 December 2011
Satanic cult leader/Catholic priest Thomas Seaton (William Beckwith) has wealthy follower George Parkman (Max Jacobs) prepare to offer a human sacrifice to Satan on December 21st with his virginal grand-daughter Alexandra (Christine Moore). Parkman's reason for contribution is twofold - he hopes to restore his immortality for another 13 years and he also is hoping to unseat Seaton (say that name out loud three times). The only people who can stop it are Alex's long-suffering boyfriend Bill King (Tim Gail) and undercover nun in the sect Sister Angela (Mavis Harris). Who better to spend Christmas Eve with than Roberta Findlay? This was Findlay's next-to-last film and her last horror film. It is just like her other stuff from this era - cheap, quickly thrown together, and full of bad actors. But it still has that Findlay charm and she can still work a camera great. There are some nice, wintry NYC locations and we even get a horse drawn carriage ride through Central Park (where Alexandra explains she is frigid because her father sold her to perverts; poor Bill). Ed French supplied what little effects there are for the finale, which involves all the satanists aging (not very effectively) after Satan (in the form of a 3-ft puppet that would make the GHOULIES laugh) is stabbed on his altar.
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Prime Lunch Meat
lemon_magic1 November 2010
Warning: Spoilers
It took me several sittings, but I finally managed to finish "Prime Evil". Since I am a red-blooded, All American straight male, you wouldn't think that a movie that features so many gratuitous boobies would be that hard to get through, but, well, it was. Boobies can only get a viewer so far.

It's pretty obvious that the acres of flesh on display here (and the kidnapping, subjugation and ritual murder of women)are the main point of the film, and I don't have a problem with that. (With a title like "Prime Evil", the movie can't be said to be proceeding under false pretenses, can it?) But the movie, it tasks me.

It tasks me because the chief bad guy has just one expression and just one bit of stage business with his index finger on his lips for the entire movie, and the director lets him get away with it. It tasks me because the cast members are photogenic, but also brittle and wooden and bad at a level worse than most television day time soap operas. It tasks me because the screenplay cheats like a bastard and skips over even the basic demands of common sense. It tasks me because an "undercover nun" is able to stab the Devil to death, and the special FX for the Devil is a barbecued goat mannequin with bat-wings that looks as if someone didn't leave it on the rotisserie long enough.

And it tasks me because the chief Satanist makes his escape gesticulating as if he were Snidely Whiplash.It tasks me because the police detectives who "crack" the case at the last minute do so in a scene staged by someone who never saw the inside of police station in their lives, and who have no idea what kind of handguns they carry on duty.(And no, you can't claim that this is a "parody" when the rest of the movie is played absolutely straight.)

And that's just the first few things that came to mind, and I only have 1000 words or so,and I don't want to bore the casual reader as badly as this movie bored and irritated me.

One extra star for all the boobies. Minus several stars for being a bad version of a soft core porn film without having a soft-core porn's entertainment value.
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