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  • Carol Anne has been sent to live with her Aunt and Uncle in an effort to hide her from the clutches of the ghostly Reverend Kane, but he tracks her down and terrorises her in her relatives' appartment in a tall glass building. Will he finally achieve his target and capture Carol Anne again, or will Tangina be able, yet again, to thwart him?

  • Carol Anne is staying with her aunt in a high-rise building, where the supernatural forces haunting her make their return.


The synopsis below may give away important plot points.


  • After battling the Reverend Kane and his long-deceased followers in the first two Poltergeist movies, an unnerved Steven and Diane Freeling (Craig T. Nelson and JoBeth Williams) ask Diane's sister, Patricia Gardner (Nancy Allen), to take in their youngest child, Carol Anne (Heather O'Rourke). Carol Anne is soon shipped off to live with her Aunt Pat and Uncle Bruce (Tom Skerritt), and teenage cousin Donna (Lara Flynn Boyle), in their ultra-modern Chicago skyscraper, which Bruce owns.

    About a month into her stay with her Aunt Pat and Uncle Bruce, Carol Anne befriends a friendly window-washer. One morning,the window-washer starts washing Carol Anne's bedroom window. When he's done wiping all the soap from the window, the window-washer waves to Carol Anne, and then presses a button on his window-washer-rig, and the rig descends a few flights. Carol Anne goes over to her bedroom window, presses her hands onto the glass, and looks down at the window-washer. The rig has stopped, and the window-washer looks up, revealing the face of the long-deceased Reverend Kane. Carol Anne backs away from her bedroom-window in horror and sits on her bed, when Aunt Pat walks into the room. Carol Anne then turns on her red Speak-N-Spell toy, and the Speak-N-Spell asks Carol Anne to spell the word 'parakeet', but Aunt Pat spells the word 'bird' instead, and aunt and niece share a laugh. Uncle Bruce walks into the room and asks Pat to get cousin Donna out of Pat and Bruce's bathroom. After Pat walks out, Uncle Bruce tells Carol Anne not to call her Aunt Pat 'Trish', after he overhears Carol Anne call Pat that. Eventually Carol Anne and Bruce get up and go off to make breakfast, as its Carol Anne's turn to pick out the family's breakfast for the day. Meanwhile, Pat checks on Donna and finally gets Donna to unlock the door. Carol Anne and Bruce go to the kitchen to pick out the family's breakfast, and while Bruce looks in the refrigerator, Carol Anne looks in the cupboard and pulls out a box of cereal, while Pat and Donna share a laugh about Donna's makeup in Pat and Bruce's bathroom, Donna asking her step-mother, Patricia,if she could use Patricia's makeup compact, before leaving the bathroom, once she's done putting on her makeup.

    Once everyone's dressed and ready to go, Carol Anne and her relatives walk out of the apartment and down the hall towards the elevator. Donna remarks about how Carol Anne's dressed like she's going on an arctic expedition, as everyone's all bundled up, as they're under the impression that it's freezing-cold outside, due to have cold it is in the building. While waiting for the elevator, Donna asks her parents what they plan to wear for Aunt Patricia's art gallery opening party for tonight, and after Bruce tells Donna that he plans to wear his wedding tux to the party, Donna, Patricia,and Carol Anne all end up joking about how Bruce looks in his wedding picture with Pat,who he married only a year ago,as Patricia's really Donna's step-mother. Once the elevator comes,and he sees that the elevator's full, Bruce pulls out his pass-key, gives it to Carol Anne, and they all run off to take the stairs and then a freight elevator.Once inside the freight elevator, Carol Anne puts the pass-key in the key-hole, to start up the freight-elevator. Bruce then makes a crack about Donna's putting on too much make-up,when the lights in the elevator go off,and the elevator grinds to a halt, and shakes,but only temporarily, as we hear disembodied laughter,as the elevator lights go back on and the elevator starts moving again. Eventually the family gets off the freight elevator, and gets into a regular elevator that's just a bit less packed. Bruce eventually gets off on the floor where his office is situated,gives Donna and Patricia a kiss,thanks Carol Anne for 'the lift',and then gets off the elevator,passing a man who then notices a crack in the mirror in-between two elevator shafts.Bruce then runs into one of his workers,Bill,and has him check out the freight elevator that he,Patricia, and the girls were just in. When Patricia,Donna,and Carol Anne reach the garage,to meet up with Donna and Carol Anne's ride to school, they notice that Mrs. Moyer (Paty Lombard), the shrewd mother of Donna's friend, Martin (Paul Graham), has just driven off with Martin, Martin's sister, Marcie (Catherine Gatz), and Donna's boyfriend Scott (Kipley Wentz). Carol Anne is happy that she missed her ride, as she's not looking forward to going to her school for 'emotionally disturbed children'.But, Patricia then gets the idea for them to go meet Mrs. Moyer and the gang right outside the front of the building,so she,Donna, and Carol Anne run through the indoor mall, flying down a couple of flights of escalators,and then they make it outside,just in time for Mrs. Moyer to pull up right in front. Donna notices how warm it is outside, and starts undoing the buttons on her jacket, when Patricia spots Mrs. Moyer's van, so Patricia,Donna,and Carol Anne race to catch the mini-van,just as Carol Anne's about to undo her coat and scarf,and once they catch the mini-van,Donna and Carol Anne climb aboard. Patricia then apologizes to Mrs. Moyer for being late,again,and then Mrs. Moyer drives off,and Patricia goes back into the building,and eventually arrives at her art gallery,where she meets up with her partner, Mary (E.J. Murray), and Takamitsu (Dean Tokuno), as they get the gallery ready for tonight's grand opening.Patricia checks with Mary to make sure that everything is going as planned for tonight's grand opening, then Patricia goes off to sit down,in front of a mirror,and next to a statue,to watch Mary, Takamitsu, and the art students Mary hired to help move some of the art-work into place, for the opening,and while Patricia's sitting down, in front of this huge mirror,a couple of art students almost drop a priceless statue,but catch it just in time.When Patricia sits back down,next to this statue, which is also right in front of this huge mirror, the statue's reflection moves its head towards Patricia,while in reality, the statue hasn't moved at all.

    While on the ride to school, Carol Anne looks out the window,and sees the face of Reverend Kane reflecting in the window,while Martin asks Donna why she can't come to his birthday party,scheduled for that evening,but Martin's snotty little sister, Marcie, tells everyone that Donna has to stay upstairs and babysit Carol Anne,while Patricia and Bruce are at the art-gallery opening that evening. A bit later, Marcie asks Carol Anne why she goes to Doctor Seaton's school for 'weirdoes', but Carol Anne corrects her. Mrs. Moyer then pulls up in front of Carol Anne's school and Carol Anne climbs out of the van,when a school bully plays a prank on Carol Anne,but Donna and Scott stick up for Carol Anne,before Mrs. Moyer drives off. Carol Anne waves 'good-bye' to Donna as the van pulls off, and the bully jumps out at Carol Anne again, and Carol Anne walks into the school.Doctor Seaton (Richard Fire), sees all this from the teacher's lounge,and isn't too happy to see some of the other kids picking on Carol Anne because word had gotten out about Carol Anne's past encounters with ghosts,including the deceased Reverend Kane and his followers in the first sequel. Mrs. Moyer then pulls up in front of Donna, Scott, and Martin's school and after climbing out of the Moyer family van, Donna and Scott discuss possible dating plans for the weekend,while Martin passes them.Once Scott walks off,Donna's friends, Sandy (Meg Thalken), and Melissa (Stacy Gilchrist),come up to talk to Donna about Scott's being in love with her.Donna takes out the makeup compact she asked her step-mother,Patricia,if she could borrow for the day,and when she opens the compact, the compact's mirror is broken.

    A bit later that afternoon,Carol Anne's teacher, Deborah (Meg Thalken), has the class listen to Chopan's second piano concerto,while giving a lesson to the class.Doctor Seaton and 3 observers are watching the class during the lesson.One of the observers sees Carol Anne staring at the one-way mirror in the classroom and feels intimidated by Carol Anne's staring,so he asks Doctor Seaton about 'that little blond girl',and Doctor Seaton starts telling the observers about Carol Anne's case,as they leave the observation room.After they leave the observation-room,we get a brief glimpse of the Reverend Kane's reflection in the one-way mirror.Then,out in the hall,Doctor Seaton tells the observers about Carol Anne and her story,which obviously Doctor Seaton doesn't believe for a minute, dismissing the whole ghostly story about the deceased Reverend Kane and his followers as 'mass hypnosis',as he claims that Carol Anne has some supernatural powers to make people believe that they're seeing things that aren't really there.Then,in Deborah's classroom,Carol Anne sees Reverend Kane's image in the one-way mirror,standing right outside the classroom window,but when Carol Anne looks out the classroom window,she sees no one there,then she turns back to the one-way mirror,and sees Reverend Kane's image backing away from the classroom window.Meanwhile,thousands of miles away,Tangina Barrons (Zelda Rubenstien) is enjoying some tea with a couple of elderly lady friends when she gets an image that the Reverend Kane is stalking Carol Anne again,and now must leave to fly to Chicago to help Carol Anne do battle with Reverend Kane,once again,so she gets up, grabs her purse,and walks off to catch a flight to Chicago. Meanwhile,Carol Anne is under hypnosis in Doctor Seaton's office. She has been hypnotized and Doctor Seaton asks Carol Anne about what she has just seen while under hypnosis, and then starts asking her about why the Reverend Kane and his followers are after her and want her to "lead them into the light". Carol Anne explains that the ghosts in the first movie kidnapped her because they were angry about the homes Carol Anne's father, Steven's real estate company built over their graves,and so are the Reverend Kane and his followers who decide that Carol Anne must lead them into the light,into heaven, if they are to be saved. When Carol Anne sees the tree eating her brother, Robbie (Oliver Robins), while under hypnosis,she screams and Doctor Seaton rushes to snap her out of the hypnotic trance she was put into by him. Doctor Seaton then asks Carol Anne a few questions,including if she misses her parents, Steven and Diane,and she says that she does, and then starts looking for Reverend Kane's image in this one-way mirror in Doctor Seaton's office,the three observers who were with Dr. Seaton earlier, watching this through the one-way mirror in Dr. Seaton's office. Dr. Seaton asks Carol Anne what's she's looking for, but Carol Anne refuses to tell Dr. Seaton who she's looking for, in the mirror in his office, until she sees a grotesque hand come up out of the reflection of Dr. Seaton's desk,in the one-way mirror,and picks up the reflection of Doctor Seaton's coffee-mug. Carol Anne then jumps out of the seat she's sitting in,and runs out of Doctor Seaton's office,just as the grotesque hand throws the coffee-mug's reflection at the mirror,making the mirror shatter into millions of tiny pieces,and making Doctor Seaton duck for cover.One of the observers asks Doctor Seaton if he's okay,and why the mirror broke,which Doctor Seaton explains is just another demonstration of Carol Anne's powers of manipulation,explaining that Carol Anne someone got this observer to smash the mirror with her own coffee mug.

    Later that night, Uncle Bruce and Aunt Patricia are getting ready for the art-gallery grand opening.While getting ready,Uncle Bruce comes into Carol Anne's room to talk to her about what happened at Doctor Seaton's school. Carol Anne is sitting at her bedroom-window's little padded ledge,clad in her red,button-up, footed blanket sleeper pajamas, as its still very cold in the building,despite the warm weather from earlier in the day. Bruce tries to get Carol Anne to tell him what happened at Doctor Seaton's school, but Carol Anne refuses,and Bruce gets up and walks off to finish getting ready.He goes back to his bedroom, where his wife,Patricia,is putting the finishing touches on her dress for the party.Patricia and Bruce talk about Carol Anne and what happened at the school,and while already,Patricia seems to be siding with Doctor Seaton's explanation for what's happening, Bruce isn't convinced,and tries to urge his wife not to buy into any of Doctor Seaton's hair-brained theories.He then goes off to get finished getting dressed,but as he leaves,his image/reflection in Pat's mirror doesn't leave, until Patricia turns to look in the mirror,and sees Bruce's reflection still staring at her.Once he has his whole tux on, Bruce comes back into Carol Anne's room and gives her a 'good-night' kiss, and then goes to give his daughter, Donna, a kiss ON HER LIPS!!!!! as well.

    Once done with that, Bruce and Patricia leave, but as they walk down the hallway, which is lined with these large mirrors going from the floor to the ceiling,the reflections of the doors of the other apartments open,and out steps the Reverend Kane's image out of all three doors. Meanwhile, Carol Anne goes and fixes herself a sandwich,and then goes to spy on her cousin,Donna,whose on the phone with her friend Sandy.Carol Anne overhears Donna call her 'sort of a relative, but not really'. After Donna gets off the phone, she sees Carol Anne standing in her door-way.Carol Anne comes in and sits down on the floor of Donna's bedroom, and then urges Donna to sneak out and go to Martin's party. At first,Donna is reluctant,but Carol Anne then convinces her to go.Donna then apologies to Carol Anne for calling her 'sort of a relative', but Carol Anne forgives Donna and they both hug each other. Minutes later, Patricia and Bruce arrive at the party and are greeted by Mary and some friends of Bruce and Pat's. Patricia goes off with Mary, while Bruce just checks out the scene. Meanwhile,upstairs,Donna's finishing up getting ready for Martin's party. Then, the bathroom door opens,and Donna sees Carol Anne's reflection in the mirror telling her how pretty she looks, but when she repeats a phrase that Aunt Patricia told Donna that morning,Donna hears a knock at the door, and turns to open it,and there Carol Anne stands,and she repeats what her reflection said to Donna a few seconds ago. Donna looks dumbfounded, not understanding why she saw Carol Anne's reflection just seconds before the real Carol Anne came to the door,but she walks out of the bathroom,and though she has second thoughts about leaving Carol Anne alone, Carol Anne urges her to go,so Donna grabs her jacket and Bruce's pass-key,so she could sneak downstairs to Martin's party through the emergency stairs to avoid detection. Donna then tells Carol Anne to be good,and gives her a kiss, before walking out. Once Donna closes the Gardner apartment door,the Reverend Kane's reflection goes inside the apartments, as the apartment doors in the mirror slam shut,while the actual doors were always closed.Carol Anne hears the slamming doors from out in the hall,and starts backing up into her bedroom, and eventually she slams her own bedroom door closed.

    When Donna arrives at Martin's party,Martin informs her that her parents canceled their plans for the evening after Mr. Moyer got sick, so they allow Martin to have his party,but he can't play the music too loud.Donna is bummed that she risked getting into trouble so she could go to this lame party,but she's happy that she gets to see her boyfriend, Scott,anyway,but her friends,Sandy,Melissa,and their boyfriends Jeff (Joey Garfield), and Dusty (Christian Murphy),have other plans,as Sandy first suggest that they go to Donna's apartment,but she's not too comfortable with that,and then Melissa suggests the mall downstairs,but of course,Donna can't go down there,either,because of Patricia's art gallery opening is taking place there,so Dusty suggests the indoor pool upstairs,and Donna,knowing that she has her father's pass-key, and that no one's there,due to the pool being locked-up,takes out her pass-key,and she, Scott,and the others run off to go sneak into the indoor-pool area.

    Meanwhile, Carol Anne's upstairs on her bed, playing with her Speak-N-Spell. Eventually,she hears the Reverend Kane's voice,very faintly calling her name,so she looks out her window, and then at the large mirror(s) that cover(s) the whole wall on the other side of her bedroom from her bedroom-window, including the back of her bedroom door,but sees nothing,but she still can hear Kane calling her, so Carol Anne climbs off her bed,and goes to her window.She then climbs on the window-ledge, and puts her hands on the window,to look to see if she could find Kane out her window,but she can't, but she still hears Kane calling her,so she gets off the window-ledge,and slowly walks to her mirror and puts her hands on the mirror. A hand bursts through the mirror and grabs Carol Anne's hands.She looks at her reflection,and her face in her reflection is distorted and she hears Kane say "We're back!", and then he drags her up the mirror. Carol Anne struggles to free herself, kicking the mirror with her blanket sleeper-encased feet,until she finally makes her possessed reflection let go of her,and Carol Anne goes flying and lands on her bed.She then slowly sits up and climbs off her bed,while Kane laughs at her,thinking that he's got her trapped. Carol Anne tries to open her bedroom-door,but it won't open,Kane has it locked,but then Carol Anne hears Tangina's voice,from a far-off place, telling her to break the mirror,if she wants to escape her bedroom,so Carol Anne grabs a pair of ice-skates on the floor, and swings them at the mirror on the back of her bedroom door,and the mirror breaks,unlocking the door. Carol Anne grabs the knob,turns,and runs out of the bedroom,closing the door behind her.

    Meanwhile, Tangina tries to call Dr. Seaton to get him to go help Carol Anne, but he thinks its only Carol Anne pranking him, so he tries to call the Gardner apartment, but after he dials the number, he soon hears an ear-piercing static-sound coming out of the phone, and hangs up the phone and decides to go complain to Aunt Patricia and Uncle Bruce about Carol Anne's antics, while Patricia's having her art gallery opening. Carol Anne meanwhile,tries to get Donna, but Mrs. Moyer tells her that Donna's not there, so Carol Anne hangs up and decides to try to go back to her bedroom to see if Reverend Kane's still in there, while Donna and her friends are sneaking into the indoor pool-area.

    When Carol Anne gets to her bedroom door, she puts her ear to the door to see if she could hear anything,and then tries to open her bedroom door, but the door then flies open,and out comes a blinding light and a howling wind that throws Carol Anne backwards,slamming her back against the opposite wall,where a mirror is hanging from the wall, falls to the floor,and when Carol Anne looks into the mirror,she hears Kane calling to her through her reflection,so she gets up,walks out of the apartment,and down the hall.She then runs to the nearby elevator and is about to go in,when she sees Kane's reflection in the mirror in the back of the elevator-cab,so Carol Anne runs to the emergency stairs and goes through them,while the front door to the Gardner apartment slams shut on its own.

    While Carol Anne's running from Kane,Donna and Scott let the rest of the gang into the pool-area,and then they go off to turn off the security-camera monitoring the pool-area,Donna telling Sandy,Melissa,Dusty,and Jeff to wait for her to turn off the security-camera for the pool-area, before they go to change into some swim-suits.Once Donna and Scott get to the security-room,once they find out that the security-room is empty,they sneak in and go to turn off the pool-area security monitor. Scott glances at a monitor for the grocery-store that's also located in this big, expansive, post-modern skyscraper, and suggests that he and Donna go get some beer,and though Donna fears that they might get into trouble, Scott convinces Donna to change her mind,and eventually they run off to go get some beer and chips, all while Carol Anne's running from Kane, hiding in the emergency stairwell.She sits in a corner of the stairwell, until she hears Kane coming,so she gets up and runs down another flight of stairs,until Kane and his followers are able to corner Carol Anne by blocking off her escape routes, snow and ice coating everything, both the descending stairs and the ascending ones.Carol Anne backs up away from all the snow and ice, until she hits a door with her back. She then turns, opens the door,and runs out of the stairwell,and once the door closes and Carol Anne runs out,the snow and ice disappear from the stairwell completely. Meanwhile,Donna and Scott come back with their beer and chips from the convenience store and sneak back into the security-room. Once she and Scott sneak back into the security-room, kissing each other on the lips before putting their beer and chips on the console, Donna then turns on the security-camera and she and Scott start talking into the microphone,to scare Sandy,Melissa,Jeff and Dusty.Once they realize that its Scott and Donna,the other kids started laughing and clowning around in the pool.As Donna and Scott are laughing at their friends' antics,Donna looks at one of the security monitors covering the seven or eight levels of garages at the bottom of the building,and Donna sees her cousin, Carol Anne, running through the garage,and she takes off to go find Carol Anne, with Scott taking off right behind her. Carol Anne is still running from Kane and his followers. She eventually starts running down a ramp in the garage, as Kane's voice is getting louder and louder,asking her to lead him and his followers into the light.Carol Anne keeps backing up,oblivious to the puddle at the end of the ramp,until she backs into the puddle, and once she does,Carol Anne looks down at her blanket sleeper-encased feet, submerged in the puddle,and seconds later,grotesque hands rise up out of the puddle, which then turns into a pool with a bright light coming up out of it.Just then,Donna and Scott arrive at the garage-level where they saw Carol Anne, and when Donna calls Carol Anne,she and Scott hear her scream,and come running. Eventually they find Carol Anne, completely submerged in what used to be a puddle,so they run down the ramp to go help Carol Anne and start fighting with these grotesque hands to try to free Carol Anne.Eventually,one of these hands rises up,grabs Scott by the top of the head,and pulls him into the puddle. Donna screams for Scott, and then tries to help Carol Anne,only to get pulled into the puddle herself,as both Donna and Scott disappear out of sight. Now without anyone to help her,the hands grab a-hold of Carol Anne and pull her under until she disappears out of sight, and then the pool,or tank that used to be a puddle, closes up and turns back into a puddle.

    A little later as the party drags on, Uncle Bruce has a nagging feeling that something just isn't right and he gets that feeling confirmed when a security-guard comes to the party and tells Bruce that some of Donna's friends were caught in the swimming-pool, so Bruce leaves the party and goes upstairs to question Donna's friends about her and Scott's where-abouts, since Sandy and the gang told the security-guards that Donna and Scott had let them into the pool-area and then went to go turn off the security-camera.When he gets to the pool-area,Bruce questions Sandy,Jeff,Dusty,and Melissa,but Sandy tells Bruce that they have no idea where Donna and Scott went after they turned off the cameras for them,so Bruce tells the security guards to take Donna's friends to a holding area,where he can notify their parents about their breaking into the pool-area without authorization,and then after the guards and the kids leave,Bruce walks around the pool-area, and when he's about to leave, a bright flash of light comes up from the pool, making Bruce turn to see where that flash of light was coming from, and when he looks back at the pool, Bruce sees that the pool's surface has turned into a sheet of ice. Then, he sees a figure pop out of a hole in the ice. The figure stumbles to his feet, and runs towards Bruce,smashing into a glass partition, the figure covered in this white,gelatin-like substance, but eventually Bruce notices that it's Scott. Scott starts mumbling about someone having Donna and Carol Anne,but when Bruce questions him, Scott won't say who he's referring to. Then, the door to the pool-area opens and in steps Patricia and Doctor Seaton. Patricia asks Bruce what happened,and as Bruce is explaining about the ice in the pool, he turns, and sees that the pool is completely normal and ice-free.

    He then tells Doctor Seaton to take Scott home,while he and Pat goes upstairs to see if Carol Anne and Donna are in the apartment,where they should've been all along,but when Pat and Bruce get upstairs,they see that Carol Anne's door has morphed into some living creature,the door bulging up and down as if it was the chest of a creature with two hearts.Bruce and Pat run to the door to see if they could open it,when Carol Anne's hand burst through the middle of her bedroom door.Pat grabs Carol Anne's arm and his almost swallowed whole by the door, but Bruce tries to prevent Pat from getting sucked into the door,but just as it looks like Patricia's going to get sucked through the door,Tangina arrives and helps Bruce and Pat out, separating them from what's actually Carol Anne's evil clone, which then gets sucked back into the door, and then the door turns into a normal door again. Tangina tries to explain to Bruce and Pat, who are both very skeptical about what's going on, what's happening and tells them in order to get Donna and Carol Anne back,they had to find out how they got to 'The Other Side',in the first place, so they go to Scott's apartment,where Doctor Seaton is sitting with Scott in his bedroom.

    After Bruce, Pat, and Tangina get to Scott's apartment, Scott's mother shows them where Scott is, in his bedroom with Doctor Seaton. When Tangina walks into Scott's bedroom,to observe the proceedings, she has Doctor Seaton hypnotize Scott to find out what happened,while Bruce calls his security-guards to have them look for Donna and Carol Anne,as Bruce thinks that Donna and Carol Anne are just roaming around the building together. Scott eventually tells Doctor Seaton and Tangina about the puddle and the grotesque hands that grabbed him and the girls and pulled them in under the surface of what was once a puddle. When they finally find where this puddle is, Tangina's able to talk to Carol Anne through the puddle and she tells Carol Anne to go back to her room to try to come out from 'the other side', somewhere in her room, with Donna, but Doctor Seaton has had enough and calls Tangina a fraud,and while Patricia stays skeptical,and is starting to believe that Doctor Seaton may be right,that Carol Anne's behind all of this,Bruce is starting to believe Tangina, that Carol Anne and Donna really are in some alternative dimension.

    They start heading back upstairs to see if Carol Anne and Donna have been able to get back to 'this side', from 'the other side'. When Bruce,Pat,Tangina, and Doctor Seaton get back upstairs, Tangina tells Pat and Bruce why this is happening,and why Kane still wants Carol Anne to lead him into the light,but Doctor Seaton scoffs at this,but Bruce tells him to shut up. Once they get to the door, Bruce opens the door and eventually they hear Carol Anne's Speak-N-Spell.At first,they only hear the toy,but then Bruce sees Carol Anne's reflection come out of her bedroom, in the mirror,in the hallway,but when they turn to look into the apartment, Carol Anne's not there, only her reflection is. Tangina talks to this reflection and tries to coax Carol Anne to come out through the mirror,but she starts sensing that something's not right.

    Eventually Bruce decides to do something and tries to lunge toward the mirror to grab Carol Anne's reflection and make her come out of the mirror, but Tangina stops him and Carol Anne's reflection's face morphs into Kane's, and he grabs Tangina,turning her into a corpse.Bruce throws the rotted corpse to the floor and Donna bursts out of the dead body.Once he realizes that its his daughter, Bruce grabs Donna and lifts her out of Tangina's dead,rotten corpse, and then they bring her into the apartment and put her in the tub to wash all that rotted flesh and slime off of Donna. Bruce then carries Donna over to his and Pat's bed that they both share together every night since before their marriage, for sleeping and for having passionate hot steamy sex all night long, and puts her down on the bed and KISSES HER ON HER SWEET LIPS AGAIN!!!!!! Donna then gets hysterical, calling out to Carol Anne and Pat runs off,as she's starting to 'loose it'. Bruce takes off after Pat,while he has Doctor Seaton watch over Donna. As he's talking to Pat, as Pat starts talking of running off with Bruce and Donna,while leaving Carol Anne behind for Doctor Seaton to deal with,Bruce sees Carol Anne run past him and Pat and out of the apartment. Bruce takes off after Carol Anne and walks out the apartment,and sees Carol Anne go into the emergency stairwell, so he takes off after Carol Anne, and Pat eventually follows. Meanwhile, Donna has Doctor Seaton go find Bruce and Pat, so he starts looking for them. Dr. Seaton sees the apartment door open,walks out into the hall, and sees Carol Anne running towards the elevators at the end of the hall,so he takes off after Carol Anne,calling her name. When he gets to the elevator, Dr. Seaton sees Carol Anne, but only her reflection in the mirror at the back of the elevator.Dr. Seaton fights to keep the elevator doors from closing completely,but when he finally opens the doors, there's no elevator-cab there,just an empty shaft.Then, someone behind him gives him a shove,and Dr. Seaton falls down the elevator-shaft to his death, as we see that the murderer is Donna, but when the elevator-cab comes back up, and the doors open, out comes Scott and he and Donna start laughing, until they start kissing,and while kissing her, Scott peels a layer of skin off Donna's face and we see that Donna and Scott are really just evil clones of the original, as the clones walk down the hall and go back into the Gardner apartment.

    Meanwhile, Bruce is still chasing after Carol Anne in the stairwell. Just as he sees Carol Anne go through the door leading out to the floor of the building that has this fancy restaurant on this particular floor, Bruce follows Carol Anne out of the stairwell, but then he looses her again. Patricia finally catches up to Bruce,still thinking that Carol Anne's behind all of this,but Bruce isn't convinced, and they follow Carol Anne into the dining-room. They then see,in a mirror, Carol Anne's reflection run into the kitchen, so they run after her, into the kitchen. Bruce and Pat walk around the kitchen,until they come to this meat-locker. They see the door to the meat-locker swing open,so Bruce and Pat step into the frozen, dark, meat-locker, and Bruce flips on the light-switch, and the locker-door slams shut, locking Pat and Bruce into the locker. Bruce and Pat turn to try to get out of the locker, but can't. They start banging on the door, to try to get someone's attention, and Bruce tries to push in the escape-lever, but the door won't budge. Then, water starts rushing out of the ceiling on the other side of the meat-locker,and Pat and Bruce start banging on the locker-door even harder. The water starts filling the meat-locker, as it continues to pour sideways, from the walls,getting closer and closer to Bruce and Pat,until Bruce hears Tangina's voice,turns and starts lunging for Tangina, whose emerging from the water.Just then,as Bruce grabs Tangina's squash-necklace that she always has around her neck, and the locker-door bursts open, and Bruce and Pat find themselves in the garage, which is now completely covered in snow and ice.Bruce and Pat embrace, as they sit on the floor of the garage, and try to keep their composure and sanity,when they hear what sounds like a growl. They look in the direction of the noises,and see that the headlights on the cars in the garage turn on and then they hear the starting of car-engines and then the parked cars start coming out of their parking-spaces and start driving at Bruce and Pat, the cars completely caked in sheets of snow and ice,so that Bruce and Pat can't see if anyone's in any of these cars,as if these cars have come alive and morphed into some sort of car-monsters.

    Bruce and Pat run from the cars and try to avoid getting hit, eventually leaping over one of the car-monsters. Bruce and Pat then struggle to their feet and see one car in particular come at them. This car isn't like the others in that there's a huge hole in the windshield,on the driver's side, where a bright light's coming out,and Bruce sees a figure through this hole in the windshield and asks the person behind the wheel who he is and what he wants, but Kane just has the other two cars next to him 'lunge' at Pat and Bruce,and Bruce shoves Pat out of the way. Then, another car comes at Bruce, whose now on the floor, so he gets up,just in time, as this car passes him, and then slams into one of the monster-cars which was overturned when it crashed into a parked car, and when this second car smashes into this overturned car, the gas-tank ruptures,as oil and gas starts pouring out of this car. Bruce crawls around on the snow-covered garage floor to get away from the car-monsters when he feels something wet in the snow,and realizes that its gasoline, so he takes a match out of his pocket, lights it, and throws the lighted match on the gasoline, as the gasoline erupts into a huge fire. Kane tries to ram his car into Bruce, to prevent him from throwing the lighted-match on the gasoline,but it's too late, and Kane's car crashes into a parked car, as Bruce dodges out of the way before Kane can hit him. Bruce and Pat get up and try to run away, but the resulting explosion from the lighted gasoline sends Bruce and Pat flying.

    Eventually they get up, as water from the sprinkler system rains down on them. When they get up, Pat and Bruce see that the garage is now normal.The cars are normal,still parked in their same usual spots and all the ice and snow is gone as well. Pat and Bruce then start running down a couple of garage-ramps, until they're a good enough distance away from the sprinklers, where there's no water anywhere. Eventually they stop and Pat notices that it's not freezing cold in the building anymore and Bruce and Pat embrace and start kissing,until Mary, in her purple car, roars up in front of them. Pat and Bruce look, and when they see Mary come out of the car, they breath a sigh of relief. Mary then informs them that the party has ended and everyone's gone home,and that Donna called to have Mary tell Pat and Bruce that they and Doctor Seaton are waiting for them upstairs in the apartment, and then she drives off.

    Minutes later, Bruce and Patricia get to the lobby, come out of one set of elevators to get into another.A middle-aged couple comes out of the other set of elevators, and Bruce,noticing that the other couple is looking at them,wondering how they (Bruce and Patricia), got all wet, makes a crack about doing some maintenance work on the building, to explain why his tux and Pat's dress/gown are all soaked, as the elevator doors close. Bruce and Pat, thinking that everything's over, start talking about what to do once they get upstairs and Pat tells him that she wants to get Carol Anne's things together and ship her right back home, tonight, as she still blames Carol Anne for all that has happened, still believing that this was all just some evil game that Carol Anne was playing on everyone, all that happened,but then Kane's image appears in the mirror right behind Pat and Bruce, at the back of the elevator. Pat and Bruce turn, and the elevator comes to a halt, and then Kane makes the elevator start plunging, as he's taken over the elevator.

    The elevator then stops on the fifteen floor, but as Bruce and Pat are about to get up, the elevator starts coming alive, and now starts rapidly rising up the elevator-shaft, faster and faster as the numbers climb. Bruce manages to get up and press the emergency stop button, right before the elevator reaches the top of the shaft. Bruce then gets up and tries to open the elevator doors, as the elevator's stuck between floors. Bruce climbs up and is able to get out on the 97th floor and then helps Pat up out of the elevator. They then embrace, until Pat sees Doctor Seaton's dead body on the top of the elevator-cab. Once they see that it was,in fact,Doctor Seaton, Bruce and Pat run off. Bruce, remembering what Tangina told him while he and Pat her locked in the meat-locker 'outside-in', gets an idea, he and Pat will get into Carol Anne's room through the window-washer-rig, Bruce grabbing a metal shovel that he happens to find as he and Pat are making their way to the washer-rig,and then they climb up on the washer-rig.

    Once on the rig, Bruce makes the rig go out, and then down the side of the huge skyscraper, the whole Chicago skyline off in the background. Once they finally get down to Carol Anne's bedroom window, Bruce stops the rig, hugs Patricia, and then grabs the shovel, or hoe, and starts swinging it at the window. At first, the window doesn't break, and Bruce and Pat here a growling sound each time Bruce hits the window. Finally, when Bruce swings the shovel the third time, he's able to break the window, but then gets sucked into the bedroom by this huge vacuum, and ends up lost to 'the other side'. Then, Carol Anne comes out, sits on her bedroom window-ledge and starts trying to convince Aunt Pat to turn around and go away,and suggests that she go with Reverend Kane, while giving Pat Bruce and Donna, but Aunt Pat insists that Carol Anne not go with Kane, that she (Pat), and Carol Anne's parents love her, but Carol Anne still insists that Pat go away, and when she turns to go back inside the room, Carol Anne turns, and her face morphs into Kane's, yelling at Pat to go away, before hopping back into the bedroom. Pat then decides to take off after Carol Anne. When she gets into the room, after jumping from the washing-rig, Pat gets up, and notices that the bedroom-window is now fixed, the huge hole from Bruce smashing it with the shovel, is gone. Pat then calls to Bruce, Donna, Carol Anne, and even Tangina, but no one answers, furniture all overturned and in pieces, all about the bedroom. Pat eventually walks to the other side of the bedroom,and tries to open Carol Anne's bedroom-door, but the door won't budge. Pat then turns and calls for Kane, and starts searching for him, her back to the large mirror covering the wall opposite the bedroom window, until something grabs Pat from behind. She turns, to see that it's just her reflection.

    Eventually Kane then walks up to Pat, and slaps her across the face, making her fly backward, into the rotted corpse of Donna. Pat then gets up, and then stumbles across the rotted, frozen corpse of Bruce. Pat recoils in horror, until she picks up the shovel, which Bruce's rotted corpse is still holding onto, and swings it at Kane,chopping his head off. Kane's head falls to the bedroom floor and starts rapidly decomposing. Pat watches the whole grotesque process, until she hears Kane laughing, so she turns and sees Kane heading towards her, his head still on his shoulders, but then Tangina appears and tells Kane to stop and let Carol Anne, Bruce and Donna go, and that she could lead Kane into the light instead, sacrificing herself for Pat and her family. Pat tries to discourage Tangina from doing that, using Tangina's squash necklace, but Tangina insists that this is the only way, turns and walks Kane into the light. Moments later, Bruce's silhouette appears and then Pat sees that Bruce has Donna and Carol Anne with him. Bruce and the girls slowly walk towards Pat and Carol Anne's bedroom, until they finally reach the mirror and Pat's reflection turns and embraces Bruce and the girls, causing a flash of light and the whole room to fog up. Once the fog and smoke settle, Bruce, Patricia, Donna, and Carol Anne find themselves all safe and sound in Carol Anne's bedroom, which now looks normal again. Pat looks around Carol Anne's bedroom, sees that Tangina has saved her, Bruce, and the girls, as everything's back to normal, and then they embrace again.

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