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Still Very Funny
claudio_carvalho27 October 2015
The sixteen year-old Les Anderson (Corey Haim) has a crush on his schoolmate Mercedes Lane (Heather Graham), but he is shy and she has a boyfriend, Paolo (M.A. Nickles), who has a fancy car. Les and his twin sister Natalie Anderson (Nina Siemaszko) are preparing to the driving test and while Natalie studies the questions, he does not pay attention to them. Les fails the test but is not brave enough to tell neither to his father Mr. Anderson (Richard Masur) nor to his pregnant mother Mrs. Anderson (Carol Kane) and his best friends Dean (Corey Feldman) and the clumsy Charles (Michael Manasseri). When Mercedes has an argument with Paolo, she invites Les to date her to make Paolo jealous. Meanwhile Les' parents discover that he has flunked his driver's test and they ground him. However, when Mercedes calls him asking if they are not going to date, Les sneaks away from his house and drives his grandfather's Cadillac that is parked in the garage to date Mercedes in the beginning of a nightmarish night of adventures.

"License to Drive" is a comedy from the 80's still very funny after almost thirty years. This is one of the best roles of Corey Haim in the top of his career immediately after the cult "Lost Boys" and "Lucas" and the debut of Heather Graham. The plot would be considered "politically incorrect" in the present days but fortunately it was not a problem in 1988. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "Sem Licença para Dirigir" ("Without License to Drive")

Note: On 12 October 2018 I saw this film again.
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An innocent girl. A harmless drive. What could possibly go wrong?
vertigo_149 April 2004
Feast your eyes one of the last films that both Corey's will appear in that are of any merit for the rest of their brief careers. And this can be considered something of merit, despite the nature of the film, since they were only teen stars.

License to Drive is a movie about taking chances, though you can probably figure out from beginning to end how the movie is going to go. No less, it's good 80s fun. Les Anderson (Haim) has turned 16 and is desperate to get his driver's license. Over-confident, it is no surprise that he flunks the exam. But he figures no one would notice. So, he lies to his folks and friends about the whole thing, expecting everything will be smooth sailing until he can retake the exam.

But Les is wrong once again when his parents learned that he lied, serving up a harsh two week grounded term. But Les doens't know when to quit while he's ahead, and decides he's not going to let this little matter inconvenience him. After all, he has a Friday night date with his dream girl Mercedes Lane (Heather Graham). Hence the line, "an innocent girl, a harmless drive, what could possibly go wrong?" Everything. It all has to do with Les borrowing his grandfather's antique (and very off limits) Caddillac, a drunk date, and two friends looking for their newly licensed friend to show them a wild night. Sure it's predictable, but it's just a simple 80s comedy.
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Get out of my Dreams, Get Into My Car! Oh yeah! 80's bliss...
indescreetman8 November 2006
License To Drive was one of those 80's flicks that I had always wanted to see, and yet, never could find a copy. Till now! It was playing on TV recently and I have not only watched it, but am waiting to see if I am fortunate to find the DVD so I can buy it.

Quite simply, if you are a fan of the 80's and/or love your nostalgia then this film is for you! Typical 80's groove, lingo, starring leads (introducing a young and very attractive Heather Graham in her screen debut as the delicious Mercedes Lane) and, something that definitely deserves a mention is the soundtrack! Great tunes that suit the mood perfectly. Billy Ocean's "Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car" was a highlight and with the title "License to Drive" was the ultimate song. There are others by Belinda Carlise and the Breakfast Club that will have you not only reminiscing, but toe tapping and humming as well.

Also, look out for James Avery as Les' DMV Instructor. What a champion! Anyway everyone, Get Outta Your Seats... Get it into your DVD player...

Have fun, Cheers!
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Back when teen movies were classics !
elshikh416 May 2011
Warning: Spoilers
..because seriously, they are nothing but sex, drugs, and farts nowadays!

I adore such a movie. It's a decent comedy, non-stop action, and centering on beating fear by facing its worst nightmares. It succeeds in every each way it goes, with fascinating sense of creativity.

How can any comedy be smarter? See - for instance - the character of the father apart; the way he celebrates his son's failure as a driver and why, his scenes with the about-to-give-birth wife, and his threatening speech near the end. Just unforgettable. The thing about this movie is that it knows its characters and their lives, then it can mix that with a lovely touch of craziness where everything you don't expect happens. So, it wins at being truthful and lively. This is one way to be a classic. Not by the heaviest amount of toilet humor!

Then the best credit must go to that incredible climax: now the teen gets his full chance to drive outrageously by the approval of his parents, winning the recognition which he dreamed of, achieving rescuing his mom and her baby on the nick of time, yet that itself was done in one outrageous piece of cinema. Again, this script is smart, smashing smart!

Despite being not highly charismatic, (Corey Haim) was wonderful as the perturbed, aghast and eager teen. (Heather Graham) was fabulous in pink, being every teen's dream back then (and look closer to her name; Mercedes Lane!). Loved her performance as always-happy unconscious drunk. The minor parts were done no less than excellent, even the drunken old driver.

It evoked many similar themes and atmospheres from the same era: the suburban teen who wants to challenge his fear, a ride of a lifetime in the city; (John Hughes)'s (Ferris Bueller's Day Off - 1986), a hellish night of accumulative misunderstanding and funny circumstance; (Adventures in Babysitting - 1987). My conclusion: Is the 1980s cute or what?

Remember the moment in which the lead lives a cassette tape crises, where the thin brown strip explodes. Ahh, this is something only the audience born before the 1990s knows well, suffered from, and laughs about. With CDs and else more advanced devises now, plus teen comedies that have become all about obscenity, you must think; does more development mean more degeneration?, or when things grow less complicated, other things grow more ugly?

Anyway, this is a teen comedy and decent classic. Now the 4 words don't meet in one sentence at all!
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Another 80s fave of mine.
billybrown4127 July 2001
This is one of the best films to ever feature the two Coreys. Yep, this is back when they were still cool. The movie has all sorts of funny situations and (intentionally) funny dialogue that actually works. I really love the scene involving the drunk. That may be a bit gross, but I still laguh. Really folks, it's the Summer, run to the video store and pick it up. Get your 80s fix.
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A fun movie!
roisinodonoghue2 May 2010
I freaking love this movie!Its hilarious!The bit with the drunk just kills me every time.This is an absolute classic,one of the best 80s movies.Haim is SO funny in this(RIP)!and so is Feldman.I laugh so hard every single time I watch it, it just never gets old!Carol Kane does a great job as the pregnant mother and Richard Masur is brilliant.This is a timeless film, I showed it to my friends and they loved it!I may turn them into Corey fans!Heather Graham does a good job in this too, she was quite funny and I like the dress she wears at the party.If you have not seen this movie yet, then rent it,order it,it is well worth it!Id recommend it to Corey fans and comedy lovers.8/10
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Fasten your seat belts, this is one awesome ride!
ilovethegame0526 April 2005
When most people think of the seminal 80's teenage actors and films, the first thing that comes to mind are the 'brat pack' films. Sure, those were excellent films and very talented actors, but with all the focus on those actors sometimes the gems get overlooked. License to Drive is surely on of those gems.

License To Drive, one of only a few films that stars both Corey Haim and Corey Feldman, is a perfect 80's teen comedy. Shot at the height of both of the Coreys careers, while they were both still in high school, the film captures their youthful spirit perfectly. License to Drive is hilarious and outrageous while still remaining simple and easy to follow.

Haim plays Les Anderson who like every high school kid has nothing but girls and cars on his mind. But this isn't just any girl. Les has his eye on the most beautiful girl in school. The bombshell is played by a very young and beautiful, Heather Graham. When Les is lucky enough to score a date with the bombshell, the only obstacle he must overcome is his pending drivers license test so that he can take his fathers car to pick her up in.

Like most high school students, Les slept through drivers education class and when the time comes, he fails his drivers test. But the fun has just begun. Les isn't going to let this stop him. He takes the car anyways. Uh oh... this never turns out right. The night takes a turn for the worse when Les's best friend (Corey Feldman) shows up with 'a plan.' Another bad sign. Well the night just gets wilder and wilder and ends up with Heather Graham drunk as a skunk locked in the trunk of a car, police roadblocks, crazed militants running the streets and some really mean and angry drag racers to boot.

License To Drive really has it all. It's a perfect 80's teenage comedy. The DVD has loads of extra goodies including interviews with the stars and tons of deleted footage.

Fasten your seat belts, you're in for one totally awesome ride!!!
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Haimster and Feldog's 2nd best film
lim6668 November 2004
One of the better 80's teen flicks in which Haim and Feldman manage to pull off surprisingly good performances. If you are going 2watch any of their movies make it this one as their output in the nineties as not up to scratch. Nice to see a young Heather Graham in one of her first decent roles as the out of reach babe Haim falls for. The film is also complimented by the great soundtrack featuring eighties greats, Billy Ocean, Belinda Carlisle and many others. Look out for a great cameo from Uncle Phil from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air who plays Les' driving instructor. The Scene with the drunk driver is especially funny. This film is made even more hilarious by the fact that Corey Haim drove round LA without a real driving license for many years when he was in his wild child years. They Rock.
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Not just a license to drive, but a license to LIVE!
Hey_Sweden17 March 2012
Loud, energetic, fun teen comedy about Les (the likable Corey Haim), a typical kid eager to start driving. Despite his having flunked his driver's test, he's not about to let anything stop him from being with Mercedes (Heather Graham, in her first substantial movie role), the girl he adores. So he makes off with his grandfather's prized Cadillac for one incredible, long night of misadventures. Now, admittedly some viewers can find certain elements objectionable - the protracted sequence with the drunk driver, or the fact that Mercedes gets herself drunk - but this movie still provides lively, zany entertainment for a very well paced 90 minutes. It resonates with so many of us who saw that driver's license as one of our first steps towards freedom and maturity, seeing all the possibilities before us for good times. Les just couldn't have predicted the kind of stuff that happens to him and his buds Dean-o (a priceless Corey Feldman) and Charles (Michael Manasseri). The aforementioned problem with the drunk driver (Harvey Miller) is just one of them. The highly quotable dialogue includes such gems as "I'm so dead they're going to have to bury me twice.". The movie gets off to a fine start with its hilarious opening sequence, and the supporting cast is full of familiar and reliable actors, starting with a delightful Carol Kane as Les's pregnant mom and the always solid Richard Masur as his flustered dad. Graham looks great, and is perfectly cast. Nina Siemaszko is a hoot as Les's uptight sister, as is Grant Heslov as her boyfriend. Other amusing contributions are made by Grant Goodeve, as the most relaxed driving tester on Earth, and James Avery, as a far more intimidating one, Michael Ensign in a dual role as the bus driver & driver's ed teacher, and Helen Hanft as the scary Miss Hellberg of the DMV. "License to Drive" just breezes along (it certainly would out pace a street sweeper), coming up with some irresistible gags, and suffice it to say, that poor Caddy takes a lot of abuse before the movie is over. It wouldn't be inaccurate to regard this movie as perhaps the ultimate teaming of the two Coreys; it's definitely a career highlight for both. Eight out of 10.
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Excellent comedy about the mishaps that can happen as a teenager whether or not you have a driver's license
Catherine_Grace_Zeh25 July 2006
LICENSE TO DRIVE, in my opinion, is an excellent comedy about the mishaps that can happen as a teenager whether or not you have a driver's license! I thought that Miss Hellberg (Helen Hanft) was an absolute bitch! You'd have to have seen this movie if you want to know why. On the other hand, every mishap that occurred after Les (Corey Haim) took the test and wrecked his grandfather's car was absolutely hilarious. Also, I thought that Mercedes (Heather Graham) was a very pretty young lady. Before I wrap this up, I'd like to say that everyone was ideally cast, the direction was flawless, and production design was spectacular, and the performances were top-grade. Now, in conclusion, I highly recommend this excellent comedy about the mishaps that can happen as a teenager whether or not you have a driver's license! I guarantee you you'll enjoy it.
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jgibbzy14 April 2006
Looking back into the mist of time (when i was a child of the eighties) This is the film that encapsulates that time for me. Funny, blokes with rolled up sleeve jackets and with terrible acting by Haim what's not to like? Getting serious for a moment, it is actually a very good film. Tightly written, well directed and with good supporting acting it would get a nine if only Haim could stop a) Blinking b) Keep his mouth shut, he looks like a fish. If anyone wants to know what all the fuss was about in the late eighties with two lads called Corey, then this is the film to watch. In fact it should be given to directors as a how to manual, on how to make a light breezing ENTERTAINING film, which the movies sadly lack these days. A film every home should own. LEGENDARY.
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Corey was cool
mhall-3662513 May 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Corey Haim was really cool in License to drive i liked the movie I watched it way way back as a college freshman or a high school senior I can't remember it was so good so affirming of the whole teen thing that one (not all heh) part ,of a whole meaningful , awesome life. Thank you for this comedy gem
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Hugely enjoyable 80's teen comedy romp
Woodyanders11 March 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Despite failing his test for a driver's license, nice guy 16-year-old Les Anderson (a fine and engaging performance by Corey Haim) decides to sneak out of the house and use his grandfather's prized '72 Cadillac for a date with the luscious Mercedes Lane (an extremely sweet and delectable Heather Graham in her first substantial film role). Les' brash hipster best friend Dean (Corey Feldman in top-rate supremely cool form) and their nerdy pal Charles (a charmingly geeky Michael Manasseri) tag along for the wild and outrageous ride. Director Greg Beeman, working from a smart and witty script by Neil Tolkin, relates the eventful and entertaining story at a zippy pace, maintains an amiable good-natured tone throughout, and adroitly milks the funny sense of inspired zany humor for loads of major laughs (the final gag concerning Les' grandpa in particular is a gut-busting corker!). Moreover, this movie deserves extra praise for having actual teenagers portraying adolescents. The lively acting from the able cast helps matters a whole lot: The strong and appealing chemistry between the two Coreys keeps the picture humming, with sturdy support from Richard Masur as Les' easygoing father, Carol Kane as Les' wacky pregnant mother, Nina Siemaszko as Les' stuck-up snob sister Natalie, James Avery as Les' hard-nosed DMV examiner, Helen Hanft as formidable DMV head honcho Miss Hellberg, and, in an especially bravura uncredited turn, Henry Alan Miller as a raucous drunk driver. Jay Ferguson's rousing score and the spirited rocking soundtrack both hit the stirring spot. The polished cinematography by Bruce Surtees gives the picture a pleasing bright look. A total blast.
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"You can drive in reverse, son?" "All is forgiven"!!!
Aaron137516 March 2009
This was a rather funny movie featuring Corey Haim and Corey Feldman, showing that these two for a short span really had something going coming off the very cool vampire movie "The Lost Boys". This movie is just about your average teen trying to pass his driving test and getting his license along with his ultra bright and nerdy twin sister. He also gets to go out on a date with a very attractive lady as well named Mercedes (played by Heather Grahme). Well for some reason he does not do so well on the computer quiz portion of the driving test, but thanks to some luck the test results are wiped out and he is given the chance to take the driving portion of the test. Which of course is highly unlikely no matter how well his sister scored. Well he somehow manages to pass the driving portion despite having a driving instructor from hell while his sister gets the guy everyone should want during this part. In the end though they find his score and no license. Well through a series of strange events he gets his grampa's car and takes the hot girl out as she proceeds to get drunk and pass out. He then picks up his friends as they try to get to this cool hangout. Lets just say a lot of stuff happens and that car takes some hits. I especially found the drunk guy funny. In the end I found the end a bit much, but then most comedies I find have a weak spot in their armor. However, this was a rather funny comedy that passes the test.
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No License to Drive Here
StevePulaski4 July 2010
After the success of the now cult classic vampire flick "The Lost Boys", one year later, the popular 80s and 90s duo Corey Haim and Corey Feldman star in a fun-filled Comedy about a serious part in all of our lives, that part is our driving test. "License to Drive" is a fast-paced, original Comedy which is probably my favorite Haim/Feldman movie.

The most embarrassing part of a teens life is being driven to a party or school by their parents. The parents are the ultimate antagonist when caught dropping their kids off because that means the teen doesn't have a driver's license. I'm sure it will be like that when I reach High School.

Les Anderson (Corey Haim), the slacker type, crashes the computer on accident in anger after failing his driver's test. His teacher can't find the score to his test, which leads him to take the driving portion of his test, coached by a certain uncle, from a certain Will Smith show.

He passes that test, but the teacher recovers his score, realizing he failed, rips up his driver's license, leaving Les to be driven by his parents. He then unwillingly takes out his grandfather's prized Cadillac to take out his new girlfriend Mercedes Lane (Heather Graham) who gets drunk and passes out on their date. He goes to his friend Dean's (Corey Feldman) house. Les, Dean, and their geeky friend Charles (Michael Manasseri) embark on a journey to a drag racing competition in Les' uncle's Cadillac.

I have always had a weakness for 80s Comedies that depict the life of true teenagers (most of which are John Hughes movies). This, Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueller's Days Off, Career Opportunities, and so many others deal with real conflicts that teenagers have consistently. Though I have to feel bad that this one is overlooked and almost like it is never spoken about anymore seeing as it's very touching and funny.

Perhaps one of the best 80s Comedies I have seen, "License to Drive" delivers heavily and keeps the laughs coming.

Starring: Corey Haim, Corey Feldman, Heather Graham, and Michael Manasseri. Directed by: Greg Beeman.
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Fun and Lightweight...Just what a teenage comedy needs to be!
Chiron198716 July 1999
License to Drive is one of those few movies to come on at three in the morning on a Friday night that will always capture my attention. It is a fun comedy, and one of the last of its genre at the near end of the decadent 80s.

One-time teen sensations, Corey Haim and Corey Feldmen, hot off Joel Schumacher's teen vampire opus The Lost Boys, star as a pair of friends who spend one wild night in Haim's character, Les Anderson's grandfather's 16-year old prize Cadillac. Well, naturally, hilarity ensues, as does every driving disaster known to man.

Great performances abound, especially our two starring Coreys, but also look for stand-out turns by Richard Masur and Carol Kane as the hapless parents of Les. Also keep your eyes opened for a young Heather Graham, who plays the aptly named Mercedes, and the object of young Les' affection.

All in all, an enjoyable, breezy comedy.

Highly recommended.
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raulfaust17 April 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Clap clap! I intended to watch this movie as a silly entertainment, but ended up truly enjoying this. The story is totally original, and more than that, very true. The girl's test compared to Anderson's was a funny scene; in my city, the examiners act EXACTLY the same. Whilst guys have to do the hardest things in the exam, girls only have to drive slowly and calmly. The whole cast is pure fun. They seem to be in tone and the cool story helps them. There's nothing to state about the direction, since it's not that important in such comedies. Corey Haim was a very hilarious actor, and it's really such a shame he passed away so young-- dying before forty is way too soon! The ending has a beautiful message of friendship between father and son, which makes this movie even greater. Thank you Brazilian's Telecine Cult for showing this masterpiece! Give it a chance and you'll certainly have a good time!
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Funny and Smart
Michael_Elliott14 March 2010
License to Drive (1988)

*** (out of 4)

Even though he failed his driver's test, a teen (Corey Haim) decides to steal his grandfather's Cadillac because the girl of his dreams (Heather Graham) asked him out on a date. After picking up his two best friends (Corey Feldman, Michael Manasseri) they head out for what's suppose to be a good time but they hit one disaster after another. This was one of my favorite movies before I hit 16-years-old because it was always a fun movie to watch and fantasize about what my first day out with a driver's license would be like. Watching the film now I was a little surprised to see how well it stood up and especially by how many of the jokes still pack a lot of laughs. This movie was clearly made to get the two Corey's together and they do a terrific job but the main reason for this is that the screenplay is so spot on and smart in terms of what happens. I think the screenplay perfectly builds up that teen spirit of being a dork and wanting the most beautiful girl in school. It perfectly builds up all the fun stuff that one does when they get a car. It perfectly builds up the two friend characters who are constantly want to do more and more simply because they're not the ones who own the car. The performances in the films are extremely good with Haim doing a great job with the nerd role. That shyness and laid back style of his perfectly fits this character and it's really the perfect mix for all the craziness that's going on in the movie. Feldman, to no shock, plays the wilder one and the two of them blending their styles makes it easy to see why they were so popular together. Graham isn't too bad either as she gets quite a few good scenes. Another major plus is Richard Masur and Carol Kane who play Haim's parents. They are both perfect in their roles and really add a lot of great laughs and especially Masur who pretty much steals the film with his lovable bear type performance. The soundtrack is totally 80s with The Breakfast Club doing a cover of The Beatles' "Drive My Car" and we've got Billy Ocean's smash "Get Out of My Car" and even a couple Sinatra songs added for great effect. This film isn't an Oscar-winner and it will never be confused as one. It is a great throwback to the 80s with some extremely good performances and a winning screenplay and that alone makes it worth viewing.
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Driving in my car
Prismark1017 September 2016
License to Drive is a cheery, cheesy late 1980s comedy that stars the two Coreys.

Corey Haim is a 16 year old High School Kid who arrives to school by bus. He daydreams of driving a red corvette with school hottie Mercedes Lane.

The film starts of breezily as he tries to pass the test and gets his licence. His twin sister sails through the theory test, he does not. His twin sister gets a very nice examiner for the practical, he gets James Avery who is gruff, takes him on difficult roads and puts a cup of hot coffee on the dashboard and Corey better not spill it.

Corey flunks his tests and does not mention this to his parents and friends. The second half of the movie is less interesting as Corey borrows his grandfather's Cadillac to take Mercedes out on a date as she wants to make her boyfriend jealous and ends up getting in various scrapes.

License to Drive is not a great film but even after almost 30 years it is still fun. Corey Feldman as always is still annoying. It always surprised me how far he went with such limited talent for a few years.
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80's comedy at it's best!
garyb798 December 2005
The two Corey's are at the pinnacle of their career in this classic 80's movie! Corey Haim plays Les Anderson. Corey Feldman plays his best bud Dean. When Les fails his driving exam, he decides to tell his parents he passed anyway -- to avoid embarrassment. When his dad (played by the underrated Richard Masur) finds out the truth, Les is grounded.....but he already made plans -- a date with the lovely Mercedes (Heather Graham).

Les doesn't want to humiliate himself any more so he decides to "borrow" his Grandad's Cadillac to take Mercedes for a night on the town.

The results are hilarious! License to Drive is a cult classic comedy. It's non-stop fun and action from beginning to end and it will drive you wild with its sizzling soundtrack featuring Billy Ocean, Brenda K. Starr, Belinda Carlisle and New Edition.

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don't miss out
snoady7821 December 2005
well what can i say don't read other comments this is 80s at its best...

great cast great story... plus a great few cars.

plus there's a great scene at the start with Heather Grahem and Freddy Cruger ( another great movie)

also check out Philip banks from the fresh prince......

"last name first...first name last"

one of the best 80s films around not yet on pal DVD but wont be long........ check out my reviews i don't lie

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A Wonderful,Hilarious,Entertaining Teen Comedy From The 1980s. The Two Corey's At Their Best.
jcbutthead8625 July 2014
License To Drive is a wonderful,hilarious and entertaining Teen Comedy from the 1980s that's filled with good direction,a great cast,terrific laughs and a fine score and soundtrack making License To Drive one of the better Teen Films of the 1980s and The Two Corey's at their best.

License To Drive tells the story of Les Anderson(Corey Haim),a 16 year old teenager who is trying to get a driver license at the DMV. While Les passes his test driving on the road,he fails his computer exam. Although Les has no license and is in trouble with his parents,Les decides to take his Grandfather's Cadillac and go on a joyride with his friends Dean(Corey Feldman)and Charles(Michael Manasseri)and Les' dream girl Mercedes Lane(Heather Graham). It's going to be a wild night of laughs and insanity Les and the Cadillac.

License To Drive is a terrific and hilarious Teen Comedy and is one of the better Teen movies of the 1980s that was the second movie starring the two Corey's Corey Haim and Corey Feldman and for 88 minutes offers nothing but fun and laughs. It's a movie that isn't trying to be thought-provoking or inventive,it's just a movie that tells you to turn off your brain for a while and just come along for the ride(no pun intended). License To Drive is a movie that is from the very start is outlandish and takes the viewer on a wild journey that gets more insane and over the top with a relentless energy and never stops until the end. This movie doesn't rely on realism or true life accuracy just lighthearted fun that will have you laughing. And while License To Drive maybe a little predictable and have tons of trademarks and familiar aspects that are in other Teen movies you as the viewer are entertained throughout and there is never a dull moment. The Comedy and laughs in License To Drive are funny and memorable because the Comedy has a wonderful balance of being simple one minute and being surreal and ridiculous the next with some characters and moments that are exaggerated and with dialog that is witty and clever. The Comedy and laughs are nonstop and incredible. What also makes License To Drive work so well is the structure of the film which is two sections. The first section is showing Les trying to ask out Mercedes and taking his driving test at the DMV and trying to get his license. The scenes at the DMV as well as Les driving on the road are pure Comedy gold and we as the viewer relate to Les' nervousness of trying to get a license. The second section of the film is about Les' joyride in the Cadillac with Mercedes and his friends and taking a big risk driving without a license. With the second section Les and his Grandfather's Cadillac take a lot bumps and bruises and even gets into a car chase which is one of the funniest moments in the film. The moments in the second section make the moments the first half look normal and regular in comparison and things get much worse for Les and the Cadillac. You can almost say that the second half of the movie is not only a Comedy but also an adventure with laughs,thrills and stunts. When we see the main character Les Anderson and the chaos that he has to deal with we connect and relate to him because he's a typical teenager who is in a crazy situation that is beyond his control and when we watch the film we are in the car with him and we see what he sees and we as the viewer all ask will he get the car back to his house before his parents find out? When you see the film you will find out what happens. The ending of License To Drive is truly wonderful,hilarious and filled with surprises and laughs that will put smiles on viewers faces. A great ending.

The cast is great. Corey Haim is terrific and hilarious as Les Anderson,with Haim bringing Humor and a likable charm to the role. Corey Feldman is wonderful and funny as Dean,Les' friend with Feldman having great scenes with Haim. Richard Masur(Mr Anderson)and Carol Kane(Mrs. Anderson)are fantastic as Les' parents. Heather Graham is great and beautiful as Mercedes,Les' dream girl. James Avery is outstanding and funny as Les' DMV examiner. Helen Hanft is sensational as Miss Hellberg,a woman that works at the DMV. Michael Manasseri is memorable as Charles,Les' other friend. Nina Siemaszko does a fine job as Natalie Anderson,Les' twin sister. Parley Bear(Grandpa Anderson),Christopher Burton(Rudy Anderson),Grant Heslov(Karl),M.A Nickles(Paolo)and Harry Alan Miller(Drunk Driver)give good performances as well.

The direction by Greg Beeman is great with Beeman always moving the camera and giving the movie a wonderful style and pace. Fantastic direction,Beeman.

The score by Jay Fergusan is good,light and matches the film perfectly. The soundtrack is sensational with songs by Billy Ocean(Get Outta My Dreams,Get Into My Car),New Edition(Crucial),Frank Sinatra(That's Life,Strangers In The Night),Nia Peeples(Trouble),INXS(New Sensation),DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince(Jazzy's In The House),Belinda Carlisle(I Feel Free)and more.

In final word,if you love Teen Films,Comedies or The Two Coreys,I highly suggest you see License To Drive,a wonderful and hilarious Teen Comedy from the 1980s that is worth your time. Highly Recommended. 10/10.
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Drive Away.
tfrizzell4 August 2002
High schooler Corey Haim has just taken his driving exam. The only problem is he failed the written part miserably in this terrible teen film. Friends Corey Feldman and Michael Manasseri believe that Haim is now a license holder and decide to have a wild night of driving around town. Haim is too embarrassed to tell anyone the truth as he tries to get the girl of his dreams in the venture (a young Heather Graham). Clue-less parents Carol Kane and Richard Masur complete the likeable cast that just do not have near enough material to make the production a success. 2 stars out of 5.
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kingjca5518 January 2004
This is one of the greatest 80s movie of all-time. haim and feldman rock...The guy who plays mr. anderson rules.... and there is a young heather graham. It is a crime that this movie isnt on dvd. There are some great lines... A MUST SEE
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Hip and hilarious joy ride!
Davyd42024 March 2002
This movie is, aside from The Lost Boys, the best film Haim has ever done. It is a non-stop joy ride of adolescent fun that all ages can enjoy, teens can relate and adults can remember. I'm not saying any Oscars should be handed out, but the entertainment value is full of fun and laughs. Haim and Feldman pair great together. This is a must see movie from that decade. ENJOY THE SHOW!!!
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