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Sex & Nudity

  • A woman lies in a tanning bed. Full frontal nudity.
  • There are several scenes involving nudity. All involve the "villainess" being topless when "transformed" in the priestess. She and another character appear in skimpy underwear a couple of times.
  • Nuns are attacked and raped by Roman Soliders. You see a closeup of a mans upper body thrusting against a clothed nun. Some nuns are "pinned down" with weapons.
  • Several sexual references. An older woman seduces a young man (also see violence & gore)
  • In several scenes a woman and her followers are seen wearing a strap-on dildo/spear-like appendages.

Violence & Gore

  • A mangled small dead animal is thrown at a character
  • A character is cut in half but continues to move. Blood on the ground where they are split
  • Several instances of people being bitten with blood trickling from the wound
  • A crucified figure is shown in a dream sequence. In the same sequence, a characters arm is stabbed with a knife, pinning them to the ground.
  • A woman seduces a young man into her bathroom, then ducks her head under the water. It is implied she bites him somewhere on the groin/genital area and the bite paralyzes him.
  • Several scenes show the priestess and her followers wearing phallic spears. In a dream sequence, they impale a young woman repeatedly


Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Characters smoke cigarettes, Several instances of social brandy drinking. Several mentions of scotch whiskey.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Some viewers may find the strange sexual imagery disturbing. Surreal dream sequences are disorienting and strange. Snake people have long fangs. Music can be suddenly foreboding. Snake monster looks a little cheesy, but may still frighten younger viewers.

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