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  • Unknown and left deliberately vague and open-ended. Despite Lady Sylvia and the hidious White Worm being dead, Peter Capraldi's character (Angus) may be infected when she managed to bite him on his right knee earlier and he may have transformed into a snake-vampire. The antidote that he injected himself with beforehand was revealed to be the wrong antidote (that is if the White Worm cult still retains any power after the destruction of the snake?) If Angus is now the last snake-vampire, it is left open-ended if Hugh Grant's character (James D'Ampton) may defeat him or not. James does notice the bite wound on Angus' knee in the final shot as he is driving and his concerned facial expression implies that he knows or strongly suspects that Angus is infected, and from Angus own facial expression, he knows that James knows. What happens next it's left up to the viewer to decide. However given the upbeat tempo of the end credits and the song celebrating the vanquishing of the worm by the noble lord it implies that good triumphs. Edit



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