The Lair of the White Worm (1988) Poster

Sammi Davis: Mary Trent



  • Mary Trent : [as archaeologist gives victory yell upon unearhing gigantic skull]  What's to do? You cut yourself or summit?

    Eve Trent : [comes running up out of the farmhouse]  Who's that yelling blue murder?

    Mary Trent : Angus. You would think he found the missing link or something. Don't worry. It's only an old fossil. It won't bite. Sexy beast, is he not? The cave man, I mean.

    Eve Trent : If that's a primitive man, it looks like a dinosaur sat on him.

    Angus Flint : It is a dinosaur, I think.

    Mary Trent : Oh, go pull the other one.

    Eve Trent : Our Dad had a cow looked like that once, called Bessie. I reckon that's Bessie.

    Mary Trent : Silly moo. That's not a cow. It's got no horns!

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