The Lair of the White Worm (1988) Poster

Amanda Donohoe: Lady Sylvia Marsh



  • Lady Sylvia Marsh : I change my cars as regularly as a snake sheds its skin.

  • Lady Sylvia Marsh : [snatches a harmonica away from Kevin he played that briefly hypnotized her, catching her off-guard]  That's enough of that, Kevin! That sort of music freaks me out.

  • Lord James D'Ampton : Do you have children?

    Lady Sylvia Marsh : Only when there are no men around.

  • Kevin : I'm not really into headbanging.

    Lady Sylvia Marsh : Are you into any kind of banging?

  • Lady Sylvia Marsh : [as Lady Marsh places the game of Snakes and Ladders into the fireplace]  Rosebud!

  • Lady Sylvia Marsh : Now, if you're sitting comfortably, I shall tell you why you must not be afraid to die. To die so that the god may live is a privilege, Kevin, and if you know anything at all about history, you will know that human sacrifice is as old as Dionin himself, whose every death is a rebirth into a god ever mightier!

    [doorbell rings] 

    Lady Sylvia Marsh : Shit.

  • Lady Sylvia Marsh : Dionin has a propensity for virgins, Eve, just like your false god. Problem is, they're so hard to come by these days. Aren't they, Eve?

  • Lady Sylvia Marsh : Oh, God, Kevin, you do have *appalling* B.O.! Save your breath... you've halitosis, too!

  • Lady Sylvia Marsh : Fancy praying to a god who was nailed to a wooden cross, who locked up his brides in a convent. Did they really enjoy themselves, hmm? Poor little virgins masterbating in the dark and then in penance for their sins indulging in flagellation 'til their bodies wept tears of blood. Captive virgins, hmm, in the hands of an impotent god. Dionin will have none of that, Eve.

  • Kevin : That's some system you've got there.

    Lady Sylvia Marsh : How do you rate the music?

    Kevin : I'm not really into it, banging.

    Lady Sylvia Marsh : Are you into any sort of banging?

    Kevin : I'm not bad on a mouth organ.

    Lady Sylvia Marsh : [chuckles]  You're sweet.

  • Lady Sylvia Marsh : Can I help you?

    P.C. Erny : Oh, your ladyship, I've been stung by a snake.

    Lady Sylvia Marsh : Snakes bite. Bees sting.

    P.C. Erny : Yeah, it wouldn't be a bee this time of year.

    Lady Sylvia Marsh : Hardly a snake either. It's probably a nettle.

  • Lady Sylvia Marsh : [sitting up a branch just like the Cheshire cat in Alice In Wonderland]  Eve... oh, Eve...

    [as the unsuspecting girl looks up:] 

    Lady Sylvia Marsh : Eve, I feel so silly. I saw a little kitten up here that couldn't get down. So I climbed up. Now it's gone. And I don't seem able to get down myself. If you could just stretch up your hand...

    [smiling, radiantly innocent Eve obliges] 

    Lady Sylvia Marsh : Perfect! And I'll steady myself.

    [climbed down] 

    Lady Sylvia Marsh : Thank you. You look tired, Eve. You want to rest? You're weary. Come with me. Come with me and take your ease at Temple House a while. Come with me. It's no distance at all.

    [leads her off] 

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