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A Blazing Field of Colours Running Amok: Bill Gunn's "Personal Problems"

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Personal Problems. Image courtesy of Kino Lorber, Inc.In films, there are “Black people problems,” wherein one person’s moral flaws are taken to stand in for a moral flaw with the whole race. These are usually related to drug abuse, extreme violence and a general degeneration of the values that make up the social codes. In his editorial for The New York Times on the Oscar-nominated film Precious (2009) and its theme of incest, the poet Ishmael Reed writes, “This use of movies and books to cast collective shame upon an entire community doesn’t happen with works about white dysfunctional families. It wasn’t done, for instance, with Requiem for a Dream, or with The Kiss.” When scripting Bill Gunn’s Personal Problems (1980), Reed wrote about the daily life of the nurse aide, Johnnie Mae Brown, who is not a drug dealer or a coke-snorting bad mother or even
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‘Modern Family’s Abraham Higginbotham Inks New Overall Deal With 20th TV

Modern Family executive producer Abraham Higginbotham is staying in business with 20th Century Fox TV, signing a new overall deal with the studio behind the Emmy-winning comedy series. Under the pact, Higginbotham will continue his work on Modern Family, which he’s been with since the series launch in 2010. Currently serving as executive producer, Higginbotham has written dozens of episodes and won the Humanitas Prize twice, for the episodes entitled "The Kiss" and "Aunt…
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Country Music Stars React to Lari White’s Death: ‘My Heart Is Breaking’

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Country Music Stars React to Lari White’s Death: ‘My Heart Is Breaking’
The country music world reacted to the news of Lari White’s Death on Tuesday, with Travis Tritt, Sawyer Brown and others sharing their thoughts on the “Now I Know” singer at age 52 following a battle with cancer. Songwriter Beth Nielsen Chapman, who co-penned the Faith Hill hit “The Kiss,” wrote that her “heart is breaking” at the news. “My heart is breaking as we all say goodbye to our truly bright light deep-soul sister,” wrote Chapman. Also Read: Lari White, Country Singer and 'Cast Away' Actress, Dies at 52 After Cancer Battle (Report) “I’m extremely saddened by the passing of my friend...
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Extremely Not Safe for Work - Horror's 13 Most Sinful Seductresses

There’s something special about spotting that unforgettable seductress who strolls across the screen and completely ignites the hormonal interest of the viewer. You’ve seen her...

And chances are you’ve sought out more of her work, paused the film when the gratuitous nude shot arrives, and hell, maybe even tracked down a poster, just to be as close as possible, for as long as possible.

Hey, we’re guys (ladies, this article may not completely appeal to you; my advance warning, in case the title didn’t deter you). We’re drawn to lovely ladies. Even vile, evil ladies. Looks can and have killed. Here’s a little proof.

Species (1995) - Natasha Henstridge: Tall, blonde, well-endowed with presence that could intimidate George Clooney, Natasha Henstridge turned the heads of the male populace in 1995 as she tackled the character of moody alien/femme fatale, Sil/Eve in the underrated sci-fi/horror hybrid Species.
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BFI London Film Festival Review: The Awakening (2011)

Marking the big screen debut of television director Nick Murphy, “The Awakening” is an old fashioned British ghost story following the usual creepy goings-on in a countryside boys’ boarding school. With a script by Murphy and veteran genre screenwriter Stephen Volk (responsible for a number of old favourites such as “Gothic”, “The Kiss” and “The Guardian”), the film attempts to add a certain emotional depth to the familiar form, along of course with a few spins and plenty of scares. The film is set in England in 1921, and opens with ghost hunter/debunker and famous author Florence Cathcart (Rebecca Hall, recently in “The Town”) exposing a cleverly planned séance as a hoax. Being known as the best in the business, she is reluctantly invited by a teacher called Robert Mallory (Dominic West, “The Wire”) to visit his boarding school in the countryside, where the boys are living in fear of
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Interview With Pen Densham on The Kiss (Joanna Pacula)

Pen Densham is the director behind The Kiss starring exotic beauty Joanna Pacula, ever so wholesome teen superstar Meredith Salenger, the legendary Jan Rubes and feature directing superstar Shawn Levy (Cheaper by the Dozen, Night at the Museum, and Date Night to name a few). The Kiss deals with the title smooch being passed down from one generation to the next. Unfortunately, for poor little Meredith Salenger she is next in line to receive this deadly kiss from her aunt, Joanna Pacula. Initially a flop when it first came out, The Kiss has found an ever growing following over the past few years due to the film being released at the height of the DVD craze. We had the chance to ask Pen Densham a few questions about The Kiss. Here is what he had to say.

So who is Pen Densham and what are you all about?

Wow – Not an easy question.
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