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Seriously deranged cult-stuff!
Coventry5 May 2005
Yes, this movie really does handle about evil aliens, shaped like clowns, that strand near a remote American village. Their circus tent mysteriously appears in the woods after a meteorite crash and the klowns (yes, with a "k") go on a rampage in the village to turn people into cotton-candy with their funky armory. Their mission is to take the human snacks back to their planet but a team of local dummies makes a counter-attack in their ice cream-truck! This movie unquestionably has the most absurd premise in cinema ever and you either love it or downgrade it as being a ridiculous piece of trash. I am a great fan of this campy horror-comedy flick and I can't possibly say anything negative about it. My best defense for this movie would be that it is an ingenious and successful attempt to parody and homage the 50's and early 60's SF classics in which paranoid people witnessed alien-invasions from all over the universe. But actually, the silliness of this movie doesn't require justification at all. It feels like the idea started out as a joke between 3 brothers and eventually it resulted in a long-feature film. The acting isn't very impressive (apart from veteran actor John Vernon in a great 'angry old copper'-role) and the dialogues are unimaginably dumb. On the other hand, the clown-costumes are terrific and the least you can say about the plot-twists is that they're creative (a Godzilla-clown, anyone??). So, in case you have only the tiniest sense of morbid humor in you, I strongly recommend tracking down this "Killer Klowns from Outer Space". It will, without a doubt, be one the most bizarre film projects you ever laid eyes on.
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I know bad when I see it...
electronsexparty6 June 2005
I know bad when I see it. As a MST3K fanatic, I've seen the worst of the worst and loved every minute. I rented Killer Klowns thinking it would be so bad I'd groan and laugh the whole way through.

Gasp, Killer Klowns isn't bad at all- it's creative and funny. This movie doesn't take itself seriously, and that makes for fun time for everyone.

It's a contemporary monster movie with a 1950's Blob-ish feel. The Chiodo Bros. demented sense of humor, simple and coherent plot, kreepy-looking klowns and decent cast of actors makes for an entertaining Friday night movie.Pair this one up with The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra and you've got yourself a great double-feature.
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A bunch of aliens clowning around
The_Void10 April 2006
When it comes to silly movies, they don't get much sillier than this one. The title says it all, and its clear going into a movie called 'Killer Klowns from Outer Space' that you're not exactly going to be in for a serious ride. To be honest, I can't say I was overly enthused with this Sci-Fi spoof, but it's not hard to see why it's got a cult following. The film takes in the idea of clowns being eerie and frightening, and fuses it with the common theme of aliens coming down from space; thus giving us aliens that look like clowns. For what it is, the film is actually quite inventive; and while much of the action is clichéd and/or samey, it's the little things that ensure it doesn't get boring. As mentioned, the plot follows aliens from space that look like clowns. When their spaceship (a tent) lands in the forest, two kids rush to the police headquarters to tell the law that their town is being invaded. If someone gave me that story, I'd definitely believe it; but the law in this town is slightly more sceptical, and while the kids aren't being believed; the clown population is growing.

One thing I do like about this movie is the special effects. Rather than simply having the clowns being played by men in make-up and baggy clothes, director Stephen Chiodo has opted to make actual suits for the villains. The special effects are a lot like those seen in Tim Burton's Beetlejuice in the same year, and bode well with this absurd plot line. The style of the movie is consistently clown themed, and parts of the film such as the climax on the alien spaceship look great. The acting is typical B-movie, but the movie does benefit from several good performers. The young cast perform well enough with energetic performances that, like the rest of the movie, aren't delivered too seriously; but the standout is veteran actor John Vernon, who is great in the role of the sceptic police officer. The 'horror' in this movie is hardly potent, as much of it is sapped out because of the fact that it's all a big joke - but ideas such as people being cocooned in candy floss or eaten up by a shadow puppet are surreally frightening. Overall, this isn't a favourite of mine; but it offers ninety minutes of good fun and there's no real reason to hate it.
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A Creative B-Movie
Duzniak383 August 2006
Killer Klowns from Outer Space is an unusual and inventive sci-fi B-Movie about Killer Klowns who invade a town and start viciously killing people. It's original plot and inventive ideas make this an enjoyable movie which doesn't take itself too seriously. Which genre it belongs in borderlines throughout the film. Soemtimes it is pure indulgent comedy, for example Killer Klowns running around with acidic ice-cream sundaes and popcorn ray guns, and wrapping people up in cotton candy cocoons and slurping their blood through twisty straws. But then it isn't really ideal for children and very sensitive viewers, as the added gore, the effectively scary Klown makeup and costuming, and the horrifying ideas make it hard to find it's target audience and definite genre. Most adults can enjoy this without being too grossed-out and scared. However it does stick in your mind, and the Klowns themselves are unnerving and horrific to look at. The goofiness of the story makes it great popcorn fun though, so just take it lightly and enjoy the combination of gore and comedy. The big colourful bright candylike sets and the fantastic Klown technology and surrealism adds more twist to the already freaky premise. The script and acting is just above average, with some good performance and memorable quotes and fun scenes. Killer Klowns from Outer Space is great popcorn-munchin' fun.
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Vastly entertaining horror comedy.
HumanoidOfFlesh28 May 2005
"Killer Klowns from Outer Space"(1988)by Stephen Chiodo is a horror movie so ridiculous that it's hard to dislike it.What makes it work so well is that it successfully toys with our expectations.Some people just hate clowns,and this movie exaggerates everything that makes them scary.The plot involves some really creepy aliens who look like clowns.They have come to our planet to turn people into food.The clowns capture their victims in cocoons made of cotton candy,their guns look like colorful toy pistols,their pies are acidic,their popcorns turn into snake-like creatures and their ship is a circus tent.Anyway,this crazy film is extremely entertaining.The make-up is beyond grotesque and the clowns look very creepy.The film received a cult status many years ago and it's easy to see why.So if you are a fan of twisted and bizarre horror films give this one a chance.8 out of 10.
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Thank you, MGM...
TobyS1 October 2001
I just want to extend a BIG thank you to MGM! I haven't seen this movie in years, and have always wondered if it would ever make its way back to video.

If you can't tell what Killer Klowns From Outer Space is about by the title, then this movie isn't for you. The plot is so outrageous, that you need to be a serious Midnight Movie fanatic to enjoy it. It's only appropriate that MGM has issued the DVD under their Midnight Movie banner.

This is one fun movie. Not particularly scary, and not very gruesome, but hugely enjoyable. I've always been a little unsettled by clowns ("It" really did them in for me), and Killer Klowns should seal the deal. I've read a lot of reviews that compare Killer Klowns to the '50s "B" movies (especially the ones from American International Pictures), and I can say that I agree. Although, I can't even see AIP coming up with the concept of alien clowns overtaking a quiet town by sealing all it's residents up in cotton candy cocoons and shooting carnivorous popcorn from ray guns!

You'll be met with blank stares if you try and explain this film to anybody whose never seen it, so do yourself a favor. Pop a big bucket of popcorn, get yourself some cotton candy and sit your friends down in front of the TV and just let them take in Killer Klowns From Outer Space. Enjoy!

My grade: A+
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A great bad Movie
Craven-324 August 1999
Warning: Spoilers
While out having a bit of a snog on the local make-out hill a young couple interrupt their passion just in time to see a huge shooting star fall to earth not far from them. Instead of getting back to a bit of tonsil tasting they decide to go have a look. What they find there will change their lives forever.............(or as long as they live which hopefully isn't that long at all) Oh what a joy this movie is. It has everything you would need to make it a classic horror movie, young people being killed, no one believing them and giant clowns with bright orange fringe hair turning everyone into candy floss (cotton candy for the americanised among us) and drinking their blood through big striped curly straws. They even have these groovy space guns which shoot out popcorn for some reason. The plot is very simple, giant alien Klowns come to town and try to kill everybody and only a group of young plucky students can save the world. Personally I was on the side of the Klowns here but I knew once I saw their big red noses where their vulnerable spot would be. WEAR NOSE PROTECTORS NEXT TIME GUYS! The Chido brothers, who produced this movie, obviously didn't have too much money to spend on it but what they did do was spend it well on the Killer Klown make up and special effects. Forget the plot, forget the characters just grab a couple of beers call some mates to come around and sit back and bask in the glory of the Killer Klowns From Outer Space
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A must see B movie
ClarusTheDogCow2 July 2003
Killer Klowns from Outerspace is one of those rare "good B movies." This was the first DVD that I ever owned and I am happy with my purchase because I think the film is enjoyable for several reasons, mainly, the whole plot is original.

Check it out today or else the Klowns will come and get you and turn you into cotton candy. Muhaaa!

10/10 as far as B movies go.
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Wildly imaginative and quite funny
Some people see Killer Klowns as a great "bad movie," but in spite of its low budget and iffy casting I rate this as a genuine "good movie." Here we have a film that reimagines every aspect of clowning and circuses -- puppet shows, cotton candy, balloon animals -- in terms of homicidal aliens. The level of ingenuity is remarkable, and parts of it are quite funny. This film deserves far more fame that it's gotten and I think it's sad that the Chiodo brothers never made anything else.
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Intentional camp that works
Camera Obscura5 March 2007
Seriously deranged stuff with a ridiculous premise of alien clowns setting up camp near a small town, abducting the local inhabitants and turning them into cotton candy and snacks. Any film with a title like this deserves this amount of attention and it's still a stellar cult favorite in the Midnight- and Bad Movie circuits. Most of the films intentionally made as bad movies or camp usually blow it (like most of Troma's disasters), but this is a surprisingly fun and good-natured homage to some silly sci-fi and horror classics of the fifties like FORBIDDEN PLANET (1956), INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS (1956) and THE BLOB (1958).

Our heroes are Debbie and Dave, two of your typical annoying eighties' youngsters with bad hairdos and less than impressive acting skills, trying to persuade the locals something's seriously wrong here. "Nobody stores Cotton Candy like this", observes Debbie when they enter the alien Klowns' circus tent. Smart girl, but how to get rid of these cosmic bozos. Now, clowns are plain creepy and evil. We all know that. Although the tone is generally tongue-in-cheek, the film does manage to throw in some genuine scares. The make-up fx are very impressive and when these Klowns are on the rampage, they are a seriously scary bunch. Undeniably a campy affair, with its truly off-the-wall premise, cheezy acting and predictable storyline, the whole film is laden with an irresistible charm, nicely complemented with a catchy theme song by cult punk band The Dickies, so eighties and so dated, it was already seriously out of fashion by the time the film was released. Cheezy fun all the way.

Camera Obscura --- 7/10
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Cheesy and delicious
morgan_mourning2 October 2006
This is one of my favorite movies. I never realized how funny the word "cocoons" could be until I watched this movie. :o) It's quite cheesy, but really, would that be a surprise to anyone? The movie is full of great one-liners and the Klowns are TOTALLY creepy! You sure do feel justified if you don't like clowns after watching this movie! "See?! I TOLD you clowns were evil!!" :o) Some of the effects are kind of...well, 80-ish, but hey, what do you expect? But like other B movie classics, this movie withstands the test of time. Between this, Clash of the Titans, and maybe even a little Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, you're set for a night of full blown cheese-o-rama! When it was released on DVD I snatched it right up! The DVD has some really great extras as well, so give it a shot! It's a great, goofy movie to watch...but maybe you want to hold off on the popcorn...
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Funny and Original Silliness
Claudio Carvalho26 October 2015
In Crescent Cove, Dave Hanson (John Allen Nelson) and Debbie Stone (Suzanne Snyder) are dating in an isolated place and they see a shooting star crashing in the woods. They decide to look for the place where the star crashed and they find a weird circus tent. Soon they discover that the circus is a spacecraft and the aliens look like clowns. Further many residents were killed and are wrapped in cocoons. They are hunted down by the killer clowns but they succeed to flee. They head to the town and they meet the open-minded Sheriff Mike Tobacco (Grant Cramer), who is Debbie's former boy-friend. His partner, Sheriff Curtis Mooney (John Vernon), does not give credit to the youngsters' words, but Mike goes with Dave to the spot. Soon Mike learns that Dave and Debbie are telling the truth and they decide to protect Debbie. However she has been abducted by the clowns and they team-up with the owners of an ice-cream truck, Rich Terenzi (Michael Siegel) and Paul Terenzi (Peter Licassi) to rescue Debbie from the killer clowns.

"Killer Klowns from Outer Space" is a funny, silly and original cult film that entwines comedy with terror and sci-fi. The bizarre idea of using clowns as alien killers is hilarious; their weapons, dog and spacecraft are very funny. The writer uses Peter Jackson's "Bad Taste" to give a motive for the clowns to come to Earth, i.e., using earthlings as food. My vote is six.

Title (Brazil): "Palhaços Assassinos" ("Killer Clowns")
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Great sci-fi camp.
bux29 October 1998
This almost looks as good as something that came out of the 50s, but alas, it is in color. Just when you think the makers might be serious, they get stupid and you know it's all in fun. In 1954, Sterling Hayden uttered the famous line in "Johnny Guitar", "All a real man needs is a cup of coffee...and a good smoke. Well amended for the nineties, a real man would do well with this flick and a cold six pack!
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"They took your wife away in a balloon? You don't need the police pal you need a psychiatrist." Brilliant.
Paul Andrews31 December 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Killer Klowns from Outer Space is set in the small Californian town of Cresent Cove where Mike (Grant Cramer) & his girlfriend Debbie (Suzanne Snyder) witness what they think is a shooting star land in some nearby woods, they decide to investigate & come across what looks like a huge Circus tent. They venture inside only to discover a room with what looks like cotton candy cocoon's hanging from rails, they take a closer look & discover that dead people are wrapped in the stuff. They run for their lives as large alien killer klowns chase them, they manage to escape & get back to town in an attempt to warn the local Sheriff (John Allen Nelson) but he understandably doesn't believe them when they talk of killer klowns from outer space. However it's true as the rest of Cresent Cove start to find out to their cost as these klowns intend to either have some fun by killing us in increasingly bizarre ways or cocoon us to use as food!

Co-written, co-produced & directed by Stephen Chiodo I think Killer Klowns from Outer Space has possibly the greatest film title ever & more importantly is total brilliance, it's twisted & bizarre & messed up & outlandish but it's still brilliant, this is probably my favourite horror comedy that I have seen & one of my very favourite films period. The script by brother's Stephen, Charles & Edward Chiodo moves along like a rocket, it never takes itself seriously & could easily be seen as an affectionate homage to the small town alien invasion sci-fi horror films of the 50's. I love it's twisted sense of humour, I love the messed up idea of these killer klowns who use all sorts of Circus & Carnival type tricks with a dark & sinister edge to them to kill people, from killer hand shadows to a lethal puppet show to fatal acid pie throwing! I love it, the contrast between our normal concept of a clown being all funny & innocent is used to great effect as these klowns are pretty creepy. The various set-pieces have & show good imagination & are easily recognisable as to what clown routine is being twisted for evil purposes. The character's are OK although the Terenzi brother's in their ice cream van start to become annoying. I don't know what else to say really other than I love this film & just about everything about it.

Director Chiodo does a great job on what was probably a low budget for such an ambitious film, first thing to say is that the killer klowns themselves look fantastic. They really do have the perfect blend of clown cuteness & dark ugly menace, I could watch these guys all night long. The special effects range from very impressive to just about the worst you've ever seen, the majority of the effects are very good with the klowns themselves standing out as being just plain brilliant creations & the huge 'klownzilla' at the end is also impressive although the effect where the klown is riding thin air alongside the car is quite simply one of the most embarrassing effect scenes I've seen. Still, only one truly bad effect in a film such as this isn't bad going, is it? The whole film has a nice dark sense of humour with a scene involving a klown using a dead body as a ventriloquist's dummy by sticking it's hand into the bodies back is particularly eerie & effective. The gore is tame, there's nothing more than a decapitated head & a melted skeleton. If you get the opportunity check out the funny music video by The Dickies to their 'Killer Klowns from Outer Space' theme song, which I have on my iPod!

With supposed budget of $2,000,000 there's a lot to this film & you get the feeling a lot of time & effort was put into it. The production design is good with the interior of the killer klowns spaceship looking suitably psychedelic & colourful. I liked the soundtrack especially the erm, 'unique' theme song by The Dickies. The acting was OK from an unknown cast but it's definitely the killer klowns who steal he show here. The late John Vernon makes an appearance as a bigoted cop.

Killer Klowns from Outer Space is absolutely brilliant as far as I'm concerned, you know when you sit down to watch a film & everything works for you & you just end up loving it but your maybe not quite sure why, well that's Killer Klowns from Outer Space for me. I've seen Killer Klown from Outer Space numerous times now dating back to the late 80's & I've loved it every time I've seen it, I'm not sure I can recommend it to everyone as it probably takes a certain type of film-goer to appreciate it but it's a film that I adore on many levels, hell I even like the way they changed the word clown to klown in the title!
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A cult favorite
preppy-328 November 2003
Blood-drinking killer clowns from outer space terrorize a small town. They shoot at people with guns that let out popcorn instead of bullets. They also capture them and keep them captive in cotton candy cocoons for later feedings. Mike (Grant Cramer), girlfriend Debbi (Suzanne Snyder) and policeman Dave (John Allen Nelson) try to stop them and save the town.

The premise is ridiculous...but this film never really takes itself too seriously. The jokes are sometimes predictable but, more often, very clever and original. Also there are some very inventive, funny ways people are captured. But I can't say I really loved this movie.

It is camp but the humor has a very cruel edge to it. People are killed pretty viciously and there's nothing funny about that. The clown makeup is downright horrifying and their laughs are nightmare inducing.

It was made on no budget but there are some truly impressive sets and costumes--it LOOKS like a big-budget film. Most of the acting is OK. Snyder makes a very appealing heroine and Nelson is very good as a straight arrow cop. Cramer is the only disappointment--he overacts WAY too much.

I'm giving it a 7 but I can't honestly say I liked this. It was a bit too dark and cruel for me--but others might like that.
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A Classic!!
Creed Stonegate23 March 2005
Forget what you think of when you hear the movie's name. Killer Klowns from Outer Space is really great! It has some funny parts, but I consider it a great straight up horror [80's style!] If it was just some guys dressed like Bozo and Ronald McDonald, then the title would tell you everything you need to know. But the Chiodo Brothers are master creature creators, and the Klowns reflect that. They're huge evil and ugly alien creatures, with the basic features of clowns. Their technology has a definite circus theme, but that doesn't make it any less deadly.

Suzanne Snyder was also in Night of the Creeps and Return of the Living Dead 2. If you like those great movies, you'll love Killer Klowns. Give it a look, they're the creepiest, most evil looking clowns you'll see anywhere!
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A putrid mess
mrush20 January 2007
This film is supposed to be one of those campy over the top funny horror films that is played tongue-in-cheek.Instead it is just an embarrassingly bad movie that is a complete waste of time.

Some kids up at the local make-out spot see a flash in the sky and something lands nearby.After investigating this strange event a couple of the teens discover that the flash was an alien ship in the shape of a big top and it is full of Killer Klowns(hence the title and the last time I will spell 'clowns' with a 'K').The clowns are mean and nasty with big yellow teeth that spin the local folks into big cocoons of cotton candy for some reason.

And on it goes-every possible clown joke is used including killing people by throwing pies at them and guns that shoot popcorn,balloon animals that chase people and a bunch of clowns getting out of a small car.There is an endless array of clown related gags and each one is less funny than the last one.

In fact none of the attempted humor is the least bit funny, clown related or not.The writing is bad and the acting is worse.The space ship sets are common things like field line pipes and air ducts all cobbled together and painted bright colors with lots of dry ice vapors everywhere.What few special effects there are are poorly done and in most cases cartoonish looking.

This being a PG-13 movie there is no skin and practically no gore. This movie fails at all levels and has no good points at all.I only rented this thing because I had read some rave reviews about it at some of the horror movie websites.

The makers of this bag of poop must have paid the websites to put up those rave reviews.Or maybe you just have to be stoned to enjoy this movie?

The people who made this stinking mess are the ones who should be stoned.
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Beyond terribly funny
benjcnel16 October 2006
I do not understand how this movie could gain any type of cult following. This movie is not even funny on an absolutely terrible level. It is straight up terrible. Several years back my friends dad rented this movie and for some reason we watched it. We all thought the movie was terrible. This is coming from a group of kids who think the worse the movie, the funnier it is. Even cult classics that have no cinematic value do not get rated this high. There is no way that this movie has been given a genuine review by the IMDb public. The only people who have seen and reviewed this movie are cult followers of the cheaply made craptastic movies out there. I have always, and will always,have a hatred for this movie.
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Just like visiting a cheese factory.
biglegobadger15 January 2015
A completely ridiculous, typically eighties cheese fest.

If this film was made in any other decade it would be simply awful... But it wasn't. Somehow eighties films have the ability to be very good and bad at the same time. Complete with a Killer Klowns theme song, a dog called Pooh Bear and cotton candy cocoons, you couldn't possibly ask for any more. It's definitely worth a watch if you don't take things too seriously. But I image if you did you wouldn't be reading a Killer Klowns from out of Space review.

It's a shame that I never saw this film growing up. It would've been watched over and over as a child.

Does exactly what it says on the tin.
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So silly. So much fun
bowmanblue11 June 2014
First of all, 'Killer Klowns From Outer Space' is NOT a horror. But then it's also not a straight comedy. There's not an awful lot that's horrific about it, instead, it chooses to be a tongue-in-cheek caper with very creepy undertones. If you're not afraid of clowns, you probably will be after you've seen this lot. There's just something about them which is 'icky.' It's hard to describe.

Either way, this clowns (or 'Klowns' for some unknown reason) are intent on wrapping humans in candy floss and then sucking their blood through curly straws.

There is nothing serious about this entire film. It's the ultimate B-movie of the eighties (in fact, it may be a C-movie). The acting is dodgy, the special effects aren't that special (although the Klowns' masks are nicely nasty).

It's one of those movies where you simply have to put your brains on hold to enjoy it. There are plenty of plot holes that I choose not to notice, as I'm too busy enjoying the sheer stupidity.

Don't think, just laugh.
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In Space There Is No Popcorn
TEAQUIEMORO30 March 2006
Stephen Chiodo did a good job on this movie,the best killer clown movie I had ever seen in my life.This was a sensational movie,I watched it over and over again until it's not good which will take forever because it was an excellent movie,Iloved the characters sense of humor and their actions.The circus tent was great,I loved the real-life of a balloon dog.They kill people with a gun that turns the people into cotton-candy cocoons.And shooting popcorn that later will turn into little killer clown head that eat you.And a shadow puppet that eats humans and turn into popcorn was a cool spacial effects was the bomb.The Chiodo brothers did a wonderful job with the film.The actors were great,the director was good,everyone in the movie was great.Everyone is hoping that you make a squeal to the movie,whoever is out there please make a sequel to Killer Klowns.Everyone who loved this movie is counting on you.
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Good, watching B movie, and then that ending.
Phil Ingrouille21 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Killer Klowns from Outer Space was one of the first B movies I put on my watchlist, no joke. And yeah, enjoyable watch, fun premise, funny moments and jokes. The story is about a spaceship that crash lands in the town of Crescent Cove, containing killer alien clowns that begin to terrorize the small town, killing the inhabitants by turning them into mounds of cotton candy, and it's up to a small group of citizens to stop these killer clowns. And that's it. Fairly standard B movie with standard characters and some reality creative death scenes, one even including acid pies. I'd recommend it, even if it's a really silly film.

The only negative I have probably shouldn't get to me; I'm reviewing a film about weird looking killer alien clowns who arrive in a carnival shaped spaceship, but it still gets to me. The main character Mike hangs around with these two other guys in the film, and in the end you think they're dead. Would have liked if they stayed dead, but no, they somehow survive TWO explosions, without a single scratch or broken bone. You're telling me these two get flung across a room by the UberKlown, are able to BOTH fit inside the ice cream van's freezer; survive the exploding ice cream van: then make their way out of the BURNING wreckage, make their way into the van the clowns had (which wasn't even on the spaceship!!!) and survive THAT with the van completely in tact, while everything else on the ship was blown to smithereens!? The cop character also survives but I could at least buy that a little. This really took the cake.

Also there's this comical scene earlier on where one of the clowns tried to lure a kid out of this restaurant for some reason, and the mom arrives in time; not because there a clown outside with a hammer trying to lure her kid out, no no, it's because she hasn't finished her food. Is this parent stupid or just blind?

Overall, enjoyable, and I would and will watch this movie again, even if it's for the laughs. One of the good old cheesy 80s B movies and I love that it exists.
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Send in the clowns, don't bother they're here
bkoganbing10 October 2017
I was really prepared to trash this film and while Killer Klowns From Outer Space is hardly Citizen Kane it's actually a pretty fair satire of these science fiction films so popular in the 50s about alien invasion.

A spaceship lands and it looks like a circus tent. The aliens landing look like circus clowns and their weapons look like burlesque type weapons. They start reeking havoc on the nearby small town before anyone really notices.

The purpose it looks like was to replenish the food supply as they zap humans and kill them with the bodies stored for preservation in these cocoons made out of a cotton candy like substance. They must have seen and memorized the Kelvin cookbook on how to serve man.

John Allen Nelson and girlfriend Suzanne Snyder are the first to discover them and live and they go to Deputy Sheriff Grant Cramer who is Snyder's former boyfriend for help. Later on they rope in these two ding-a-lings who have an ice cream truck the Tirenzi Brothers. These two make Bill and Ted look as sophisticated as Noel Coward.

Royal Dano as a farmer and John Vernon as another sheriff's deputy have roles that you can see these two are enjoying overacting to the hilt. Their encounter with the clowns end badly, but are funny as all get out.

Killer Klowns From Outer Space has a dopey infectious charm to it just like the Bill&Ted films. I don't think one can help but like it.
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Kill the Klowns from Outer Space!!! PLEASE!!!
Elswet27 September 2003
This flick is filled with cheesy dialog, horrid direction, deplorable acting performances and the most inane script I've ever experienced.

I fail to comprehend the cult following this flick has generated. This "work" is nothing short of absolute detritus. It doesn't even fall into the "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes" genre of good camp. This is suppoed to be an "arthouse" parody of "B" horrors. It isn't "arthouse." It isn't anything but completely unintelligent, over-rated drivel. Having been written and directed by the cinematic equivalent of the Three Stooges (Directed by Stephen Chiodo and Written by Charles Chiodo & Edward Chiodo), I expected nothing more. Good thing, because this attempt gives nothing more than the most disgusting display of pre-pubescent idiocy to which I have ever had the displeasure of being exposed.

The producers and director in charge of these hokey, horrid, and even STUPID effects should have all been BURNED AT THE STAKE!

It doesn't rate a rating, but here goes.

It doesn't deserve this much, but I'll be generous with a 0.1/10 from...

the Fiend :.
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An Absurdly Impressive Waste of Time
calgary_132 April 2007
Warning: Spoilers
OK, so the only reason I gave this movie 2 stars instead of one, (which it completely deserves) is because there are few movies where someone gets their head completely punched off by a, sorry...KLOWN. Besides the few other parts of this movie that were so cheesy and terrible they were amusing, this pile of cinema garbage was a total waste of an hour and 26 minutes. The special effects were crap, everything was a visual nightmare, and not to mention the actors are INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!

I loved Army of Darkness, and I figured this would fall along the lines of that, but no. Nothing here for anyone. I don't think I can continue with words to explain the absurdity of this movie, and sorry to the Chiodo Brothers, but I don't think Ill be able to find time to see Dino Alley (The other movie this family of brilliant people produced).

Alright so this movie sucks. Go look up something else on your computer and don't even consider seeing this movie, if you can call it that.
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