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Sex & Nudity

  • One girl is shown in a sheer nightgown.
  • The lower half of one girl's white bra is visible before she takes a shower.
  • No sex or nudity involved.
  • Several couples are seen making out in their cars at the beginning of the movie.
  • A rude comment is made about a woman's roommate.
  • Two female clowns grow breasts (for comic effect.)
  • Two characters start selling ice creams "to get some girls"

Violence & Gore

  • Most of the violence is cartoonish but still some of the film is realistically violent.
  • A man grabs a pole connected to a circus tent and is electrocuted briefly.
  • A police officer is killed and used like a dummy. He has blood lining his mouth and bloody thumbprints on his cheeks and when the clown removes his had from his back it is covered in blood which he shakes off.
  • The small clown punches a biker's head off and it flies into the trashcan, showing the gore from the neck.
  • A man driving a car is pushed to the side of the road and his car crashes at the bottom of a cliff.
  • A group of people are eaten by a shadow puppet T-rex.
  • The clowns trap people in "cotton candy" cocoons, which melt the people inside to a bloody liquid. A few of the faces are seen when the cocoons are examined. Later in the movie, a clown drinks from one of them with a silly straw.
  • The clowns throw a bunch of pies at a security guard, and he crumbles to the floor steaming. When the main characters stumble upon the pile of pies, they see a skeleton arm sticking out indicating that the pies were acidic.
  • A few clowns are disturbing.
  • A man is choked by a trick glove.
  • When the clowns die they explode into fireworks.
  • Many are shot by ray guns that mummify then in cotton candy.
  • Some explosions.
  • A clown runs a man off the road killing him.


  • 2 uses of f word several uses of shit, damn, hell and asshole, bastard is used once

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A college student is seen carrying a bag of beer and drinking a can of it.
  • Two college students have a bottle of wine with them.
  • A police officer pours a shot and downs it.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Rated PG-13 for some crude humor,language,some sexual content,scary images and violence throughout and blood/gore
  • even though this is a horror movie it is very comedic in tone, but there a still moments that could scare younger viewers
  • The faces of the dead people in the cotton candy cocoons are slightly graphic.
  • A scene involving a little girl being lured out to a clown, holding a hammer behind his back, is a bit tense, but she ends up being grabbed by her mother before leaving.
  • The Clowns are realistically creepy and laugh this horrific metallic laugh. Some kids may be creeped out and any one with a fear of clowns will be terrified.

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