I'm Gonna Git You Sucka (1988) Poster

Keenen Ivory Wayans: Jack Spade



  • Jack Spade : [looks at musicians]  Who are these guys?

    John Spade : They're my theme music. Every good hero should have some!

  • Mr. Big : I know you're surprised that a big Hollywood star like me would appear in this movie. A lot of Hollywood stars have done exploitation films, like Angie Dickinson in "Big, Bad Mama."

    Jack Spade : Or Shelley Winters in "Cleopatra Jones"!

  • Jack Spade : Mr. Big is gonna pay. And if I see those little Evans midgets, they ass is mine. I'm - it's payback! It's payback And Lois Mitchell? You know, she snuck me! She snuck me! In fifth grade, you - I was eatin' my Jello when you hit me, baby, but...

    Cheryl : Jack, they were just kids!

    Jack Spade : Look, a family full of midgets is not considered kids. That's a gang!

    Cheryl : Jack, wait a minute! Jack, getting yourself killed is not gonna prove anything!

    Jack Spade : It proves I can beat a woman and some midgets.

  • Slammer : What makes you think you can be a Black hero?

    Jack Spade : I'm an ex-football player.

  • Jack Spade : That's my theme music.

  • Cheryl : Well, after you left, he started getting into drugs and stuff. Things got really bad when he...

    Jack Spade : Well, what? Cheryl, come on!

    Cheryl : He started wearing gold chains, Jack.

    Jack Spade : Oh, God, no!

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