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It's way beyond Grease.
Baltimore, 1962. The heyday of hair-dos and hair-don'ts, Heartthrobs and hefty girls, hot dates and hip talkers, beatniks and hair hoppers, and one magical potion that keeps it all together.
1962. When... Milk came in bottles. Phones had dials. Cadillacs had fins. Beehives were in. And girls really knew how to tease?
A new comedy by John Waters
Get Back To Your Roots!
1962... JFK was in The White House... John Glenn was in orbit... Cadillacs had fins... Beehives were in... And girls really knew how to tease!
A Comedy By John Waters
The 60's Comedy That Shows No Mercy!
The world was in a mess... but their hair was perfect!!
A movie with a beat you can laugh to!

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