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  • This movie is the inspiring true-life drama of seventeen-year-old Niki Janus. After fleeing persecution in Greece, Niki and her family immigrate to West Virginia and begin living the American Dream. Among their friends is Big John Creed, a wise and helpful handyman. But Niki's friendship with him and her belief in freedom unwittingly bring the wrath of the Ku Klux Klan to her doorstep. Full of courage and passion, Niki challenges the powerful Klan and, at the same time, must overcome her own fears to help the townspeople survive a horrible flu epidemic.


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  • This is the story of a Greek immigrant family who settled in Montgomery, West Virginia, in the year 1910.They experience the prejudice and friendship that many immigrants encountered during that period. The historical setting includes the days leading up to the United States entering World War I and the Influenza epidemic of 1917.

    The film is an adaptation of the book "Miss 4th of July, Goodbye: A Novel Based on the Life of Niki (born Xenopoulos) Janus" by Christopher G. Janus printed in 1985, and is based on a true story. Niki and her family befriend a former boxer, Big John Creed, who happens to be African-American. Niki's friendship with John and belief that he deserves to be treated with kindness and equal opportunity makes her househould the target of local Ku Klux Klan hatred. Her bravery and outside perspective as someone new to the town and the country itself helps the town to stand up to the KKK. When the flu epidemic sweeps through Montgomery, Niki also steps up to serve and battle the epidemic as best she can with her volunteering efforts. The cost is great, but the impact profound.

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