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House of Cards, The Wire Actor Reg E. Cathey Passes Away At 59

Emmy-winning actor Reg E. Cathey has passed away at the age of 59, possibly from lung cancer. Cathey was born in Huntsville, Alabama on August 18, 1958. He spent much of his childhood in West Germany before returning to America and studying theater at both The University of Michigan and the Yale School of Drama. Cathey’s career began on the series Square One, a mathematics based educational children’s show. He was the announcer for most of the game shows that were incorporated into the series. He followed with more traditional acting roles, making his film debut as a reporter in the Chevy Chase comedy Funny Farm.
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Santa Clarita Diet Review: Un-Death Becomes Her

  • TVfanatic
It seems impossible that a new television show about the undead could possibly offer anything fresh.

The mere thought of the undead bring up visions of a pleathora of zombie shows already on the air. Whether it's violent horror or light-hearted attempt at comedy, we're already doing it.

But before Netflix's Santa Clarita Diet, Victor Fresco (Better Off Ted), hadn't yet joined the fray. Suddenly the smell of death is sweet again.

There are many ways to look at what Fresco is offering with his look at the sudden eruption of undead in suburbia. It's a reminder that life is short – and ironic, too – since it's often under the worst circumstances that we come to realize the beauty that already surrounds us.

It's also an effective tale of a marriage that needed a boost, a look at commitment and what it's like to stand by your partner through the good times and the really,
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Deadpool: The One Joke Ryan Reynolds Wish Made The Film

When Deadpool hit theaters earlier this year, it was quite the sensation. Over the past fifteen years or so, audiences had gotten used to your typical comic book movie. The genre had become well-worn and predictable. While Deadpool didn’t exactly re-invent the wheel (it has a very tried-and-true throughline), it did manage to strike a core by doing the predictable incredibly well, and by throwing dozens of inappropriate jokes at the audience.

If one were to classify the type of approach the film used, I’d definitely say it used the shotgun approach, pretty much throwing out every tangential joke under the sun almost faster than anyone can pick them up. While this would seem to indicate that the writers and Reynolds managed to sneak in any joke they could possibly muster, this isn’t really the case.

Speaking with EW, the Deadpool star revealed one joke that ended
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Why is one of Bill Murray's best movies still largely unavailable?

  • Hitfix
Why is one of Bill Murray's best movies still largely unavailable?
Everybody loves Bill Murray. Okay, maybe that's not 100% true, but there are days where it seems like it's true. Bill Murray is well aware of the way people feel about him, and over the course of his very strange career, he has taken full advantage of the latitude that people grant him because of the persona he has cultivated. Bill Murray has become something more than a comic lead, something bigger than a movie start, and arguably something more impressive and enduring than a legend. Bill Murray is an urban myth. Talk about transcending your corporeal form, man. We've all heard the Bill Murray stories, wild tales about the actor showing up at a party, staying till dawn, then doing all the dishes in the house before slipping out the back door without a goodbye, or tackling someone in the park before whispering to them, "No one will be believe you.
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Angela Barnes: the salty standup mentored by Sarah Millican

Championed by the BBC, fellow comedians and her own dad, who inspired her debut show, this rising comic specialises in heartfelt funnies

As legacies go, launching your offsprings comedy career is a pretty good one. When his daughter, Angela, was booking standups to play at the Funny Farm in Brighton, Derek Barnes knew that she really wanted to be performing herself. When he died in the summer of 2008, she finally gave it a go. After his death, she says: Suddenly, the things that used to matter to me didnt any more, and one of those things was what people thought of me. He died when he was 60, which is no age. And that was the catalyst. I just thought, lifes too short. So I signed up to a standup course.

Six years later, Derek was at the heart of Angela Barness debut standup show, You Cant Take It With You,
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Fun trailer for The Grand Seduction with Brendan Gleeson & Taylor Kitsch

  • JoBlo
While you're being bombarded by the explosions, monsters, robots, and superheroes of the summer box office, there may come a point when you need a good palate cleanser. For me, the best films to fit that mold are light, airy, and fun indie dramas or comedies and it looks like The Grand Seduction will fill that need graciously. Starring Brendan Gleeson, Taylor Kitsch, and Liane Balaban, the story is a familiar one, especially if you've ever seen Doc Hollywood or Funny Farm, in which a small...
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Merry Christmas From the Movies: The Mashup

  • NextMovie
If you're anything like us, then at this time of year you're a sucker for Christmas movies of any kind. You melt and grin over the tender lessons learned, the opening of presents, the sourpuss having a change of heart, the pratfalls, the lovers sharing a kiss in the snow, the realization that Santa actually exists. Oh, and Martians.

We're celebrating our love of Christmas movies, not to mention the holiday itself, with this heartwarming mashup of Christmas cheer. Merry Christmas from all of us here at NextMovie — as well as a multitude of movie characters — to all of you.

Movies Included (Click to Buy):

Holiday Inn | How the Grinch Stole Christmas | Love Actually | Bridget Jones' Diary | The Nightmare Before Christmas | Batman Returns | Pirate Radio | Home Alone | Eight Crazy Nights | Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist | Prancer | Christmas in Connecticut (1945) | The Holiday | A Charlie Brown Christmas | Bad Santa | American Psycho
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Blu-ray Release: The Sting

Blu-ray & DVD Release Date: June 5, 2012

Price: Blu-ray $39.98

Studio: Universal Studios Home Entertainment

The winner of seven Academy Awards, including Best Picture, 1973′s The Sting is a welcome addition to high-definition Blu-ray.

The comedy crime film, set in 1930s Chicago, stars Robert Redford (The Natural) and Paul Newman (The Hustler) as two con men who team up after a mutual friend is killed by a Mob boss. The con men, one experienced and the other new, take revenge by planning their biggest con on the boss, despite falling into unforeseen problems.

As well as Best Picture, The Sting, rated PG, won Oscars for director George Roy Hill (Funny Farm), David S. Ward’s (Sleepless in Seattle) screenplay, editing, music, art direction and costume design, and was nominated for sound, cinematography and leading actor Redford.

Part of Universal’s 100th Anniversary Edition Blu-ray discs, the Blu-ray/DVD combo has DTS-hd 5.1 audio and
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Tmp Reviews: The Caller on DVD!

The Movie Pool dials up the DVD release of the 1980s cult thriller The Caller!

Blu-ray Specs

Aspect Ratio: 1.66:1 widescreen

Running Time: 97 minutes

Rating: R

Audio: Dolby Digital 2.0

Subtitles: None          

Special Features: None

The DVD is offered as part of MGM's "Limited Edition Collection" on DVD, which are available from select online retailers and are manufactured only when the DVD is ordered. The DVD features a simple menu with no menu for chapters or scenes. Chapters are set every ten minutes. Manufacture-On-Demand (Mod) DVDs will play in DVD playback units only and may not play in DVD recorders or PC drives. This DVD did not play in our laptop DVD drive but did play in our Toshiba DVD recorder.

The Set-up

At a remote cabin in the woods, a woman with a dark past (Madolyn Smith) is caught in a psychological game of cat-and-mouse when a strange but charming
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Funny Farm and Spies Like Us Blu-ray Reviews

Before he was the scene-stealing old guy on NBC’s Community, Chevy Chase was one of the biggest movie stars on the planet. Between 1978’s Foul Play and 1989’s National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, Chase reeled off a string of nearly 20 comedies, most of them big hits — and then he pissed it all away in a spectacular orgy of horrible flops that included Nothing but Trouble and Cops and Robbersons.

Now that Chevy’s making us laugh again, and the sting of his most egregious failures has worn off, Warner Bros. has decided to pull two of his movies from the vaults for its “Double Feature” series. They aren’t two of his best, unfortunately, but for filmgoers of a certain age, the Funny Farm/Spies Like Us two-fer will bring back plenty of (occasionally rather painful) memories. More after the jump:

Funny Farm, released in June of 1988, holds the
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This Week on DVD: Brooklyn’s Finest, A Single Man, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

I'm not gonna lie, it's a pretty uninteresting week for new releases on DVD and Blu-ray. The only really high profile flick in stores today is Antoine Fuqua's Brooklyn's Finest starring Don Cheadle, Richard Gere, Ethan Hawke and Wesley Snipes. Also out this week is Tom Ford's critically acclaimed drama A Single Man, the Swedish thriller The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, and the vampire comedy Bitten starring Jason Mewes. Yep, getting to the bottom of the barrel pretty quickly here. There is also a new special edition re-release of the Buster Keaton classic Steamboat Bill, Jr., and just in time for the World Cup semi-finals, it's Ladybugs on Blu-ray! Will you be buying or renting anything this week? Brooklyn's Finest [1] (+ Blu-ray [2]) A Single Man [3] (+ Blu-ray [4]) The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo [5] (+ Blu-ray [6]) Bitten [7] Eyeborgs [8] (+ Blu-ray [9]) Lost Keaton: Sixteen Comedy Shorts 1934-1937 [10] Steamboat Bill, Jr.: Ultimate Edition [11] (+ Blu-ray
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Top 5 2010-Released Games That I’m Wet For!

  • MonkeyTossTv
By James Schlarmann

2010 has already given us a couple of truly epic games between BioShock and Assassin’s Creed II I’ve had my hands full just trying to get other games reviewed. And yet I think there may still be yet to come some gaming-gold with the following five games; due for release later this year.

5. Super Street Fighter IV (Releases April 27th, 2010)

Street Fighter IV was great. And in the tradition of previous generations of this game, Capcom has added the word “Super” to the title and has added more playable characters and combos and other little things. Sure, maybe I shouldn’t be so stoked about a re-dux of a previous game. But damnit, Street Fighter games are just always so much fun.

What this makes me hungry for though is a new installment of Marvel vs. Capcom. Those games never, ever disappoint. So Capcom, if you
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Jay-z, Wilco And The Yeah Yeah Yeahs: 10 In 2009

2009 is coming to a close, which means that it's time to check in on what the favorite albums, artists, songs and moments were among the fine folks in the MTV Newsroom. Be sure to check out James Montgomery's definitive year-end list for 2009, and enjoy the "10 In 2009" series that will be running over the next two weeks.

By Rya Backer

I listened to a lot of good albums this year, and there were a lot of great songs on them. So I'll make like a girlfriend and give to you, the readers, my 2009 in song. The title of this mixtape? I'mma Let You Finish, But These Are My Favorite Songs of 2009. I'm hilarious?

Side A

Jay-z, "On to the Next One"

I kept hearing this song in clubs and I really liked it, so I finally Googled "Somebody bring me back some money please." Now I cut a rug to
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Comedian Chevy Chase To Guest Star On NBC's "Chuck"

"Chuck" fans are in for a treat this spring when Emmy Award-winning comedy legend Chevy Chase guest stars on the NBC comedy. Chase will guest-star as an iconic computer genius who may be more than he appears in a multi-episode arc on "Chuck."

Celebrity News Service loves Chase and was a fan of his since his days on "NBC's Saturday Night Live." On "Chuck," Chase will play Ted Roark who is the founder and great mind behind Roark Instruments. Chuck (Zachary Levi) has looked up to Roark since he was a kid, and working at Roark Instruments is his dream. But perhaps there's more to this company than just super cool computers, turtlenecks -- and uberpositive employees.

One of the most honored and beloved actors of his generation, Chase first came to national prominence as a writer and performer with the original cast of NBC's "Saturday Night Live," for which he won two Emmys.
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Oscar-Winning Director George Roy Hill Dies at 81

  • WENN
George Roy Hill, who won an Oscar for directing Paul Newman and Robert Redford in the 1973 box office hit The Sting, died Friday in Manhattan of complications from Parkinson's disease; he was 81. Hill also directed Newman and Redford in their first film together, the hugely popular comedy-western Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969), which received Oscar nominations for Best Picture and Director, and won four, including one for the song "Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head." Hill started his directing career during television's Golden Age in the `50s, helming such live dramas as A Night to Remember and Judgment at Nuremberg. In 1957 he moved to Broadway, directing acclaimed productions of Look Homeward, Angel and Tennessee Williams' Period of Adjustment, which later became his directorial film debut in 1962, starring a young Jane Fonda. Hill garnered attention for the 1964 Peter Sellers comedy The World of Henry Orient, and after taking on big budget films Hawaii and Thoroughly Modern Millie, cemented his status as a breezy, iconoclastic director with Butch Cassidy as well as the The Sting, which received ten Oscar nominations and won seven. Known for taking on challenging material (and defying studio control), Hill also tackled two difficult novel adaptations . Slaughterhouse-Five (1972) and The World According to Garp (1982) . as well as the `70s comedies The Great Waldo Pepper (starring Redford) and Slap Shot (starring Newman). Hill enjoyed later acclaim with the gentle 1979 comedy A Little Romance, starring Laurence Olivier and a 14-year-old Diane Lane, but ended his career quietly with 1984's The Little Drummer Girl and the 1988 Chevy Chase comedy Funny Farm. Hill is survived by his former wife, Louisa Horton, as well as two sons, two daughters, and twelve grandchildren. --Prepared by IMDb staff

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