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The cup(s) of horror runneth over with titillating humor
Eric-122622 October 2001
This movie is simply the best horror-film parody ever made. And it's also just one darned enjoyable flick. I guess you could call it a guilty pleasure. True, it is pure cornball, but I have grown to love it, and I watch it regularly every year around Halloween, since (naturally) several channels on TV routinely feature it as part of that select batch of Halloween pictures that just scream for annual broadcasting.

Extremely well filmed (IMHO), I am always really amazed at how nice it is to see it again each year – it holds up well and looks fantastic even today, after 13 years.

From a physical perspective, Elvira (Cassandra Peterson) - with that showgirl figure and that over-the-top tight-fitting black costume - just grabs your attention with both, um, *hands*, from the get go, and never lets go. But there's much more to revel in here than just her physical assets: her acting, her ditzy charm and irreverent risqué sense of humor will just have you lapping it up. In short, you'll just love Elvira from top to bottom (unlike the townies in the story, many of whom decidedly did not take kindly to her sudden arrival in their up-tight little burg in Massachusetts).

This movie is just busting out all over with titillating, slightly off-color humor (or: off-colour humour for those of you on the other side of the Atlantic) from start to finish. There are many funny and memorable lines in this movie of the double-entendre variety; it's hard to keep abreast of them all. (I'd list a few of my racier favorites here, but in the interest of not offending the delicate sensibilities of anyone reading this who is NOT into that sort of humor, well, it might be best for you to just go watch the movie and compile your own list).

I can't say anything bad about this movie at all, except that sadly it does end, and you are left wanting more (of Elvira). LOTS more. Alas, c'est la vie.
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Perfect Movie of it's Type
tvsterling19 September 2004
I don't doubt that the critics panned this movie, especially the artsy fartsys who need a laxative. This is a great vehicle movie in the tradition of Abbot & Costello or more recently Don Knotts. It won't shake the world or change movies forever. What it will do is entertain. When all is said & done that's the most important thing anyway. Watch this movie & forget your troubles. It even has a simple & kind moral message at no extra charge. I always loved Elvira's TV show when I lived in LA. She did not really steal her schtick from Vampira any more than Vampira did from the original, Theda Bara. This sort of mythic character belongs to whoever does it best; & Cassandra Peterson does it best. Long live Elvira; we need more of these kind of movies. There are never enough. The villain, William Morgan Sheppard, was also excellent. He exudes a wonderful refined malice. I could find no technical faults. The execution is as close to flawless as the art form gets. My profound compliments to the director,James Signorelli,& all his crew.
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Elvira is Hilaroius!
Fletch0627 April 2006
OK, this movie is stupid. I mean that in a good way though.It was stupid on purpose, and was one of the better "stupid" movies I've seen. The jokes and gags are purposefully bad, but delivered in a way that it struck all the right notes with me. The supporting characters were pretty shallow and mediocre. There is a pretty weak plot, but it works just fine.

Elvira's character is the focus here.She is lovable and adorable.Cassandra Petersen has a world of acting talent that just glows in this movie.On top of that acting talent she had physical attributes which were frankly, stunning. Few men could disagree with that. The parts that show off her figure were also some of the funnier scenes in the movie.

I had a smile ear to ear from the first scene to the last.

Highly recommended to fans of comedy, and to fans of beautiful women. I wish they had made a dozen more Elvia movies.
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My hearts on fire for Elvira!
Schlockmeister7 May 2001
Any movie that starts off with the epic closing scene from "It Conquered The World" is going to be a great movie! Essentially a movie of one Elvira routine after another, playing off of an uptight town of puritans, siding with the kids who just want to have a good time and see Elvira ham it up to schlocky old movies at their local theater. If you like Elvira's style of comedy, this is the movie for you. No pun is left unacknowledged, no breast reference unaccompanied by a stare down at "the twins". Low-brow, silly and schlocky, just like the movies she hosts and celebrates. Edie McClurg is here in her perennial role as uptight busybody, she seems typecast as this in every movie she does, but this has become her image and she is marvelous at it. Great Halloween party movie, would go well with a few B Horror Movies from the 1950s. Recommended!
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A Classic!!
Miseri21 October 2002
I highly recommend this movie. The movie is funny, entertaining and well, it's something only Elvira can deliver!!! Edie McClurgh (Ferris Bueller's Day Off) is great as Chastity Pariah. The movie is chock-full of hilarious sexual innuendo (56 boob jokes!) and visual slap-stick gags. Elvira's dream is to perform in Las Vegas, but to do that she needs 50,000$. She heads the the Puritanical town of Falwell to pick up her great aunt Morgana Talbot's inheritance....a measley book. But the book holds the secrets of the magic, plunging Elvira into a battle of metaphysical proportions! I cannot recommend this movie enough!!!! It's corny, it's campy, but that's Elvira.
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This movie is hilarious.
buppy13 January 1999
Elvira aka Cassandra Peterson stars in this hilarious film. Elvira has just received word that her aunt has just passed away and she stands to inherit something she's unsure of but hopes it's money so she can achieve her dream of having her own Las Vegas show. Soon she's in Fallwell, Massachusetts which is a dead end town where nothing exciting ever happens, until Elvira shows up. There she falls in love with a local named Bob and receives her inheritance, her aunt's house, dog, and a book of recipes that contains spells which her evil uncle is trying to get from her. I laughed a lot and I'm sure you will, too.
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Elvira rocks
BrianCTyler22 April 2006

directed by: James Signorelli

starring: Cassandra Peterson, W. Morgan Sheppard, Daniel Greene, and Edie McClurg

plot: Elvira (Cassandra Peterson) quits her TV show and heads to the small Christian town Fallwell, Massachusettes to collect on her dead aunt's inheritance, hoping to make big bucks to open up a show in Vegas. Unfortunately for her, all she gets is a creepy old house, a poodle, and a magic cookbook. While in Fallwell, Elvira tries to make money, breathe some life into the teenagers, win the heart of a stud (Daniel Greene), avoid being burned at the stake, and keep the cookbook from her creepy uncle (W. Morgan Sheppard), who is planning to use the book to end the world.

my thoughts: I love both Cassandra Peterson and her alter-ego Elvira. She is a very successful, beautiful, and funny woman and as Elvira she's all that plus morbid and hilariously naive, not to mention she has an amazing pair of knockers. In this movie, her charms are put to good use.

I loved the whole 'fish out of water' feel to the film. You got Elvira, with her low-cut black dress, her big black hair, and her enormous 'twins', and she's in a Christian town where most of the girls aren't even allowed to wear makeup. This also makes her love story with Bob (Daniel Greene) a lot more entertaining.

W. Morgan Sheppard is equally great as Elvira's uncle/nemesis Vincent, out to steal the book to use it for evil. He has a lot of presence but still doesn't get in the way and steal scenes from Elvira.

What really makes the film is not the plot, but the many jokes. Everything from boob jokes to horror spoofing is here and makes me laugh a lot more than anything from a SCARY MOVIE sequel. I hear there are about 56 boob jokes in this film, and any fan of Roger Corman B-horror flicks will love the spoofing in this film.

If you love Elvira, you will love this flick. Also check out ELVIRA'S HAUNTED HILLS.
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Q: Can Elvira carry a feature film? A: YES!
William31 August 2002
"Elvira, Mistress Of The Dark" is a sort of "Harper Valley P.T.A." with touches of the supernatural. Elvira (Cassandra Peterson) walks off her job as television horror movie hostess after the new station's owner gets fresh with her. She's now relying on a Las Vegas show to carry her through, but learns she needs to come up with more money to get the show started. Things look hopeless to raise that money until she receives notice of her aunt's death, which then takes Elvira to Massachusetts for the reading of the will. A house in need of repairs, a dog, and a cookbook are all that is left to her by her aunt, and again it seems Elvira is having trouble coming up with the money for the Las Vegas show. The adults of the small and narrow minded town make things worse by making things more difficult for Elvira. Only the local hunk (Daniel Greene), and a group of teenagers will befriend her. Elvira's Uncle "Vinnie" (W. Morgan Sheppard), presses to make a deal with Elvira for the cookbook, but Elvira soon learns of her powerful heritage that includes spellcasting, and a couple very effective casseroles. Elvira no longer wants to sell the cookbook to her uncle, but he is determined to get his hands on it knowing of its power. Elvira then faces being burned at the stake on the town's old charge of witchcraft, and the showdown between her and her uncle. The plot is pretty simple, but the humor and well developed characters keep it moving at a nice pace. "Elvira, Mistress Of The Dark" is full of cute, gross, bawdy, and clever humor carried through by the many sight gags, puns, props, songs, and parodies. The film's touches of the occult make this one of the best horror parodies ever made. It is a well made film with terrific acting by all performers; including Edie McClurg, and Jeff Conaway (of "Grease.") There are also nice special effects. Many people (including myself) wondered if the Elvira character could carry a feature film, and the answer is delightfully, YES!
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Actually Pretty Funny, Boob Jokes And All
domino100316 November 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Those who are not familiar with Cassandra Peterson's alter-ego Elvira, then this is a good place to start.

"Elvira, Mistress of the Dark" starts off with our heroine with the gravity defying boobs receiving a message. It seems that a great aunt of hers has died and that she needs to be present for the reading of the will. Anxious to raise money for a show she wants to open in Las Vegas, she decides to go in hopes of getting lots and lots of money.

Unfortunately, the place she has to go is the town of Fallwell, Massachusetts. Having to stay a spell due to her car breaking down, she finds out that her great aunt left her 3 things: a house, a dog and a cookbook. The town residents have mixed reactions:the teens like her, the women hate her, and the men lust after her (Although trying to remain moral pillars of the community). Her worst problem turns out to be her great uncle Vincent (W. Morgan Sheppard), because he wants her cookbook. Seems that the cookbook is a book of spells that will make him a more powerful warlock.

The film is actually pretty funny, with Peterson a.k.a. Elvira using her "endowments" and sexiness as a joke ("And don't forget, tomorrow we're showing the head with two things... I mean the thing with two heads"). Especially funny as Edie McClurg as Chastity Pariah, the woman that works her hardest to keep the town in line, but ends up looking ridiculous (The picnic scene is the perfect example). Deserves a peek (The film, not her boobs, of course).
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My favorite movie!
James L.7 August 2000
The basic plot: Shlocky horror movie hostess Elvira goes to a small,uptight,puritan town where she encounters an evil uncle, a hunk, some disgruntled teenagers, and some black magic.

The praise:Elvira. She is the smoky, the sexy, campy, the shlocky, the shticky the great one. The entire movie is a send-up of shlock horror, horror, porn,sex,porn,breasts,supernatural movies, show-biz movies, Camp,80's movies, materialism, Vegas, british horror,teen movies,middle-aged horniness, and horror parodies. All with a great soundtrack, a lot of yuks, and the smoky, the best, and better, Elvira. I don't know why I like it all,moreover it being my favorite movie,but who cares!It all ends with a great shlocky, glittering Vegas number! The must-see movie!
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Funny Cult-Trash
Claudio Carvalho11 September 2016
When a chauvinist millionaire buys the TV network where the sexy Elvira (Cassandra Peterson) is the horror hostess of a late show, she quits her job with the intention of producing a show of her own in Las Vegas. However the producers demand 50 thousand dollars from her and Elvira does not have the money. Out of the blue, she receives a telegram informing that her great aunt Morgana died and she has an inheritance to receive. Elvira drives to Fallwell, in Massachusets, where her car breaks. While repairing the car, Elvira inherits an old house, a recipe book and a poodle. Her great uncle Vincent Talbot (W. Morgan Sheppard) proposes to buy her book, but the poodle hides it in the sofa. Meanwhile the conservative council of Fallwell feels uncomfortable with Elvira's clothes and behavior and does not let her find a job. But the cinema owner Bob Redding (Daniel Greene) and the local teenagers help Elvira. When she decides to cook a dinner to impress Bob, she uses Morgana's recipe and finds that it is indeed a spell book that belonged to her mother Divana. Further, Morgana has protected her from the warlock Vincent that wants the book to take over the world and destroy Elvira, who is a powerful witch. When Elvira refuses to sell the spell book to Vincent, her convinces the council that she is a witch that must be burned at the stake. How will Elvira stop the evil Vincent?

"Elvira: Mistress of the Dark" is a funny cult-trash that works for the fans. This cheesy film is hilarious despite all the silliness and the sexy Cassandra Peterson is the responsible for making it worthwhile watching. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "Elvira: A Rainha das Trevas" ("Elvira: The Queen of the Darkness")
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Elvira, Mistress of the Dark (and the movie screen!)
Cher the Love28 March 2002
This film is pure Elvira and shows her at her breast... I mean best! The story (co-written by Cassandra Peterson, Elvira's alter ego) is inspiring and captivating and is brought to life by Elvira's wit and charm. The viewer gets an opportunity to see Elvira in a whole new light as she struggles with the prejudices of the people of Fallwell, Massachusetts (where she has travelled from Los Angeles in order to attend the reading of her Great Aunt Morganna's will) and at the same time tries to help the long-suffering teenagers who have been deprived of fun by the matriarchal Chastity Pariah and the rest of the town council. She also has to deal with her attraction to Bob Redding, the owner of the local cinema, and another woman (Patty) who has her eye on Bob as well but is not nearly as deserving of his love as Elvira. And, later in the movie, she also faces the complications of being descended from ''a major metaphysical celebrity'' and the charges of witchcraft brought against her which mean that she will be burnt at the stake. Elvira manages to be both sexy and vulnerable, streetwise and naive in this film, while cracking risque jokes and delivering off-beat lines with double meanings.

This movie is inspiring because it gives out the message of never giving up on yourself and always trying to follow your dreams. In the end Elvira's dreams finally come true, which is the best thing that could happen to this wonderfully unique and determined woman.

I've seen this movie countless times and I never ever get tired of it! There are no unnecessary scenes and I found myself captivated throughout the whole movie. A review will not do justice to the actual movie, so I can just tell you to PLEASE watch it because it is one of the best movies ever made! Meanwhile, I wish you ''unpleasant dreams!''
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It's not Schindler's List, and it isn't trying to be
liamforeman2 July 2012
I was talked into watching this the other night at a party. I said "NO THANKS!" but my friend told me I'd like it.

Guess what? I liked it. Elvira was so good at her delivery. I'm surprised she didn't do more films, since she was a natural on camera.

This movie is not to be taken seriously obviously, but the one-liners kept stacking up. Many that I would consider using in the future.

I could go into the plot, but it is a paper thin plot which is okay. The film has a kitschy fun playful mood and that's the plot as far as I'm concerned.

I'd recommend this if you grew up in the 80s and have a fun sense of humor. This isn't trying to be a masterpiece. It's just fun, and having seen so many movies that attempt this kind of film I am glad to have discovered it.

Congrats, Cassandra, you did well!
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It's a camp classic
glead41 September 2005
Warning: Spoilers
This has to be one of my favourite flicks, unlike the weak 'Elvira's Haunted Hills'...anyway I love the way the movie is a goth/com 'Wizard of Oz' story...

Elvira is a goth Dorothy who is stranded in an unfamiliar town after the death of a Good Witch (elviras Aunt Morgana)...she inherits a "Ruby" ring which is extremely powerful and sought after by the Bad Warlock (Her uncle)...She befriends four Characters whom she inadvertently helps grow throughout the movie all the while with a dog in tow. There is a show down with her uncle (the wicked witch of the West) where Elvira realises that she has the strength within her and ends up defeating him. In the end she gets sent off by the towns folk after winning over their hearts and finally gets to her destination Las Vegas (Dorothy's home in Kansas).

There are many references made to the wizard of oz throughout the movie...she and her uncle both quote lines relevant to their parallel characters. Elvira: "Youe must be aunt Em, and you must be uncle Remus....There's no place like home, there's no place like home!" Bad uncle Vinny: "I'll get you my pretty, and your little dog too!"

There is a sign that Elvira passes when first on her road trip which mentions the state of Kansas.

But aside from this, the fact that one of the sequences she "ripped off, um...I mean was inspired by FlashDance" is pure genius...and if you don't roll around laughing at her titty twirling at the end of her "very 80's" Las Vegas show then you haven't got a camp bone in your body...This movie is a Cult/Camp Classic
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One of the BEST comedies....EVER!
skottyrock8 January 2002
What can one say about Elvira that hasn't already been said in the world's press? The classic comedienne that IS Elvira delivers in her first full-length big budget comedy masterpiece.

From the very first movie frame thingy, Elvira packs an acting punch that clearly says Film Great....eat your heart out, Bette Davis! See a forlorn Elvira, see an excitable Elvira, see a jealous Elvira, see a murderous Elvira. You can do nothing but marvel at her acting prowess!

At the heart of this comedy masterpiece is Elvira's desire for Las Vegas show stardom. Despite putting "the boob back in the boobtube" as a horror hostess (with the mostest), Elvira finds the small screen constrictive emotionally....and PHYSICALLY! Nuff said, she packs up her kitbag and heads East....a hotdog in one hand and a letter from her Aunt's lawyer outlining her inheritance 'windfall' in the other.

I've seen this movie so many times, I can almost recite it verbatim....(verbatim would just be showing off)!

Grab a copy, laugh yourself silly, learn the lines....

Why she didn't win the Best Actress Oscar for this role is beyond me.
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"I'm never working for that sleaze-ball again... I have to find another sleaze-ball." Watchable comedy.
Paul Andrews28 December 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Elvira, Mistress of the Dark starts with cable TV horror show hostess Elvira (Cassandra Peterson who also co-wrote) having a run in with her new boss Earl Hooter (Lee McLaughlin) & getting herself fired. However Elvira doesn't care as she is about to star in her own show in Las Vegas, that is until her manager Manny (Charles Woolf) says she needs to raise $50,000 of the production costs herself. Elvira thinks she's screwed, that is until she learns that her great aunt Morgana has recently died & left her something in her will. Elvira senses money so heads for the small town of Fallwell in Massachusettes where Morgana lived. Once there Elvira discovers that she inherits Morgana's house, dog & cookbook. With no money Elvira decides to stick around & sell the house but the conservative locals think Elvira is immoral, cheap & bad for the town so lead by the righteous Chastity Pariah (Edie McClurg) they start a campaign to oust her from Fallwall. Meanwhile Elvira's evil Satan worshipping uncle Vincent (William Morgan Sheppard) is plotting to get his hands on Elvira's cookbook ,which is in fact a book of powerful spells, by any means necessary...

Directed by James Signorelli I thought Elvira, Mistress of the Dark was a decent watchable family comedy horror. I have to state straight away that I am perhaps at a disadvantage as here in the UK we have no exposure to the character Elvira unlike in the States where I think she gave introductions to horror films, right? Anyway I'm not sure as we don't, & never had, have anything like that here & I have never seen the Elvira character in anything before this. The script by Sam Egan, John Paragon & Peterson is silly & really plays the comedy elements up, I'd have perhaps preferred the horror angle to come through a bit more, I mean wasn't she a horror film hostess? Having said that it provides fair entertainment & a some mildly amusing moments here & there & at least it knows what it is & has no aspirations to be anything else other than a collection of puns, boob jokes, sexual innuendo & slapstick. As a whole Elvira, Mistress of the Dark works quite well with likable character's, just enough horror to maintain my interest & Elvira herself is pretty charismatic, very sexy in her skin tight low cut dress, high heels & I wouldn't mind her introducing my horror films. Look out for her Las Vegas show at the end where she twirls some tassel's attached to her breasts, even managing one at a time.

Director Signorelli keeps things moving at a nice pace, the jokes & puns come thick & fast & it never becomes dull or boring. There is one effective jump scene that involves a slimy creature that feels like it belongs in a different film. Forget about any violence, someone has their hand cut off with an axe & Elvira throws her high heeled shoe at someone & the heel becomes impaled in their forehead! I did think he overdid the sentimentality a little at the mushy feel good ending though.

With a healthy budget of about $7,500,000 I must admit I'm not sure where all the money went, there are few special effects, no big name actors or huge action scenes. Anyway, it's well made & Elvira's spooky house, inside & out, looks cool which probably cost a few quid to make. The acting is OK & everyone comes across as likable enough, Elvira obviously steals the show with her outfits & attitude.

Elvira, Mistress of the dark is a nice enough way to pass 95 odd minutes & offers a few amusing moments. A lot of the jokes feel dated & the overall story is weak but I still think it's worth a watch.
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Goth Mae West
junk-monkey1 July 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I'm still not sure I believe my eyes. I just watched a New World movie that had a budget!

Opening with footage from Corman stinker "It Conquered the World" and containing clips from "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes" this simple silly comedy delivers some nice jokes and (for its time) semi-decent special effects - far better than the usual tosh that follows the "New World Cinema" logo onto the screen.

The story is minimal. Fired from her job presenting crud movies on the TV Elvira, needing to raise 50,000 dollars to take a show to Las Vegas, drives to New England to claim an inheritance. She arrives in the prudish town like a Goth Mae West and finds she has inherited a dilapidated house, a poodle, and a cookery book. The book turns out to be a spell book of incredible power and the only thing stopping Elvira's Evil Great Uncle from ruling the world. Elvira eventually defeats him after nearly being burned as a witch and gets to put on her show in Vegas.

OK, a lot of the jokes you've heard before, a lot of them misfire, but they keep coming and the pace never flags and there are some genuinely funny, inventive moments in here. Listen for the noise as Elvira blows the smoke of the top of her gun. It's a classic piece of sound editing that makes a dumb joke funny.

Silly fun and far better than I was expecting.
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A campy concoction of fun, horror sex appeal, and comedy all poured into a low cut black gown.
Macabre16 January 1999
Elvira Mistress of the Dark is just that, a campy concoction of fun, sex appeal, horror and comedy all poured into a low cut black gown and toped with a sky high black bouffant hair-do. This movie is sure to delight any fan of Elvira's. It takes you upclose and personal with Elvira and probes deep into her...um past revealing her enormous... ancestry.

The movie takes you on a ride with Elvira as she goes from TV Horror Hostess with the Mostess to her home town of Fallwell Mass to claim her inheritance from a deceased Great Aunt. Where she encounters a stuffy town, a studly cinema owner, a creepy Great Uncle who seems to be after her for more than her good looks. A slew of high school kids that immediately love her, and a town board who are will do anything to get her out of town, even if it means burning her at the stake! Watch Elvira woo the kids, stalk the stud, avoid her creepy Great Uncle and thumb her nose at the stuffy uptight 'preservatives' who have no kind words for her, in Elvira Mistress of the Dark!

As Elvira would say "I guarantee it'll be a scream! (screams in background) Whoa! Good thing I didn't say it'd be a gas!"
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Elvira Is Great!
Darkest_Rose13 February 2003
Elvira(Cassandra Peterson) is the host of a cheap horror show. After she finds out that her dead aunt has left her some stuff, elvira goes to England to pick it up, hoping it will be some money. But to her horror, elvira finds out that all her aunt has left her is her house, her dog and a cookbook. Elvira decides to settle in the house anyways, but with her striking dark looks and her stunning features, she will not be able to live in peace. All the neighbours are now turning the whole town against her, and with Elvira's outrageous attitude and looks, everyone better watch out, because Elvira is on Fire! I really enjoyed this movie, it's really fun to watch get Elvira into all these adventures, she's just great. The whole movie puts you into a halloween mood, sure, it's silly and the jokes are cheap but it's a pleasure to watch it. I would give Elvira, Mistress Of The Dark 8/10
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It's the same joke over and over and over.....
bensonmum225 April 2005
Warning: Spoilers
  • Elvira moves to a small town to claim her inheritance - an old, rundown house. Although most of the townspeople don't approve, the kids in town are only too happy to help her fix-up her house. Elvira finds what she believes to be a cookbook in the house. Her uncle offers to buy it from her, but she won't sell. The book, it seems, contains more than ordinary recipes. It's a book of spells that Elvira must learn to use to save herself and the town.

  • I've seen this movie several times over the years. And with each viewing, I find myself enjoying it less and less. Elvira is a one note character - boob jokes. And, while some of the jokes are funny the first couple of times, the jokes get tired real quick. Without the comedy, Elvira becomes little more than a bad actress in a very revealing dress.

  • The brightest spot in the movie is Edie McClurg. She's one of those people that can make me laugh regardless of how bad the material may be. When you see her, she's the exact opposite of what you expect a comedian to look like. And she uses that to her advantage here playing the holier than though Chastity Pariah.

  • Even though Elvira, Mistress of the Dark may not be as good in my eyes as I once thought it was, it's still miles better than Elvira's second movie, Elvira's Haunted Hills - another one joke movie.
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wow its funny
dakota_loves_it11 July 2005
when my sister said this movie was gonna be good i had second thoughts but i watched it and it was actually funny. basically the movie is made of a weird girl who goes to a small town where no one likes her and she just wants to go there and get the reading of her aunts will don so she can go. but its not all that easy. In this movie you will come across hilarious humor, a witch, a book of spells/recopies, a mentally challenged uncle and a dog. You will understand the meaning of the word freak a after anyways i hope you run right out and try to find this really old movie. hope you like it in total i will have to give it a 0.... no I'm totally joking ill give it a 9 hope you understand that you will laugh, you will scream and you may just be offended.

love yours truly: Dakota you can email me at dakota_loves_it@hot mail.com if you wanna
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Underrated fun
Ispystuff19 July 2002
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is pretty predictable, and most of the jokes are pretty stale, still the plot does have it's fun parts. The competition between Patty and Elvira is priceless. I loved the scene where the two stand chest to chest and Patty backs Elvira down, who despite her famous assets, can't measure up to Patty. Elvira gets her revenge later when she reveals Patty wears falsies! I laughed out loud, and made watching this movie worth it for me. An artifice-exposed classic
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Putting the Boo.. Back into Boob-Toob
limesoda29 May 2001
I suck at gratuitous Boob references, so i'm just going to write a plainly flat (no pun intended) review. I love Elvira, not in a "I'm-going-to-shoot-the-pres-just-to-impress-jodi-foster-fanatical" way, But suffice to say I think she rocks. The movie is played like a 50's horror film only alot more fun, look for the "Leasurely stroking of the ankle" reference to know what I mean. what relay shines through in the movie is Elvira's (or should that be cassandras) absolute charm. i first saw this movie at the tender age of 8, and have seen it contless times since.. I realy should get around to buying a copy, the videostore version is looking a little worse for the wear. If any other fans of the movie want to e-mail me about it feel free.

p.s another great performance from Edie McClurg (chastedy pariah) an actress who never gets the attention she deserves.
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Separate the wheat from the chaff
jacklyn_lo6 July 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Wonderful movie with an excellent play by Cassandra Peterson, in the main role of seductive Elvira. It's an action horror comedy about an ambitious, goal-driven entrepreneurial- minded entertainer, who appeared in the town of hypocrites. In this town she is experiencing ups and downs, taking risks, ripping off the masks from the goodies and even facing a real danger. The movie is ending up with Elvira's victory and dreams coming true as a result.

The key learning message in the movie could be presented by the quote from Bible: "Separate the wheat from the chaff".

Thanks for great job!
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