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i LOVED it!!!!!
The Creeper10 July 2002
I'll have to admit...I LOVE this movie. The movie itself is Comedy/Science fiction. The effects are great. The plot is..well..cheesy...but who cares? Anyone who would be reading comments/reviews for a movie entitled "Dr. Alien" obviously is looking for good old B rated Science fiction movies. I would recommend renting this film if you can find it.

My Rating: 7 out of 10

Dr. Alien looks so cool!
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Man, this movie rules,
Neil Ofsteel23 October 2001
This movie is just plain great, It's a funny, campy, B-grade Pseudo-Sci-fi T & A flick that is just one of the most entertaining films I've ever seen. What's strange is that this film hits on the topic of teenage sexuality pretty well, if you ask me, (or as well as this sort of film could.) Not to mention that there are many topless scenes, which is always a plus. Also, the concert scene was just so out there... I wish I could go to a concert like that, Man, It's just so great, see for yourself. I give this film a 9. If you like fun sexploitation flicks, this is about as much fun as you can have.
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Among the Last of the "Up All Night" Fare
aczilla-122 March 2006
Judy Landers plays a doctor from space who selects a teenager as a guinea pig for her sexual experiments (just don't expect to see her bare anything in any version: her typecast wholesome and innocent nature remains mostly intact for this film, keeping her at least a step above Farrah Fawcett in talent). This leaves the teen with a phallic antenna on top of his head that drives women crazy, leading to many odd and often uninvited sexual encounters with everyone from the cheerleader squad to the school faculty.

In this millennium, we have films like Not Another Teen movie and the direct-to-video American Pie: Band Camp. In the 80s and 90s, teenagers in the throes of puberty had movies like this, which aired on USA's Up All Night several times during the late 80s/early 90s under the title "I Was a Teenage Sex Project." I gave this movie a 4 out of 10 for its place in filmdom, but for movies of its genre it deserves a 7 at the very least. I'd say it was one of the last great T&A movies to make it to the masses, more for Judy Landers than anything, and I put it right up there with Zapped, Once Bitten and a few others. After "Up All Night" went off the air and Ronda Shear and Gilbert Gottfried had to get real jobs, the line between simple eye candy and soft-core porn became so blurred that movies like this are only seen on premium cable after midnight, and T&A movies these days no longer try to be subtle with their humor. This film was produced just as the quality of this genre began to die of asphyxia, and very few made after it are worth seeing (and those of us who remember seeing Dr. Alien when it first came out are just a bit old to be watching 19-year-olds bounce around in the nude). Simply put, this was one of those movies that didn't need too much editing to be enjoyed for a good tease on basic cable, but of course you'd have to hit a local video store to see all the bare skin (That's why these movies were made, folks, so don't shoot the messenger). If you were a teenage boy in late 80s or even a bit younger, you might find this good for a nostalgic cheesy laugh coupled with an anatomy lesson, but if you're a teenage boy now with the same afflictions, then something more recent is probably what you're after (by this time most of the girls are old enough to be your mother anyway).
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Spoiler Alert: Oh wesley......you gotta a small john....or sure I say, little john, wesley
znzidek10 August 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Words alone can not describe the emotions brought forth by this epic tale of injustice towards innocent (yet oddly horny) extra terrestrials. The displacement of yearning in my response to this filth known as art to many, leaves me broken up a ding dong at a solemn occurrence that President Obama NEEDS TO....NEEDS TO ADDRESS THE WELFARE OF TERRESTRIALS THAT MAY ONE DAY POSE A THREAT TO THE UNITY OF THE GALAXY.

But I digress, the film is full of the quirkiest puns I've ever heard. There were moments were I could hardly contain my laughter. These puns are clearly classics which should transcend generations.

The moral of the story is one for children of all ages, one that teaches being a complete slut will make you cool. You also get bonus points for screwing your professor.

Oh even still, the mindset of our culture is a bit over wet wouldn't say, on the hurricane of horendous booby slap jacks tantalizing our youth. Has that not become clear to you? Un-fog your noggin a bit, and absorb the contents of my viability and make note danger lurks, for those who linguist in the statistician valley of human pleasure.

Snake kills Dumbledore....

Spoiler ALERT: He comes in the fifth one Spookier alert: The seventh is in production and he dies again!
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Decoteau's best
rgcustomer2 November 2009
I haven't seen everything DeCoteau has directed, but yes I have suffered through most of his work -- even those cursed puppets. I don't really know why I put myself through this, but sometimes you get rewarded, and this is one of them.

Prior to seeing this film, my favourite was The Brotherhood (2001). But this one is just a bit better. It's got everything great about the 80s. Lots of naked boobies for those who are into that. Shirtless Billy Jayne and his painted-on jeans for me. Good music, pop-culture references (without going overboard like the Scream franchise), a plot, halfway-decent dialogue, and even effects that didn't look completely like leftovers from another film's trash. Most importantly, no minutes-long sequences of people walking down corridors in slow motion. We can all celebrate that, can't we?

This film doesn't deserve the horrible score it has received. It's not Shawshank, but it's certainly worth 6/10.
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Linnea Quigley, Ginger Lynn Allen, Edy Williams and Michelle Bauer
thatgayguymatt21 June 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I love this movie, it's funny, fast paced and features some of my favorite actresses topless:

Linnea Quigley, Michelle Bauer, Karen Russell, Edy Williams, Ginger Lynn Allen, Laura Albert and Elizabeth Kaitan, the latter not topless, but in a funny cameo. The only one missing was Brinke Stevens, she must have been busy doing another film or something.

This movies is about two aliens, one male one female looking for a human male to help them re-populate their planet or something like that, of course they pick a high schooler and after injecting him with some green liquid, ALL women become attracted to him taking the bra's off wanting to sleep with him.

Yes, this is a silly movie, but fun to watch, try and count all the cameos.
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Why the thing out of his head?
Dano-4520 October 1999
This movie is a decent T&A movie. Wish we'd got to view more of the lovely Judy Landers, for sure. There's a few familar faces from some other B-movies in this. The plot is just as the other reviewer calls it. I actually think it's a good plot for a T&A movie. Most guys would love to be in this situation, especially with high school girls with chests like these. I'd enjoyed the cheerleader scene more if the scene had more to it and they'd teased you alittle more in the locker room. Look out for the strange alien thing coming out of the guys head? Who thought of that gross thing. And why'd they have to make Judy's alien shed her skin? Such beauty lost.
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Agreeable nonsense.
Scott LeBrun20 May 2013
"Dr. Alien" is an enjoyably goofy production from Full Moon, a pleasingly sleazy schlock comedy with lively performances and an overall harmless appeal to it. It may be silly, but the truth is it's just about impossible to resist.

A number of familiar faces fill out major and supporting parts, so B movie lovers will be happy to see them all here. Billy Jayne, whom you may have seen in "Bloody Birthday", "Cujo", "Just One of the Guys", and 'Parker Lewis Can't Lose', stars as Wesley, a straight arrow, wimpy college student who agrees to help out with a scientific project for extra credit in his biology class. Trouble is, his new teacher, Ms. Xenobia (veteran TV bimbo Judy Landers) isn't playing it totally straight with him, and the "vitamin" that she tests on him transforms him into an irresistible stud, complete with a chittering worm that pops out of his head.

Very amiable from beginning to end, "Dr. Alien" may not have its viewers necessarily laughing out loud but it may have them smiling, at the least. It's got amusing makeup effects by Greg Cannom and his team and a non-stop, upbeat pop & rock soundtrack. It's also quite sexy, and voyeurs will love the generous servings of breast shots that director Dave DeCoteau provides. In addition to the perky Ms. Landers, the lovely ladies of the movie include Olivia Barash ("Repo Man"), Ginger Lynn, Linnea Quigley, and Laura Albert as the rocker chicks, Michelle Bauer and Karen Russell as co-eds, and Elizabeth Kaitan as a waitress. The solid schlock movie supporting cast features such people as Stuart Fratkin ("Teen Wolf Too") as the obligatory obnoxious best friend, Raymond O'Connor ("Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers") as Xenobias' nerdy associate, Arlene Golonka ("The In-Laws") as Wesley's mom, Jaynes' real-life brother Bobby ("Tremors") as his sibling, and Edy Williams ("Chained Heat") as a gym teacher. Troy Donahue gets prominent billing, but actually isn't in the movie for very long.

If you're looking for some dumb trashy fun, "Dr. Alien" is recommended. Hell, one can't knock any lowbrow comedy that actually works a message about self-esteem into its mix. It's fairly fast paced stuff with a reasonably short running time and enough gags to make it palatable.

Six out of 10.
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Dr. Alien
Scarecrow-8827 December 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Billy(Jacoby)Jayne(..many familiar with the 80's will know him as the sex-crazed teen of the transvestite comedy "Just One of the Guys" and the geeky, evil-grinning electronics wiz of the trio of child psychopaths in "Bloody Birthday")is a total nerd in the traditional 80's sense, wearing a suit and tie, hair parted in such a fashion with manners and timidity. When a female alien(..major babe Judy Landers, who, unfortunate for those seeking such pleasure, doesn't show her naked body, although we do see her in lingerie)causes the car crash of a Biology professor, she assumes his role as teacher of the class seeking out a subject for a specific experiment. She selects Billy's nerd Wesley as a guinea pig for a certain formula she and her associate, Drax(Raymond O'Conner)are perfecting. This formula is a green liquid injected by a hypodermic into Wesley's buttock when his back is turned, causing a mutation consisting of an alien antenna working as an organ which drives women around him into a sexual frenzy..they almost immediately want to rip their clothes off and ravish him.Like I said the perfect male fantasy using sci-fi as a method to do so..and I was easily entertained by it because I'm cheap and easy.I'm a sucker for these late 80's Male fantasy sci-fi cocktails no matter how sexist and juvenile they might seem to those who find them offensive trash.What motivates the experiments is that Xenobia(Landers' name)needs hung males with good sperm to repopulate her dying planet because the opposite sex can't "get it up." Her sexually frank dialogue in discussing reproduction during the biology class is a funny highlight.

Anyway, for those who desire it, director David DeCoteau(Sorority Babes of the Slimeball Bowl-o-Rama;Nightmare Sisters)embellishes us with lots of tits..multitudes of willing babes rip away their shirts ready to jump Wesley, such as a locker room of college girls after or before showers. This kind of film has a 2.4 on IMDb's rating scale for a reason. Many, I'm sure, have the wittiest zingers aimed right at this film, but I couldn't help it. I just let myself go to it because the premise taps into something I think is plain obvious..a lot of us have that fantasy where wanton college chicks, against their better judgment thanks to an alien sex organ which alters their perspective on decency, are motivated towards a male no matter who he is. You could be the dorkiest brainiac or have sores and the worst case of acne known to man and still have women ready to hump you thanks to an experimental alien formula which provides you with a unique "gift." Rounding out the cast is Wesley's love-interest, Leeanne(Olivia Barash)who is a rather soft-spoken, gentle gal not demanding him to change into some hunk, really falling in love with who he really was(..is). Many are familiar with Robert(Jacoby)Jayne from Tremors as the smart aleck kid everyone wanted to see eaten, pretty much the same kind of brat as Wes' brother in this film. Jim Hackett and Arlene Golonka are delightfully lame as Wes' square parents who unabashedly support their son through his "crisis", no matter how his behavior has changed. Stuart Fratkin is Wes' horny buddy, Marvin, always spending his time trying to get his pal to loosen up around girls, really awestruck at his new ability to get laid. Kenneth J Hall(director of The Halfway House and Linnea Quigley's Horror Workout)wrote the screenplay and Linnea Quigley has a minor role as a male fantasy of Wes' who stars in a rock chick trio(along with Ginger Lynn Allen & Laura Albert)who are often surrounding our hero ready for action. And, yep, all three show their breasts often. And, Michelle Bauer has a cameo as one of those workout college co-eds who gets all hot and bothered when Wes is accidentally thrown into the girl's locker room(..even the teacher wants a piece of the action!)by Marvin. Greg Cannom would provide the make-up team and the alien unveils itself to carry the appearance of a massive purple dome with bug eyes. She even has a laser gun which blasts rotating rays(..an obvious homage to B-movie sci-fi, the alien head, silver space suit, and laser blaster)during the climax at the end.The rock show, put on at the Harry Arm Pit(ha ha), with Wes(Billy, obviously lip singing) going berserk with a heavy metal group he had selected, really has a child of the 80's yearning for those days when everything went, and is now gone.
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Judy, Judy, Judy....
Mister-610 September 1999
This was pretty close to being tolerable.

"Dr. Alien" (or whatever title it may happen to be under when you see it next) is basically a story about an alien (Landers) who tests a high school nerd Jacoby (Jayne) with a serum that makes him the object of desire of nearly every nubile girl in immediate range.

The fact that I remembered the plot is in itself amazing; everything here is just a setup for whatever lame-brained sight gag the film makers can come up with.

But some of them work. The flustered parent bit is tried and true, Jayne is willing to do what it takes for the laughs, he fronts a rock band in what must have been an afterthought, Landers actually turns into an alien at one point, Troy Donahue gets blown up before the beginning credits roll and then there's the women, God bless them.

If the movie starts getting boring, just pop in a half-dressed or undressed girl and then who cares about the plot? Not me. Two and a half stars. You want a good brain-dead night of laughs and T & A (heavy on the T), call this "Dr.".
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This doctor should be struck off the medical list
zeppo-225 April 2005
Some films are pure entertainment, others make you think and ponder about the meaning of life, or laugh and make you feel good to be alive and some are just dull and boring. Then there are films like this one, which are just an insult to the intelligence. Not even 'so bad it's good,' just without any redeeming value.

The level of plot and story and the alleged comedy would only appeal to the under 12's but the subject matter is obviously aimed at an older market and the nudity towards young men with their hormones racing. Making it a mess for all of the above.

I assumed at first the film had been made at the height of the late 70's glam-soft rock of that era but was surprised that it was made almost a decade later. If as 'punk' music had never happened and these college kids were stuck in some strange time warp where groups like Van Halen or people like Meatloaf were on the cutting edge of radical music. I wonder if any of the people involved in making this had ever actually met any High School teenagers? The lead character goes from been a geek overnight into a 'Fonzie' type who ends up fronting a rock band who are so hardcore that he gels his hair up, takes his shirt off and bares his chest. Oh, that rock & roll madness!

Think it says a lot about the attitude of this film, when the parents meet the other members of the band for dinner. They have long hair and tattoos and their drummer is a black man! Is that the living end or what?? Actually, I could never believe a real black guy would ever get involved with these sad bunch of losers and their crappy music.

Offensive on all fronts to women and everybody really. I can't really bring myself to go into the plot, 'young geek becomes a babe magnet but finds true love and his real calling in music.'

If you want to see that done pretty well, rent or buy the movie 'Grease,' give this sub-'Porkies' garbage a miss.
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Judy Landers
Thomas E. Thorsen24 February 2006
My all-time favorite T.V. bimbo is Judy Landers she was the queen of the lingerie, bikini, and revealing outfit wearing actress of the 80's. This by far and sadly so is her best movie and she does look hot. There was lots of nudity in this movie the actresses must of known they were going to have to take their shirts off in this one. But the smart one was Judy in this movie she cashed her check without taking her shirt off. Judy watching was easy in the 80's also very enjoyable but this movie takes the cake it also was one of her last jobs in the film industry. She married a Professional Baseball Pitcher who just happened to be pitching for the dodgers at the time they met and they settled down to make a family. This movie is a knockoff of 50's and 60's sci fi movies with nudity added in so it feels just like a cheesy teen flick from the 80's. I haven't seen this movie since the early 90's and that one was edited so I didn't see the nudity. But if your younger and you want to see the queen of the 80's this is a must see. I gave it a 7 because it's watchable and kind of funny watching Judy turn into an alien towards the end of the movie. Other than that I doubt I could even sit through this again 15 years later but then again maybe I could.
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gridoon2 July 2001
Dumb trifle about a nerd who becomes an irresistible stud after two aliens (one of them in the form of a sexy schoolteacher) test a curious elixir on him. The fact that this movie occasionally seems to be DELIBERATELY bad doesn't make it any better; even lots of gratuitous female nudity can't save it from being a waste of time. (*1/2)
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Fun 80's sci-fi comedy blast
Woodyanders11 August 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Hopelessly nerdy college freshman Wesley (a likable performance by Billy Jayne) gets selected by sexy alien scientist Dr. Xenobia (a winningly perky portrayal by the insanely yummy Judy Landers) to be the subject for an experiment that transforms Wesley into a total chick magnet stud muffin on wheels. Director Dave DeCoteau, working from a blithely dopey script by Kenneth J. Hall, relates the enjoyably inane story at a quick pace, maintains an engaging lighthearted and good-natured tone throughout, and delivers a handy helping of tasty distaff nudity. Granted, the giddy sense of inoffensive lowbrow humor admittedly ain't that sophisticated, but it does manage to be quite amiable and amusing just the same. Moreover, it's acted with zest by a lively cast: The ever-appealing Olivia Barash radiates tremendous charm as the sweet Leeanne, Stuart Fratkin has a ball as Wesley's horny hipster buddy Marvin, Arlene Golonka is a daffy delight as Wesley's ditsy mother, and Raymond O'Connor excels as Xenobia's flaky assistant Drax, Laura Albert, Ginger Lynn Allen, and Linnea Quigley are all blazing hot as a trio of rocker babes -- and, yep, they all bare their delicious wares in a dream scene. Michelle Bauer and Karen Russell likewise give up the goods as a couple of coeds; ditto Edy Williams as gym coach Buckmeister. The cool rock soundtrack provides lots of bouncy vitality. Seriously bitchin' concert club sequence, too. A real hoot.
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