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Sex & Nudity

  • *In one scene, we see full front and rear nudity of females in a shower. The scene does not last too long.
  • *Towards the end, Ivan is feeling up a woman, cutting off her hair, licking her in sexual manner.

Violence & Gore

  • *We see a character at the beginning executed in an electric chair. We see blood on his face. He also throws a preacher through a window in the same scene.
  • *A character is burned to death with a flame thrower in the stall of a bathroom. We do see charred remains of this body.
  • *A female is strangled with a pageant sash.
  • *We overhear a tape of the villain attacking a group of people.
  • *A decapitated head is seen sitting on a copy machine. Bloody photos of his cut up head are all over the floor, and bloody hand prints appear all over the copy room walls.
  • *Another man is shown electrocuted in the electric chair. We see his face slowly burn and shrivel up, as his eye pops.
  • *A man is hung.
  • *A large man is lit on fire and blown up with gasoline.
  • *One man is severely beat by the villain, and is seen in a coma at the end of the movie.


Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

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