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Utterly dreadful
A_Roode19 December 2005
Every time I watch this movie blood comes gushing out of my eyes. Yes, you read that correctly: I've watched this wretched, foul thing more than once.

Caddyshack 2 went wrong for so many reasons: Harold Ramis dialing in a script and abandoning the direction duties, Rodney Dangerfield (wisely) walking away from the project because they wouldn't allow him to tinker with the script, Bill Murray showing excellent judgement and not being part of it, and a puppet being pushed forward as the feature player of a cast who deserved much better.

I can't help but think of Dyan Cannon in this and wonder why she's perpetually laughing and smiling. The only conclusion I can draw is that she is indeed the face of pure evil. Stay with me a moment. She must have been watching as the film came together and revelled in the untold agony that it would inflict on countless soon to be extremely sorry movie goers who would have this film inflicted on them. She may also have been extremely drunk. That's what I need to be right now to wash the foul taste of this complete and utter failure out of my mind. If I'm lucky it'll be washed out forever.

I have seen this film several times. I blame several of them on childhood and being a very dull and dim-witted boy who apparently had no aesthetic sensibility. Perhaps puppets are just funnier when you're a kid. No, the Muppet show is funnier now ... guess I was just dull. Caddyshack 2 is that rare kind of film that is so extraordinarily disappointing on so many levels that you convince yourself after the end credits that it couldn't have been as bad as all that. It WAS. It IS. It will only get worse with time.

My reasons for going back to this film, mercifully, are becoming fewer. Randy Quaid is limited in his role as Jackie Mason's lawyer. His opening scene isn't bad and brought out my only chuckle. We see him a few more times but it becomes as tired as the rest of the movie and descends with unfortunate rapidity from incidentally amusing to vapid wasteland. Randy Quaid acquits himself well, and this film owes him big time because if there was reason to watch this film as anything other than a torture tactic, he was it.

Maybe that's the trick of the movie. It has enough potentially endearing qualities that people watch it, are horrified at what they've done to themselves but later because the pickings were so slim can remember only what did actually amuse them. Years later they unwittingly watch it again and the cycle repeats.

Jackie Mason takes a lot of the blame for this film but in fairness, I'm not sure he deserves it. He's really trying out there but it is impossible to not to notice that he spends the entire movie doing a Rodney Dangerfield impersonation. That's who the movie was written for but I'm not sure even he could have saved it. Ultimately this fails miserably through terrible direction, bad editing (shall we count continuity errors?) and a rehashing of the same story with none of the wry humour or heart that made the first film endearing.

Dragged kicking and screaming up to a three out of ten instead of two by Randy Quaid's bulldog determination. It isn't even bad enough to laugh at. I've definitely seen worse, but trust your memory -- this one is a dog. If you've never seen it you've made excellent life choices and I salute your excellent judgement.
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watch this movie
purplebiker10 April 2005
Watch this movie .....only to truly appreciate how good the original is. I'm not real hard to please, but this was one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

It hurt me deeply, because I like Chevy Chase, Jackie Mason, and Dyan Cannon. The writing was just terrible! I thought Chevy would have at least ad libbed some better stuff than he did. There was hardly anything to laugh at in this movie. I went into it wanting to enjoy it. I wanted to laugh but nearly cried.

In the beginning credits it read Special Appearance by Chevy Chase. This worried me from the start. Chevy is actually in more than I thought he would be. It's more than a "special appearance". Too bad the appearance wasn't special. Mason's character would have been a good secondary character but got old as a main. I would rather have seen more (much more)of Dyan Cannon. At least her character was fun, if not well written. I also missed the gratuatis teen sex scene. Mr. Gopher went from being cute and innocent to a pesky rodent that deserved to be blown up. Jonathan Silverman is the only character that interested me and we didn't see enough of him.

I take it back. watch half of this movie, then...remember the Alamo, the Maine, and CaddyShack I.
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tfrizzell24 November 2000
"Caddyshack II" tries to continue the comedy of the first, but never does really come together the way it was intended to. Chevy Chase is the only returner from the original and this hurts the film. Jackie Mason, Robert Stack, Jonathan Silverman, Dyan Cannon, Randy Quaid, and Dan Aykroyd do their best, but the material is just not present. The direction is also poor as few viewers will really care what happens by the end of the movie. 2 stars out of 5.
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Worst. Sequel. Ever.
jrdodson18 July 2012
It's eight years after the mega-hit "Caddyshack," and the studio wants to milk that cash cow again, but it all went horribly, horribly wrong. They couldn't get Rodney Dangerfield, so they went with the third-string facsimile, Jackie Mason. Ted Knight? No, Robert Stack. Bill Murray? No, a bizarre and whiny Dan Ackroyd, in what has to be the worst performance of his career. I guess Chevy Chase's phone wasn't ringing off the hook, since he reprises his role as Ty Webb.

And it all went downhill from there. Where else could it go? Randy Quaid is just awful (surprise!) as is Dyan Cannon, Jonathan Silverman and Dina Merrill. The script could have been written by a high school drama class (and probably was), the direction is tepid and unfocused, and the whole thing is a limp and deadly mess.

Save your time and money and brain cells. It was like watching a car wreck--you want to avert your gaze, but you just can't believe what you are seeing. The worst sequel of all time. Ever, ever, ever.
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Fun, but stupid
Kristine10 January 2008
After all seeing the very funny movie Caddyshack, I was looking forward to seeing the sequel, but I have to admit that I was nervous because I heard a lot of bad things about Caddyshack 2. I was also reading on the internet how this was voted one of the worst sequels of all time, which is sad. But I wanted to see the movie still, just at least see if it was really that bad. So I rented it anyways and watched it the other night. Now, I agree, this movie is really stupid, but it's a funny stupid that's very light hearted and has a few really good laughs. I know Randy Quaid can be annoying at times, but he really steals the show and his comedy is outrageous. I didn't like how they were trying to replace certain characters from the first film, but I let go and ended up laughing and having fun with Caddyshack 2.

Jack Hartounian is what you might call, "New Money", but he's a very successful in construction and is worth millions. He's a bit out there, personality wise, and dresses a bit crazy, but knows the hard work of the common man. His daughter, Katie, begs him to join a golf club so she could be with the upper class elite. But he makes a fool of himself and wants revenge on those who made fun of him. He buys the club and turns it into an amusement park! But this doesn't stop the elite from trying to tear him down.

Caddyshack 2 is stupid at times, like the gofer, they took the joke a little far. And Dan Aykrod's character, I love Dan so much, but it's like he took on Bill Murray's character from the first Caddyshack and made Dan really annoying. Jackie Mason is a bit out there and can't stand up to Rodney Dangerfield. But Caddyshack 2 still has a few good laughs, I mean, if you couldn't laugh at Randy Quaid and how he delivered his lines, check your funny bones. Caddyshack 2 is a silly movie, but it's all in good fun, but if we are just going to keep comparing to the first movie, then you're not going to have a good time.

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bleuxxx17 November 2003
A while ago I attempted to sit through the entire Caddyshack epic back-to-back, but part II took me three sittings. I toughed it out though. I'm not a quitter.

What happened here? What somehow made the original a classic lies with the filmmakers' decision to toss the script more-or-less and rely on the improvisational genius of the veteran comics. Here, the viewer is dragged though a lifeless, by-the-numbers 80s light comedy PLOT and left feeling hurt and confused and certainly not filled with mirth. Oh sure, you've got the talents of Jonathan Silverman AND Marsha Warfield (I keep waiting for some forward thinking, cutting edge network to bring back her talk show) vying for your attentions IN THE SAME MOVIE! And you get to see Jackie Mason in a lead role! That's not enough? Well, the two returning characters, Chevy Chase's Ty Webb and the gopher certainly pull their weight. Chase has no shame and everybody knows it. Robert Stack could make Hooked On Phonics sound like Crime and Punishment, so there's no fault there. Quaid and Akyroid are annoying as always....

Oh, I thought of something good! The Kenny Loggins theme song is fantastic! Far superior to his contribution to the original Caddyshack. Whenever I face a challenge in life, I am heartened by thinking of this inspirational song. "I'm goin' all the way"! I was pleased to see that it appears on a 2 disc best of Kenny Loggins. Good call.
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dru69012 August 2000
Caddyshack Two is a good movie by itself but compared to the original it cant stack up. Robert Stack is a horrible replacement for Ted Knight and Jackie Mason, while funny just cant compete with Rodney Dangerfield. Ty Webb is funny, being the only character from the original. Most of the other characters in the movie lack the punch of the original (Henry Wilcoxon for example) except for the hystericly funny lawyer Peter Blunt, being played by Randy Quaid. Every line he says reminds me of the originals humor, especially the scene at his office (I don't go in for law suits or motions. I find out where you live and come to your house and beat down your door with a f***ing baseball bat, make a bonfire with the chippindale,maybe roast that golden retriever (arff arff arff) then eat it. And then I'm comin' upstairs junior, and I'm grabbing you by your brooks brothers pjs, and cramming your brand new BMW up your tight a**! Do we have an understanding?). Offsetting his small role however, is Dan Acroyd, who is obviously no replacement for Bill Murray. His voice is beyond irritating and everything he does isnt even funny, its just stupid. Overall Caddyshack II is a good movie, but in comparison to the awesome original it just cant cut it.
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Pretty Lame...
Banky-426 January 2001
The near-classic first film is really a great comedy, whereas, this one recycles some of the jokes, and doesn't do nearly as well. There was a magic about the first film where everything just worked, whereas this time around, nothing worked and for the most part was rather unfunny. Watch the first ten-twenty minutes for the return of Ty Webb, and then go about your business...
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This one isn't nearly as good as the first, but it isn't one of the worst movies ever.
Aaron137529 January 2004
While this one certainly is not the original, it certainly isn't bad enough to be on the list of worst movies ever. I found some of the jokes to be funny and it wasn't a complete waste of time so I just don't see how it has such a low ranking. Well maybe I do. The main problems I had with this one are the story and its focus. This movie really has nothing to do with caddies, other than Silverman's character there are no other caddies that are focused on. In fact, other than the fact it is a country club, Chevy's character is back, and the gopher it really doesn't have much else in common with the original. Jackie Mason is the focal point here taking the Rodney Dangerfield role from the first. Here is one of the problems; he isn't nearly as funny or likable as Dangerfield. The scenes with his daughter also get annoying as it gets somewhat serious at times. Chevy reprises his role as Ty, but other than the fact he goes "nananana" he almost is a different character. Dan Akroyd sort of takes the place of Bill Murray's character and has a few funny lines, but his performance will not make anyone forget Bill Murray from the first one. Also, you do not have special appearances in a movie, when that appears it just makes your whole movie seem a bit generic. Also, both Chevy and Dan were in the movie more than say Marsha Warfield who is listed ahead of them. There are some good performances though...I liked Randy Quaid's character and Robert Stack was rather good too. It is good for a couple of laughs and I do not really think it is all that awful, but if only they could have done a better job with the central story in this one. I just don't think Jackie was very good and he kind of pulls the movie down a couple of notches.
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NOT GOOD, but for the circumstance NOT TOO BAD
hot311champagne12 September 2005
Caddyshack II is NOTHING compared to the original Caddyshack. But, there are legitimate reasons for it. (1) Rodney Dangerfield was supposed to be the ace of this film BUT he didn't like the script, wanted to change it, his request was denied, so he didn't do the film. (2) It was low budget, Bill Murray had grown to superstar status. Ted Knight passed away in 1986, and Chevy Chase the "so called ace" of the first movie (although it was Rodney all the way)couldn't't be on more than 5 minutes, because it would cost too much to pay him. BUT you had Dan Aykroyd, Robert Stack, Randy Quaid and Jackie Mason, all serviceable substitutes, who none had their best performances.
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They never should have bothered
Dan Bach9 May 2007
What were they thinking! The original Caddyshack was brilliant and should be considered a classic. Everything worked even though it shouldn't. I still quote lines from it 25+ years later.

The cast of the original was superb. For Caddyshack II however none of them seem right. There is no chemistry at all. All the jokes fail badly. I just felt sorry for both Mason and Akroyd (maybe they realized that they missed out on a fantastic movie the first time and were trying to make up for it) I generally will sit through just about anything I've paid $3 to rent but after 20 minutes I couldn't handle any more. Its THAT bad.
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Nitpicking28 July 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I have vague memories of this movie being funny.

Having seen it again either I have changed or I was thinking about a another film altogether.

It seems as if we are supposed to be sympathetic to Jackie Mason's character however nothing in the movie actually engenders that emotion. Its notable that he is really the only person accorded tender dialogue with loved ones. No-one else's character is allowed to rise to the status of even vaguely human.

I don't even like golf but as the film went on I found myself really rooting for Robart Stack and the club guys, really hoping they would repel Mason and Chevy Chase.
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So it's not Caddyshack. What's the problem?
theskylabadventure3 August 2007
Caddyshack 2 has a dreadful reputation, due only to the fact that it is a sequel to a highly-held classic. People have criticised the film on a lot of grounds, but they all ultimately hark back to the fact that this is not Caddyshack.

I would begin by saying that we should just take Caddyshack out of the equation and consider this film on its own merits, but I think that would be unfair. The movie does have a lot in common with its predecessor. The class-related themes of 'snobs versus slobs' and the desire to fit in to a class above your own are as prevalent here as they were in the first movie. The two things that are truly lacking here are Bill Murray and Rodney Dangerfield, who are replaced with Dan Ackroyd and Jackie Mason respectively.

Now I am not about to try and argue that Ackroyd comes close to Murray in the movie, but Jackie Mason is an admirable successor to Dangerfield. He comes off as a cross between Dangerfield and Arnold Stang, but without biting too heavily on either. I wouldn't say that he is anywhere close to being as funny as Dangerfield is in Caddyshack, but there is a whole lot more point to his character and his dilemma in the film.

Chevy Chase only pops up and handful of times in the movie, which is another common complaint. Maybe these particular naysayers didn't notice that he only popped up a few times in the first movie. For my money, his scenes here are a lot funnier, if somewhat over-directed.

While I'm on the subject, it is really the over-direction of this movie that brings it down. It comes across as far more self-conscious in its attempts to get a laugh. Many of the jokes are laboured and there's far too much of the Gopher, who seems to have taken on a far more anthropomorphic personality and a voice, just in case we didn't grasp the idea that its meant to be funny.

Characters are similarly hammered home, particularly the smarmy yuppy kids. Jackie Mason rarely misses a beat, and is consistently likable and very funny, but we didn't need the tango sequence at all! The director is clearly not of the same school of thought as Harold Ramis. Not to suggest that Caddyshack was subtle, but the jokes here are just a little overcooked, and most of them are unnecessarily embellished with a quirky music cue.

All things considered, this is a fun, goofy movie with something to say about class and identity that very few movies at the time were saying. Don't be put off by the appallingly low rating on IMDb, check it out for yourself.
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arclight-512 July 2004
Why was this movie ever made?They have tarnished the original Caddyshack with this crap.I was only able to watch half of it and i didn't laugh once.At least i didn't pay to see it because it was on t.v. but i won't get back that hour of my life that i spent watching this dreadful mess.There wasn't one original star from the first except for Chevy Chase and he probably regrets doing this film.Jackie Mason was supposed to be the outrageous,funny buffoon like Rodney Dangerfield was in the first but Jackie Mason wasn't funny at all.Jackie Mason is no Rodney Dangerfield.If you want laugh,watch the first Caddyshack.If you like terrible movie's,then this you're movie.This movie stinks like a barnyard in july.Avoid at all cost.
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as highlander II was to Highlander, so was caddyshack II to Caddyshack
bleve22 September 1999
It sucked.

I returned the video after watching half of it. Not funny,

just a cheap and desperate attempt to cash in on a very very funny original. junk, forget it, don't waste your time etc etc
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Does what it sets out to do. Creats laughing. :)
Lee Bartholomew27 February 2004
ahh, digging in the $5 dvd bin. come up with this controversial doozy. Still remember being almost 13 looking forward to this movie. Having never totally understanding film at the time, I loved it. Today 2004... I still like it. Provides a decent laugh. Sure, it probably doesn't deserve the name that it's under... but neither did the Italian Job. (which I prefer to call The American Job. ) But hey, you just don't go into this film expecting the first movie. If you did, you'll be crying for decades. Fortunately, I see the movie for what it was. More of a parody of the original. Nothing can beat the original. Caddyshack II doesn't bother to try. And I love that for it. :)


Quality: 0/10 Entertainment: 9/10 Replayable: 10/10
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wayofthecass31 July 2009
Caddyshack II is one of those pictures which makes you ask 'Why?' As in; 'Why was it funded?': 'Why was it made?' and 'Why was it released into the public domain?'.

To say the least it's a bad film. It serves little purpose but to underline how superior its prequel was by setting an almost identical set of characters against each other in a similar storyline as a 'New money' land developer attempts to buy out the establishment's golf course sanctuary.

Right off the bat making the follow-up a whole 8 years after the original is somewhat bizarre. I mean if your going to cash in on highly successful picture such as the first one then you have a window of a few years to do so. But leaving it 8 years means that the formula is hardly fresh enough to simply do a follow up, or poor imitation as this is, so your sort of obliged to reward fans of the original by giving them at least reference to if not indeed actual contributions by the actors who made the first one so memorable. But there's little if any of this.

Instead we get cheap imitations. Okay the passing of Ted Knight in the interim years would have made it impossible to bring back the memorable Judge Smails but Robert Stack's inclusion as 'Chandler Young' (a fellow WASP elitist akin to the Smails character) is unimaginative and seriously lacking in the sort of anarchic frustration that made Knight's turn so watchable. Jackie Mason's 'Jack Hartounian' is a feeble attempt at recreating the non stop wisecracks delivered by the Al Czervik (Rodney Dangerfield) character of the first. While Dangerfield's role was endlessly quotable Mason's is completely forgettable.

Bill Murray's laughably ridiculous groundskeeper 'Carl Spackler' and his war of attrition with the pesky local gofer is substituted for his Ghostbuster's co-star Dan Ackroyd's role as the militant 'Capt. Tom Everett' who's high pitched voice just splits your sides with frustration as opposed to the intended laughter.

Randy Quaid , brilliant as Cousin Ed in the National Lampoon's Vacation series, is quite the opposite here playing Hartounian's unstable lawyer. The looks of disbelief shown by the actor's looking on at Quaid's character's intended to be hilarious acts of inappropriate violence echo that of the audience. Your not laughing. Your just asking 'What the hell is he doing?'

Chevy Chase shows up, all be it occasionally and wisely rather fleetingly considering the disaster that's perpetrating itself around him,as club pro 'Tye Webb' in the films only direct reference to the original not withstanding the golf course itself that is. With his deeply tanned skin and loud Hawaiian shirts Chase looks like he's just got back from a lengthy summer vacation and needs a paycheck. He distances himself from the events in the actual picture enough that he takes little of the blame and leaves with some, all be it little, credibility still intact.

Jessica Lundy as Mason's daughter 'Kate' takes over from the 'Danny Noonan' role of the original as teenager struggling against class divides. Sounds ridiculous doesn't it? At least in the first Danny (an Irish Catholic from a blue collar family) and his laughable attempts to make inroads into the White-Anglo-Saxon-Protestant dominated world of the golf club mover and shakers was played out to some memorable set pieces such as being dismissed by the resident Lutheran Bishop as well as being mocked by the offspring of the local yacht club. Lundy's embarrassment of her father's inability to fit-in is hinted at being because of his Jewish roots. That aside it may also have to do with him being a classless moron but such intricacy's are swept aside though I stopped caring long before they were resolved. At the end of the day Noonan was trying to get ahead in life. Miss Hartounian's biggest problem is getting the hob nobbers at the local golf club to like her multi-millionaire father so that she can get a date with the club's prodigal white kid. Or so I gathered.

Anyway in summation its poorly written, badly scripted with lame set pieces and wastes a lot of talent. Indeed kudos if you were able to sit through it to it's conclusion. It really is a penance. There is that question mark though of why did so many of the original actors not return as opposed to being replaced by performers who on paper at least looked their equals. Maybe they just weren't asked. Or perhaps I suspect they actually read the script. Stick to the original!!!
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Caddyshack 2: A Cautionary Tale of Bad Sequel Making
mattpope38415 June 2014
Caddyshack 2 is a study in god awful sequels. Along with Blues Brothers 2000 and Beverly Hills Cop III, CS2 is in the trinity of terrible sequels to 80's comedy classics.

The basic plot of CS2 is the same as the first: a vaguely ethnic new-money guy crashes the WASP-y Bushwood Country Club. There are subplots about a groundskeeper and a gopher and young people learning to stand on principle, and it all climaxes in a golf match. But the original Caddyshack felt like a raunchy celebrity roast; the sequel feels like a lame afterschool special.

CS2 was rated PG while the original was rated R. This highlights sequel kiss-of-death # 1: the studio wanted it to appeal to a wider audience (read: something for the kiddies).

No part of the first Caddyshack is for kids; even the Gopher is more like a good acid trip (does anyone else see that dancing gopher?) – than a family friendly puppet. CS promoted sex and drugs and a contempt for authority. That's because it was directed and headlined by comedians who also promoted sex and drugs and a general contempt for authority.

But the studio wanted a family accessible sequel since the PG rating is generally seen in Hollywood as better for box office returns.

And so there are literally Looney Toons cartoon characters in Caddy Shack 2. Instead of Rodney Dangerfield's hilariously profane Al Czervik, we get a cornball Jackie Mason as a developer-with-a-heart-of-gold. Instead of the class warfare middle finger of Caddyshack, CS2 brings a saccharine "Up-With-People" message about self-acceptance. Bill Murray's brilliant comedic menace as the burned out Carl the Groundskeeper, is replaced by a grating Dan Aykroyd. Aykroyd is best as the straight man (Elwood Blues on SNL, Joe Friday, Louis Winthorp ). When he goes for zany like he does in CS2 he is like the unhip but well-meaning uncle at a family gathering who likes to do funny voices for the tots but then uses the same shtick when coming over to talk to the adults.

CS2's second sequel kiss-of-death is the lazy attempt to recycle the original film. Even though Chevy Chase was the only original cast member to return, CS2 limply retreads most of Caddyshack's other character types. Robert Stack is no Ted Knight and Jonathan Silverman is too bland to fill Michael O'Keefe's shoes in the Danny Noonan role.

Coming back as Ty Webb, Chase's one stab at edginess in CS2 is a bizarre and unnecessary scene in which he chases off a table full of attractive women in the club's lounge by propositioning each of them with silly euphemisms for sex. The joke falls woefully flat and is out of character with the charming Ty of the original.

The third sequel kiss-of-death plaguing CS2 is its troubled development history. Harold Ramis, who co-wrote and directed the original, was reluctantly coerced into scripting a sequel. Rodney Dangerfield initially pushed hard for a sequel, but later pulled out over creative differences with the studio. Ramis also dropped out and urged the studio to let the sequel die. Instead the studio brought in other writers and director Allan Arkush who had more experience with TV than big screen filmmaking, (which may explain why CS2 feels like a made-for-TV project). Other than Chase, none of the original cast wanted anything to do with the sequel. Lawsuits popped up over the use of characters and unfulfilled contracts. All indications were that CS2 was a project that should have been terminated in early development but, as is the case with many Hollywood disasters, the suits saw dollar signs and ignored the warnings of the creatives.

Caddyshack 2 is simply unacceptable. It's only redeeming value is as a cautionary tale for future filmmakers and studio execs about how to kill a comedy classic's name by attaching an abominable sequel to it.
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Must Be Seen to Be Disbelieved
johnmack6321 September 2011
Caddyshack 2 is so bad it must be seen to be disbelieved (and I loved Caddyshack). It is an insult to movies, golf, gophers and humanity in general and must rank as one of the worst movies ever made.

It's not bad in a bad Adam Sandler movie way either. It is so bad its surreal. It is so strange and poorly written you will be convinced that the screenwriters must have been dropping acid. Everyone in the movie is embarrassingly awful and Dan Akroyd, who speaks his lines in a strange, high-pitched voice, should have his SAG card revoked for his performance as a crazed grounds keeper.

The movie "stars" an incredibly miscast and unfunny Jackie Mason, and his love interest is played by an ancient and cadaverous looking Dyan Cannon (I am not kidding). To give you an idea of how old Dyan Cannon is, she was once married to Cary Grant. For masochists only.
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A good movie, not as bad as many say it is.
Kotter757914 January 2004
One of the most interesting things is that this 1988 film is highly touted as an `in-name only' sequel. There's nothing wrong with that except this: The return of Chevy Chase as Ty Webb. This connects the viewer to this character (from the original Caddyshack in 1980,) and makes fans thinking or wanting Caddyshack II to be similar to the first one.

There are rumors that Rodney Dangerfield was supposed to return. He carried a big part of the first film, so his return would have put Caddyshack 2 over the top. Jackie Mason is the `new' Rodney for this movie and does a decent job, even though their comic deliveries are way different. Dan Aykroyd was great but not in the film enough. He should have been involved to the tune of how much screen time Bill Murray got in the first one. Robert Stack (Airplane!) was good in the `new' Ted Knight/Villian role. (We miss you, Ted!) Danny Noonan should have been back. So many others could have returned to show us what happened to their characters eight years later. Bushwood should not have undergone the total makeover it did. Instead, the characters involved, rather than the club itself, should have been the main focus like they were in the first one. When you watch this film, keep in mind that it isn't a major sequel and you may think it's another good or bad eighties comedy. Fans of the first should see it but don't be shocked when the comparisons between the original and Part II are so far apart.
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A far cry from the first Caddyshack...
IMSandman28 June 2003
Why is this one no good when the first one rocked? Try the fact that they attempted to replace Rodney Dangerfield with Jackie Mason! Please! That's like replacing the Beatles with Wierd Al. Randy Quaid is the only one that saves this movie from a zero.

However, don't let this stop you from watching the first movie which was outstanding.
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"CaddyCrap" should be the title of this movie
bobbitt3 June 2001
caddyshack II does NO justice for the caddysack. thin plot, thin actors(exception of randy quaid). the ONLY thing that is decent with this movie is the soundtrack..maybe. this movie should have been destroyed when the script was written.
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Far removed from the original on many levels
jennifereisenbach5 November 2017
Caddy Shack II pretty much bombed for many of the reasons already mentioned by those here who already panned it. And I agree that it's essentially the story, not the actor's fault as the cast comprises of good actors, but this was not enough to save it. Those who opted out of doing the sequel like Rodney Dangerfield and Bill Murray chose wisely and avoided this cinematic flop. If it wasn't for Chevy Chase reprising his role as Ty Webb, this movie would have ZERO connection to the original, but despite this, Caddy Shack II is still faaaaar removed from the original.

The fist major flaw, which totally threw the movie for me is the congruence - it's painfully obvious that Bushwood Country Club is in a entirely different locale than the first movie. It is my understanding that the first Caddy Shack was filmed at a country club in Florida, and the entrance gates of the club shot on Sunset Blvd - so would it have been that complicated to at least send a second unit film crew to the original locations to at least capture various footage to use in Caddy Shack 2? And while you all are at it, get some shots of Ty Webb's Zen pad, as he never lived in a castle on a mountain. Seriously. Both the club locale and where Ty Webb lived ruined it. And the only reason I stuck it out watching is for Ty, who was quite the ladies man in the first Caddy Shack, but totally came across like a creep to women in II.

But in final - Caddy Shack II story line was literally a re-hash of the first version; country club vs.. Real estate developer. WTF?

I could continue my rant of other things gone horribly wrong about Caddy Shack II - but I think the other contributors at have it covered.
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The old, funny, classic shack, isn't back
videorama-759-85939119 November 2014
Here's another example of a sequel that falls into "the too late, and why bother category". It has one asset: Jackie Mason. He's a classic, and rightfully likable guy, where Bushwood won't accept him, so he retaliates and that he does with personal malice, by planning to knock it down and put up an amusement park. All the magic to the original Caddyshack has gone, save for a couple of original stars, including that notorious gopher who we see more of, in this. Chevy Chase chatting up some hotties, uses some rude, tasteless lines that kind of mirrors how this quality whole movie comes across. Dan Ackroyd, donning a real high squealy voice, comes across as really annoying, a pain in the butt, which is where he gets shot with an poison arrow. Watching Weekend At Bernie's Jonathan Silverman at the start, getting used, by a snotty heartlss bi..h, that has him running many yards to fetch her a soft drink, made me thirsty, which had me thinking later, this scene was pointless and unfunny, although I'll always remember it. Mason and some hotties are really the only things, this movie has going for it, oh, and that gopher. Off by many tees.
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