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Fright At Home: November 12th’s DVD & Blu-ray Releases!

Another Tuesday, another round of Fright At Home to give you the lowdown on this week’s must-have DVD & Blu-ray releases! November 12th is filled with an eclectic mix of genre titles, and in some cases making their way to both formats for the first time! Such an example is shot-on-video classics Black Devil Doll From Hell and Tales From The Quadead Zone. Both films from director Chester N. Turner are some of the rarest and obscure tapes in circulation, and have been known to fetch hundreds of dollars. Massacre Video was able to track down the thought dead director, and bring it back into print to melt the minds of a whole new generation.

Scream Factory has saved John Carpenter & Tobe Hooper’s horror-anthology Body Bags from its long-oop DVD release, reissuing the film onto Blu-ray in its uncut form with a slew of newly produced features. I’ve
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Denier Seeks Restraining Order Against Fan

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Denier Seeks Restraining Order Against Fan
French actress Lydie Denier is pleading for a restraining order against a fan after who allegedly threatened to kill her.

The Bulletproof star has filed forms requesting a court order to keep 45-year-old German Michael Huck away from her, fearing he will track her down at an upcoming Los Angeles film festival.

Denier claims Huck has been trailing her since 2003, and once "pulled out a loaded gun" after she agreed to meet him for coffee, according to legal documents obtained by TMZ.com.

The star has also submitted one of Huck's threatening e-mails to the judge, which reads: "I will take away your magic... Sign my contract and we all win. Do not sign it and we both will perish."

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