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Mindless but entertaining
noahk19 August 1999
This used to be a staple on Cinemax's late night lineup. It was somehow entertaining enough to keep me watching every time I saw it on the TV. It didn't fare quite so well when USA showed a butchered version on "Up All Night." So in a nutshell, it is a mindless film about metalheads partying at the beach, but got the job done somehow. The cast is not stellar, but they were pleasant and fitting for this low budget film. I recommend it if you're in the mood for something VERY light and though it seems dated in 1999, it just might take you back.
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Doug? Lifeguard Doug? I didn't recognize you without your beach.
mrquinn6 June 2000
A late-night classic that I only wish was on more often. Low budget with an exaggerated plot typical to 80's B-movies, Beach Balls offers exactly what you want to see: mindless yet quoteable entertainment. Beach Balls is one of those movies that you'll watch again and again on cable, or even after taping to VHS, but if you were to see it in a theater, you'd walk away disappointed. This is why I've limited myself to viewing only special/Oscar favorite movies in a theater.

Beach Balls will leave you walking away with a whole new appreciation for ordering a lemon wedge with your water at your favorite restaurant.
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Better than I imagined
edimusprime9 March 2006
1st of all this could very well be an undiscovered gem of 80's B movie comedies.

Now don't think your getting the best movie ever made, the actors are headed by the guy that played Chaka in Land of the Lost (no kidding really), but don't let that fool you this movie is actually pretty funny, despite the other reviews here (which I respect, but disagree with).

I don't know, but what can I say, sit back don't over analyze it, and give it a chance it's better than you might think.

Plus what can I say Leslie Danon is pretty hot.
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A Young Man Chasing His Dreams
Uriah435 December 2017
Warning: Spoilers
"Charlie Harrison" (Phillip Paley) is a nice young man who wants to be a guitarist in a rock group but recently got into trouble for driving a car that he didn't know was stolen. As a result his mother no longer has any faith or confidence in him and his older sister "Kathleen" (Leslie Danon) feeds into that by belittling him at every opportunity. Additionally, he has a crush on a pretty girl named "Wendy" (Heidi Helmer) but can't seem to make any headway with her because she has a brother named "Doug" (Tod Bryant) who refuses to allow any guys to get close to her. To make matters even worse, Wendy is intensely attracted to a young musician named "Keith" (Douglas R, Starr) who plays in a rock band and because of that she isn't romantically inclined for Charlie at all. Yet, in spite of all of that, he isn't one to give up and with help from his good friend "Scully" (Steven Tash) comes up with a grand scheme to turn things around. Now rather than reveal any more I will just say that this turned out to be a fairly typical "beach film" produced in the 80's which tended to be somewhat low on comedy but still entertaining to a certain degree. Likewise, the fact that this was a Roger Cormen production greatly explains the low-budget nature of the film as well. Be that as it may, while this wasn't a particularly good film by any means it wasn't that bad and for that reason I have rated it as only slightly below average.
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Brilliantly Hilarious
gavin69424 June 2016
Charlie Harrison dreams of being a rock star and, with the help of friends and a gang of local toughs, he arranges a concert in his house for a big time record producer, or at least that is what Charlie thought he was arranging.

By any objective measure, this film should be no more than a 4 or 5 out of 10. But I am by no means required to be objective, and for that reason have given this film a very rare high rating. Why? Because it was mindlessly fun, yet still brilliantly scripted. This is the sort of film that could be enjoyed again and again because it is just so cleverly senseless.

I would love to see a blu-ray company like Arrow Video pick this up. The DVD is full-screen and not terribly clean (maybe a VHS transfer?). Does this film deserve a major upgrade? I think so.
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a lame 80s comedy
goya-426 September 2000
Beach Balls concerns a young man who wants to become a rock star and his adventures in this poor comedy. typical late 80s fare with some poor rock video/band performances, bad acting, production values, script, get the idea..even the cute girls can't save this dog..on a scale of one to ten..1
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