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MPAA Rated R for graphic violence and brief nudity

Sex & Nudity

  • A man is aggressively trying to get a woman to kiss him in the background of a scene.
  • A biker holds a girl still, as another tears of her shirt, revealing her breasts for one second. She is then punched, dropping her to the floor. Afterward, she is wearing an open coat, and a breast of hers can be seen for another second as she moves.
  • A boy makes out with a girl for a few seconds in the background (visibly). He has his hand up her shirt, groping her breast.

Violence & Gore

  • In a scene a girl shoots a guys face in half and blood goes everywhere.
  • Very violent overall for an animated film.
  • A man walks along with a torso wound; blood soaks his coat and forms a pool as he lies down.
  • A man falls from a bike, and a teen driving past hits him with a hammer, knocking off his helmet with blood splattering briefly.
  • Two dogs attempt to attack a man; he shoots them both with blood splattering.
  • A man confronts a firing squad of armed officers and is shot multiple times. Blood is shown.
  • Authorities beat a man for a bit offscreen, his face briefly smears blood on the floor as his unconscious body is dragged away.
  • A gym coach punches one delinquent and slaps a few others. Some blood sprays. They walk out afterwards with a side of their face swollen. Blood briefly pours out of the punched one's mouth.
  • After ripping off a girl's shirt, a biker punches her in the face, she drops to the floor. She is later seen with a bloody nose and bruised face.
  • A man is shot, and a part of his face is lacerated with much blood spewing out briefly. The exit wound is briefly seen, and he slides into the water with blood trailing him.
  • In a rage, a teen boy hits a gang member seven times onscreen and a few times offscreen. Blood spurts twice.
  • A teenage boy hallucinates his insides falling out. Intestines, blood, and guts are visible as he attempts to put them back. Brief, but gory.
  • A gun is found with a severed arm on the handle, it is shaken off (minimal blood).
  • In a hallway, two guards and a doctor are exploded to nothing but blood and limbs. A lot of blood is on the floor, walls, and ceiling. Limbs and blood are briefly dripping from the ceiling as the boy walks away.
  • Laser weapons are fired upon a mob of rowdy citizens. A laser hits a man's shoulder, making a large amount of blood spew out briefly.
  • One or two fleeting glimpses of bloody shootings/beatings.
  • A teen boy's arm is severed at the bicep by a laser weapon fired from the sky. A bloody stump is later seen, with blood dripping.
  • A teen boy graphically and unwillingly turns into a giant mutation.
  • A girl is quickly crushed into nothing but blood (as if she had exploded).
  • A large trail of blood briefly leads to a few dead bodies in a bathtub.
  • A man shoots another man in the stomach, he collapses with some blood. He is later seen walking with blood on his jumpsuit.
  • A boy steps on a glass and breaks it, with bits of blood splattering. He then pulls the bloody pieces out of his foot. Some blood is on the floor in the next few shots.


  • English dub (Pioneer): 5 uses of 'fuck' (4 briefly written), 5 of 'son of a bitch', 3 of 'shit' (2 hard to hear), and 1 of 'bitch', 'ass', and 'asshole'. Also 40 instances of 'damn' and 'hell', 10 of 'bastard', a few of 'Jesus' and 'God', and 1 of 'crap' and 'piss'.
  • English dub (Streamline): 5 uses of 'fuck' (4 written), 3 of 'dammit', 2 uses of 'bastard' and 'hell', and 1 of 'bitch', 'bitchin', 'son of a bitch', and 'crap'.
  • English subtitles: 5-6 uses of 'shit', 4 written uses of 'fuck', and 1 of 'bitch', 'ass', and 'son of a bitch'. Also 10 instances of 'hell' 9 of 'damn', 3 of 'bastard', and 1 of 'Goddamn'. There are also a few incomplete uses of 'son of a bitch' ('son of a...').

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • There are more drug references in the Japanese version, but they're not very strong.
  • Teenage boys and their girlfriends smoke and share cigarettes in one scene, passing them to each other and lighting them for each other. One boy spits it out immediately.
  • Several adult characters are seen smoking.
  • In the beginning, there is a bar and a few people are seen drinking.
  • In one scene, a teenage boy demands a barkeeper sells him 'capsules', which are not specified. He is later seen with the pills, tossing them in his hands.
  • In the beginning, a man goes into a bar and demands pills, which the bartender sells him.
  • There is an scene in which a man drops his medication, a bottle of pills, and dies as he cannot take them in time.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Some of the violence could be disturbing.
  • Towards the end of the film, a character undergoes an unexpected and gross mutation.
  • A man has a heart attack, and cannot take his medication in time.
  • A boy has a nightmare; a giant bear, and toy car and a rabbit are seen.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • In one scene a girl shoots a guys face in half and blood goes everywhere.

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