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8 Jan. 1992
Road Test
Kevin seems to be doing okay trying to pass his driver's test, with one exception: his parallel parking skills need some work.
15 Jan. 1992
Grandpa's Car
Grandpa Arnold has trouble driving, but refuses to listen to anyone's concerns. When Kevin agrees to accompany Grandpa back home, their road trip takes some unexpected turns.
29 Jan. 1992
Kevin's English teacher Miss Shaw, has some rather unorthodox methods of teaching. While the class enjoys these new methods, they don't sit well with the school board.
5 Feb. 1992
Private Butthead
Wayne goes to take his SAT's, but shocks his family when he decides to try and join the army instead. With The Vietnam War still going on, the Arnolds are afraid that Wayne could be shipped off, and into the war.
12 Feb. 1992
Of Mastodons and Men
Kevin starts spending most of his time with his new girlfriend, Julie, and her family, no longer allowing him to "hang out with the guys." When she all of a sudden wants him to "go steady", he begins to have second thoughts about their relationship.
26 Feb. 1992
Double Double Date
When Kevin develops a crush on the new Swedish exchange student, he asks Winnie to help fix him up on a date with her. In return, Winnie asks Kevin to fix her up with a new student that is in one of his classes. Things get interesting when they are all forced to double date to the spring dance.
11 Mar. 1992
With McKinley High making a run in the state basketball playoffs, Kevin takes an interest in the team and has a new hero in star player Bobby Riddle. However, when Bobby has a letdown, Kevin learns a valuable lesson in a what a hero really is.
18 Mar. 1992
Lunch Stories
We follow several different stories during the course of one lunch period at William McKinley Senior High. Wayne Arnold tries to win a bet by finding the true identity of a kid known only as Maniac. Kevin is asked by Winnie to donate blood for the school blood drive, and is also hooked into trying to sneak out of school to see an X-rated film with his friends.
25 Mar. 1992
Carnal Knowledge
Kevin and his friends try to sneak in to see Carnal Knowledge. Meanwhile, Paul ends up having sex with a friend of the family, leaving him feeling confused.
8 Apr. 1992
The Lost Weekend
When his parents go away for the weekend, Kevin decides to invite the guys over for a night of poker. When their poker night gets boring, they decide to invite more people over, turning Kevin's house into an out-of-control party.
22 Apr. 1992
Stormy Weather
When Karen has a fight with Michael, she comes back home in the middle of the night to stay with the family. The next day, Kevin, his dad, and Wayne drive to Michael's house to move her stuff out, prompting Michael to follow them home in hopes of trying to reconcile with Karen.
29 Apr. 1992
The Wedding
With their wedding day approaching, Karen and Michael decided to forgo a traditional church ceremony in favor of a small outdoor ceremony with family and friends. Kevin sees a potential disaster after the wedding when he finds out that Karen and Michael are planning to move to Alaska and have yet to tell his mom and dad.
6 May 1992
Back to the Lake
As summer begins, Kevin is dismayed that almost all the fun of previous summers is gone. All his friends are working summer jobs, and his Dad wants him to do the same. Feeling that the world has turned on him, Kevin and Paul head back up to the Lake, where Kevin hopes to find a girl he met at the Lake a year earlier.
13 May 1992
Broken Hearts and Burgers
A misunderstanding at a burger joint causes Winnie to give Kevin the cold shoulder. Kevin tries to patch things up, while remembering the moments that brought Winnie both closer and away from him.
23 Sep. 1992
As Homecoming season approaches at high school, Kevin contends with the local high school rivalries. Meanwhile, Wayne's friend Wart comes back from Vietnam.
30 Sep. 1992
The Arnold men embark on their tri-annual three-day fishing trip. While on the trip, it quickly becomes evident that Kevin and Wayne have outgrown the whole camping experience.
7 Oct. 1992
Scenes from a Wedding
Kevin and his family attend the wedding of his dad's boss's daughter. At the reception, Kevin tries to impress a girl by drinking champagne, Wayne recognizes that the bride was a former date and Jack's boss angers him by flirting with Norma.
14 Oct. 1992
Sex and Economics
Kevin is in need of extra cash when his allowance doesn't seem to go far enough. When Miss Farmer puts up an ad for someone to paint her house, Kevin jumps at the chance, thinking the job will be easy. But the task is bigger (and more expensive) than he could have imagined.
21 Oct. 1992
Politics as Usual
Kevin gets jealous when Winnie starts devoting her time to a campaign to elect George McGovern and seems smitten with the charismatic older guy who is heading the campaign.
28 Oct. 1992
White Lies
When Kevin's parents go away on a trip, he decides to invite Winnie over for a "night of studying". After he and Winnie inadvertently fall asleep on the couch, Kevin tries to impress the guys in the locker room by implying to them that they slept together.
11 Nov. 1992
Wayne and Bonnie
With Winnie still upset at him, Kevin looks for ways to get her back. Meanwhile, Wayne begins seeing Bonnie, a divorced mother, whom he plans to move in with against his parents' wishes.
25 Nov. 1992
Kevin Delivers
Kevin tries to make his date with Winnie, while dealing with the pressures of his Chinese Take-Out job.
2 Dec. 1992
The Test
While Kevin struggles to study for his upcoming SAT tests, Jack ponders quiting NORCOM to go into the furniture-making business.
16 Dec. 1992
Let Nothing You Dismay
Kevin struggles to buy Winnie an expensive Christmas gift, while Jack has to find a way to secure the loan for his furniture-making business after his partner gets cold feet and goes back to NORCOM.

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