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20 Jan. 1995
Episode #7.14
This episode includes: Suspect Turned Victim & UD, David Lee Kemp & UD, Internet Abduction & UD and Love is Blind.
3 Feb. 1995
Mysteries of the Psychic Mind
This episode includes: Resurrection Mary, UD: Who Saved My Life?, Little Girl Lost, Victor Gerena & UD and Viet Pilot's Daughter & UD.
17 Feb. 1995
Episode #7.17
Latrisha White is shot 6 times in the head. Her boyfriend Dub Wackerhagen, the chief suspect, disappears with his 10 year old son,Chance, for which he does not have custody.
24 Feb. 1995
Episode #7.18
The episode consisted of four stories. First was the Legend of the Alamo. Second was the story of a "Wanted" person (Randall Utterback). Third was the "Lost" story of Rose Marie Luttmer and last was the Murder of Eric and Pam Ellender, which was a repeat from January 13, 1995. This marked the 215th episode of the series and had an original air date of February 24, 1995.
17 Mar. 1995
Episode #7.19
This episode includes: Drug Playboy & UD, Mrs. Rogers, Philip's Angel & UD, Memphis Kidnap Progress Report, UD: She Sold Babies and Pizza Bandits
20 Oct. 1995
Episode #8.1
The death of Brandon Lee; Harris Todd searches for his missing infant daughter Savannah; California fugitive Tony Castro; Joe O'Brien has psychic dreams; update on a New Orleans woman with amnesia.
8 Dec. 1995
Episode #8.7
The prophecy comes true with the birth of "Miracle", a white buffalo that has changed four colors in its infancy, each color representing the four colors of man. This episode explains the legend, "Miracle" and what it means to the Native Americans and to the Heiders who own the Buffalo farm Miracle was born on. Since this story aired, "Miracle" has died but two more white calves have been born. In each case the probability of a non-albino male white buffalo is about 1 in a million!

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